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  1. Yeah - just gotta watch them like a hawk because they'll raise your tier a couple times a week - without warning. Something in the name of economics but really its just deceptive business practices.
  2. I like how they tout "It will be available to Premium members" like it still wont coast almost 40 USD to make the change. Its a serious , SERIOUS rip off, how about, charge NON PREMIUM members the 40 bucks and limit the frequency of Premium members name changes to say 90 Days? Just a rant here but ... I mean hell they already make something in excess of 3 million USD a month on land and god knows what on Linden exchange fees, just keep raping the people that pay your bills and soon you wont have any people....
  3. llNavigateTo(llList2Vector(points, i),[FORCE_DIRECT_PATH, TRUE]); moving = TRUE; It works pretty flawlessly on the sim, my only complaint with it is the pauses ...
  4. pathfinding - list of coordinates in globals - simple character stuff, just seems to be a 1 second pause between 1 coord to the next coord cant seem to get rid of it.
  5. Mine allow you o do just that - or shoot a gun ...or aim and shoot a turret while driving ... or just look at the bird poop on your side windows ...
  6. Any hard and fast way to eliminate the pause I have noticed when a Character moves between co-ordinates?
  7. How do you implement the pause in the list of coordinates?
  8. Are we not able to issue refunds via Marketplace? If for whatever reason I do issue a refund in world I get shafted on the Marketplace fees?
  9. None of my TV's will play movies, not from Crackle, not from any other website that posts movies. Anyone have an explanation for this? (Talking Media on a Prim of course). They either redirect to a white screen or they reset the TV.
  10. No currency transfer fee, I live in the US.
  11. Is it Abuse to sell $696.00 worth of Linden to LL and net $652 after its gone to paypal?
  12. The issue is, LL still uses archaic methods like UDP routing .... completely unsupported by ANY proxy including Socks5.
  13. Ok, after having exhausted search with the same old replies and having tried all of the posted solutions I still cannot see mesh. I am proxyed around an https connection to an http connection. Everything else loads BUT mesh. In its place are yellow triangles which then dissapear after a few moments. Of course, until I deleted my cache I could still see what was previously there, but nothing i brought in NEW. Now since emptying my cache i see none of it. So its one of two things, either mesh doesnt load via http as LL says it does, or theres some wierd udp crap going on that i c
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