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  1. @ Vista animations, I posted skeleton files for 3ds max 2012 and beyond onto the Bento Wiki page. I included copies of the skeleton that are using Dummy Nodes as well as one that uses standard Max Bones. Take your pick. Both should be functional to the point where you can retarget animations to them with the proper controller setup. Let me know if you have any problems with the setup. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Project_Bento_Testing In addition ~ your Gif of "unnatural finger" movement is tied directly to the fact that SL operates off of using the T-Pose as "Zero joint rotation" in order to accomplish the 'additive" way that animations play ( IE playing more than one animation at once ) As a result if you don't set up your base skeleton file with dummy nodes preserving the actual joint oritentation, it looks like all the joints are behaving incorrectly. Since all bone nodes MUST be oriented along zero-rotation world-axis coordinates , that means their pivot angles will be locally incorrect for that specific joint ( which is why the posted skeleton files contain said point helper nodes that preserve the correct local axis of rotation ) Hopefully my posted files will help you. The actual avatar_skeleton.xml file ( inside the bento viewer ) has correct joint positions and rotations. The difficulty was mimicking that setup inside 3ds max. Please note that if you are using my Max non-'basic' file to animate, you will need to animate the "mBoneName_DRV" nodes rather than the named bones directly, then export animations from the actual bone rig itself. I wish there was a way to simplify the explanation further, but it's a rather technical subect to start with.
  2. Very short run-down, yes some sliders will work, if you want more specifics ~ read through the 111 pages. Yes the importer now works with partial bone DAE lists. Not sure what your third question is asking ~ I think same as above. position and rotation are animateable, scale is not ( as that is tied to the slider system ) however position based animations will negate sliders that also affect bone positions. Yes there are lip bones, no they are not tied directly to the speech system ( presently ) Polysail ( me ) is working on an animation exporter for .anim files for 3ds max, give me some time, I'm literally trying to write avastar for 3ds max in 2 months time here. More than 8 faces project wasn't an increase of the hard limit on face count in world, rather it split up objects that had more than 8 faces into 8 - face- chunks. That project was complete.
  3. https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Status-Grid/RESOLVED-Unscheduled-Maintenance/ba-p/3059661
  4. There is nothing wrong with the external website. Just have your external website link to the completed item on the SL marketplace. ( The SL marketplace can be the only sales platform for actual SL transactions )
  5. Ahh ~ I too have replicated this issue on 3ds Max. I thought I had my colision Volume scaling incorrect. I will look in to it more.
  6. The hand bones are fine. Please stop saying they're not. sk There may be a poorly set pivot in the maya file. But rest assured the XML Data is correct. Edit : I just noticed your screenshot is taken in 3ds max as well: In light of that~~ You're going to have all sorts of problems with importing skeletons from other sources. 100's of problems. I found it easier to simply generate a skeleton from the XML data straight in 3ds max. ( which is what's depicted above ). I've got a script that does precisely that, ( as well as a few other things ) But I don't want to make it public as ~ I've not addressed the bone-scale issues with the collision volume bones ( they presently do not match the SL collision volumes ) I'm working on getting that all settled out presently ( I'm fighting the good fight against a legion of self-inflicted bugs ) please be patient with me. I'm literally working on writing the equivalent of Avastar for 3ds max ~ in .. 2 months time?
  7. The hand rig is fine, there is no need for metacarpal bones ( as some people have requested ), they are fundamentally useless and can be managed with a simple translation animation for those who feel the range of mobility they would provide is absolutely mandatory. You do not need new bones for rings and nails. Sorry. Please refrain from making suggestions / requests without having even a basic understanding of the content.
  8. This general idea has already been submitted as a JIRA "suggestion" which has actually been accepted as well~ If you have access to the JIRA system here it is : https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-10980 The "Accepted" Status of the JIRA means it's an idea they're willing to consider and possibly implement. This is NOT a project Bento extension but rather a "what comes after Bento ( maybe ) project~ that may or may not go forward. That being said, Vir seemed to express great interest in it when it was pitched at the very early bento meetings. ( Note the creation date of said JIRA issue ). As always, no promises. If you've got some further ideas on how to tweak or improve the proposal~ please do comment on said JIRA~~
  9. Oh wow that is more bizarre than my original understanding of the issue. I'll see if I can reproduce it
  10. Since it would affect an attachment point. Presuming that attachment point has not been RIGGED to ~ wouldn't this be a non-issue, since the user could simply re-adjust the attached object to a proper location, as even no-mod items can be moved~~ or am I missing something here?
  11. ??? Medhue posted it himself ~ like four posts ago.
  12. Ooh ~ a jaw shaper bone!! You guys beat me to it! I'll take this and play with it a little, but I doubt I'll get much in before the meeting today. Edit: Crossed Lip Bones. I'm not sure how I feel about crossed Lip Bones. That seems HIGHLY counterintuitive. While it's true that a good animation rig nullifies the need for a logical bone structure. I feel that this may cause more confusion than is necessary: must play with these some more. Edit #2: Still don't like the crossing over the centerline ~ it makes for some very bizarre rotations when rotating the corners of the mouth downwards ( for example ~ while yawning.) I need an ( actual RL ) nap before the meeting ~ but I still am not comfortable with these crossed lip corner bones. Edit #3: I still don't like this pivot placement for the mFaceLipCornerLeft/Right bones, I feel like it causes more problems than it solves. This becomes apparent when doing various animations that have the mouth kept open~ the bizarre root of the bone starts making things behave slightly weird.. ~ I really need a nap. Maybe I'm just sleepy and doing it wrong.
  13. THERE ARE TECHNICAL LIMITATIONS TO SECOND LIFE This is something a lot of you ~ and I mean a LOT of you are failing to grasp here. Due the way that the animation system is currently handled a slider that affects a BONE POSITION will be overwritten by an animation that affects a BONE POSITION. There is no avoiding this short of re-working the entire back-end of how bone position based ( translation ) animations are played. Reworking the animation system may come at a later date~ but doing so is far beyond the scope of what project bento is. So no, you CANNOT have your cake and eat it too. At this point, it's FUNDAMENTALLY IMPOSSIBLE, stop asking for it PLEASE. Every complaint that has been posted on this board so far has been "the default positions are not ideal for *MY PROJECT*. That does not mean they are not ideal for someone else's project. Or that they're ideal for anyone's project. But the fact of the matter is DUE TO THE TECHNICAL CONSTRAINTS OF SECOND LIFE they are the most versatile. I do support ( and am even willing to help with ) fixing as many of the sliders to function off of bone SCALE as possible (I've even been trying to come up with a slight re-parenting setup that will use the present "lowerTeeth" bone as a "lip root" bone) , as that will make them all as diverse and responsive as possible. But measures beyond that, should be, at this point, completely out of the question.
  14. @Siddean ~ the solution to this is to play a constant loop of a priority 0 animation of the bones in their default positions. Leave this animation playing, and play other animations overtop it. Kind of hacky but it will get the bones to revert to their original positions. Edit: To clarify~ you will need an animation with the default bone position specified as (at least one) keyframe for every bone in the actual animation ( .anim ) file. By default bones not moving at all makes that bone not moving creates zero keyframes for position information for that bone. 2nd Edit: I just realized this may be easier said than done to create with standard Avastar tools. I'm no expert on that, perhaps someone else could offer some insight into how to do this with Avastar. If it's not possible I can probably create a standardized file to pass around with my Max exporter~ but it's still got some bugs to work out...
  15. Okay ~ ! So~! I'm going to assume you're new to all of this and I'm going to link you to a few Wiki-pages and stuff to help you learn. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mesh https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Mesh/Prims-Prim-Equivalent-Land-Impact-a-too-long-guide/td-p/1293579 Learning to make meshes in SL is not the easiest thing. The reason you cannot walk into your building is either A: You have no physics shape defined or~~~ B: You forgot to choose "Prim" for your physics type. Lastly~ this really belongs in the creation forum ! Not general discussions! Good luck and happy mesh-making!
  16. Actually ~ All of the above replies are varying degrees of wrong. SL Marketplace does have a full database record of every transaction that has taken place in the last few years or so. You can request it in CSV (Comma Separated Values ) data format at any time from within your "Merchant Home" > Orders > Download CSV. Just set the start date back to the stone ages, and the end date at present time. Amethyst Jetaime is correct in stating that you can plug this data into a Caspervend System and issue updates that-a-way. In addition, this feature you've asked for here has been mentioned multiple times to Linden Labs. They're officially "thinking about it." Presently they're working on Marketplace Search improvements, as well as a few other MP related things. In time I'm sure they'll get to this. It's not the easiest thing to implement though, as consideration has to be taken into account regarding the copy / status of sold objects, as well as objects that were sold with limited. quantities available etc etc. The market data only holds what an object was, and who received it, not what the permissions of that object were ~ or whether you have the rights / abilities to issue updates/ etc etc etc to it. Probably a much longer answer than you wanted, but there it is~ Have a nice day!
  17. It's not so much an issue of reporting it to the Lindens ~ as you should contact the creator of the item and ask them if they're able to fix it. Most creators are more than happy to help with simple misunderstandings and small technical problems. Also ~ if you're on a parcel that dis-allows scripts, scripted content will not work.
  18. Since no one has addressed the logic about why scaling it up increased it's Render Cost, ~ Surface area is factored into the calculation~ You can read more on it at ~ uhm ~ ::magically produces a wiki-link:: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mesh/Rendering_weight It's interesting to note that the surface area of the alpha texture affected your FPS so drastically. I wonder why that is the case.
  19. Ebbe Linden ( CEO of Linden Labs ) has publically stated ~ multiple times~~ that they are lowering land tier and taxing market transactions slightly higher in an attempt to offset the fact that land owners basically fund the majority of SL's user experiences. It's not some wild conspiracy theory~ it's a publically stated, well thought out action to distribute the costs of running SL a little more evenly among the population.
  20. Alternative explanation to all the wild conspiracy theories here: The raise in fees for selling L$ could just have made the people who "flip" lindens ~ buying at 277+ and selling at 249 lose interest in playing that entire game, thus dumping their L$ onto the market full stop. Eventually they'll run out and the market will settle out at a new ( probably very minorly lower ) price. Even if it settles out at a 10-15% difference from it's old resting cost, it's easily offset by merchants by just raising our prices 10-15% The whole entire point of the drop in Land Tier was to offset the costs with microtransaction money.
  21. Beta grid has been having some ~ err.. general stability and asset server issues, which should be fixed now. ~(should)~ Give it another go and see what happens?
  22. Not sure! but the Lindens don't check forums for these sorts of things. If I had to stab a guess ~ You may need to provide proper authentication of your age to them. Your best bet would be to contact support!!
  23. Ahh!! Thank you!!! Seriously thank you! That clarifies what people were saying by a lot and contradicts my own personal experiences muuuuuuuch less. ( I've lagged entire sims with some of my script projects ) So ~ just so I make sure I get this straight. Script count, as long as they're not doing anything don't induce much lag on their own. But having a enormous mess of scripts does increase the statistical probability that some of the scripts that you are wearing might be taking up serious amounts of server resources? ( by manipulating prims etc )? I've always been taught that leaving listeners open induced tremendous amounts of sim lag. Hence why the 255 prim jewelry with a resizer script with an open listener in each one are so bad. I'm guessing that it ~ in some capacity place demands upon the sim? Or is that an age old myth? ( The programming wiki stresses turning them off when un-used )
  24. I did a pretty lengthy search of google for release notes on them changing how scripts function~ and I haven't been able to find much. If anyone can point me to the update ~ I'd be elated. I have noticed that sims have a much bigger tolerance for exceedingly high script count avatars ( 500-1200 scripts ) But at the same time I've also seen the simulators bog down and even crash with areas that have high script counts. ( From avatars and objects alike ) ~ Also @ Mr Pendragon, I looked at some of your other posts ~~ If I ever made the mistake of marrying anyone dull witted, cynical and small minded as you in the first place, I'd have no hesitation on rectifying that mistake as soon as I was able.
  25. If you've worked with the Lindens to try and solve some of the problems of SL ~ it quickly becomes apparent that they are out to do the most amount of good in the least amount of time. That means putting out a lot of little wild-fires but not always applying the shiniest most comfortable divinely inspired bandaid to the wound that someone can theorize might exist. The ARC calculation may not be perfect, but it does fairly well at representing what causes graphics based viewer lag. The other thing that becomes quickly apparent is that ( and I know this is not a popular idea on these forums ) they actually know what they're doing. Their ideas may not always be the best and their solutions may not be perfect and utopian and ideal. The server stability may be questionable at times but if you look back at what SL is~ a 13 year old behemoth cratering under the weight of it's own databases. ( Just stop and think for a minute how much data must be crammed into the inventory servers after 13 years and millions of users, with 100K-300K + Inventory counts. ) And then look at SL and realize that it still works. Most of the time it's online, and mostly functional. That's because~ though the Lindens may be a bit poor with their public relations at times, and they may be overworked and running on razor thin profit margins, their technical expertise is actually pretty impressive. ~ just my 2 cents Just a quick post-note ~ There's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting them to improve stuff. It's what i do all the time. Just commenting on this for awareness that its a weighing game of "results for time & effort spent."
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