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  1. It says USD balance, not linden balance. You know how you convert your lindens to USD? If you leave cash in there for 12 months not even logging in, there will be fees. Your linden dollars are safe.
  2. I can see this causing issues. Is this a bug?
  3. I would like everyone who participated in this discussion to please remember that, Linden Lab did not do this out of obligation. They compromised purely out of good faith. Let's please never abuse this so, when we really need to relay our feedback, the developers hear us with the same clarity and intent as they did today. If our goal is to be genuinely heard, then we need to also genuinely listen when they tell us something was absolutely necessary. We can't be always skeptical and expect to be taken to heart at the same time.
  4. Y'all are out of this world. Thank you. We will not forget how you guys went out of your way to meet us in the middle with zero obligation to do so. ❤️
  5. It isn't a lie. I had to split my store groups into 2, and between the 2 there are over 85000 members. We split the members into 2 groups because none of the functions work when it's that crowded. Maitreya V.I.P group has 115,000 members.
  6. I assume not for another year, considering this also requires a ton of work. Even these forums with how the names are stored would need major work. Might honestly not even end up being possible to offer a name change. I do hope that at least new accounts get last names, even if it doesn't end up being possible to change our current last names. Just a guess.
  7. Like most things in SL, this sounds like it would be best suited for users to create and regulated by demand. If there are any talented independent dev teams out there looking for a project, this could be so much fun. Remember that the original marketplace was created by users and then acquired by Linden Lab.
  8. Okay! I think they heard our feedback. Let's let them talk it over, think it over ❤️ We pitchforked enough for one day. 😈
  9. I don't think anyone is suggesting that. But SL is a user made world. People get hooked on SL because of user created content. SL experience is almost entirely user created. While I do sincerely love LL and do not think of any Linden as useless at all, that would be the answer to your question.
  10. I appreciate you explaining that to me. It didn't clear up for me that this is a temporary patch or that they have been working on fixing the groups. Which would be such welcomed news. Like we have to pay fees, Linden Lab have their own overhead. Groups are important to SL economy. I politely again request Linden Lab to reconsider taking away group spots from basic accounts. I will be watching this thread and hope for a compromise.
  11. Hi Dove, Perhaps I missed something, did they say this was a temporary patch and they were working hard to resolve it permanently?
  12. I do also have a subscriber that some people choose to use with around 25,000 members in it. But Blush, the customers or the number of customers in the group isn't at fault for groups lagging. We didn't "create" this issue. It is hard to claim groups were not designed for this, when groups are able to charge customers, have abilities to send notices, and have a built in chat. It is how the group system was made. I am suggesting, we need a permanent solution which might even mean making a brand new group system. We are happy to pay for it with the increased fees. Groups are important to the eco
  13. Of course we are not going to boo you. But I would like to bring you my perspective. The group chat is a huge part of marketing. It is great for getting instant help, ideas on how to style an item, but it's huge advertising. It's great for trading. Event updates. Upcoming projects. Feedback. It is absolutely essential to growing your business. It is honestly 90% of being able to sell at main store instead of events. We should be going forward, not backwards. I am more than happy to pay the fee, but that brings the expectation that our marketing tools aren't crippled.
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