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  1. Oh yeah, he doesn't run LL anymore, just noticed that. I read that he ran it again for a period in 2010 or something, so he's been a bit in and out of the company it seems. I suppose now he's got his eye on future projects. I really like Philip Rosedale though - he's probably my favourite current developer because I can totally, totally understand his mindset behind these visions he has and puts together, it's very similar to what I would want to create. I must prefer it to mindless grinding and questing and so on... I don't understand that stuff at all, unless maybe it's done INCREDIBLY well.
  2. Thanks again for the great replies! There is a lot to learn for sure, and because I am quite late to SL (not sure why, I guess I was distracted by other games and I was a bit too young when it was big to "get it") it's almost like I have 11 years of history to catch up on! Lots of your replies are very informative and well thought-out though - yours was very good Pussycat Catnap, sorry I didn't reply more to it afterwards, I guess I was so bombarded by info from so many sources haha It was helpful though! I will switch to more mesh stuff asap, it's just I find it more tricky so I'm not rushing into it. Some of my stuff is mesh. My char looks mostly ok I think and seems to pull at virtual clubs so he can't be that bad haha Overall... I mean... the game is 11 years old so I can let it off some things being archaic. It still seems to me by FAR to be the best "social MMO" (or whatever you want to call it!) in the world, and overall it's still a joy to use. I'm sure I can get over the little niggles (especially the clothing one, with patience) and once I've overcome the hurdles I will enjoy it more. It IS a shame that the hurdles exist, but I am in a relatively small percentage of players who is spending that much longer on their avatar (many people's seem pretty straight-forward) and so I'm hitting some increases in complexity. Still loving my time on the "game" though Oh, and great video link Perrie Juran - I watched it! Really strange to see now, isn't it?
  3. ... I don't get where people are GOING exactly! xD SL still has no other true competitors... I mean there's IMVU and I suppose it does function as a competitor to at least a portion of the SL market, but... it's not like there's some amazing new virtual world that everyone is rushing off to! Maybe one day it will be made but it doesn't exist now! Perhaps the buzz just dies down and you get left with a core group of people who truly want what the game offers. It's odd though isn't it? I mean, I adore the game, and I suppose I can see why it doesn't capture that high a percentage of people, although the fluctuations are still odd to me! But yeah, I guess it's just odd to me the idea that a certain type of person will want a virtual character of themselves in a social world, but the only real option is SL and yet the popularity is falling! Odd! Maybe they're all just on World of Warcraft and Elder Scrolls Online and Minecraft and stuff feeling immensely bored - that's what I did for years xD Anyway erm, that's all! ^_^
  4. Ah, turns out that they ARE actually working on these things (and more), but not in Second Life. They are putting together a new game that is currently in alpha. Explains a lot! http://highfidelity.io Well, in that case I look forward to it and other similar projects immensely and will play SL until the natural successor is released
  5. but... why should it be bad by default, and then corrected by an AO? Shouldn't it just look better to begin with?
  6. Thanks for the help with the camera, Uncommon Truth. I think the clothing thing is by far my biggest problem, I find it spoils the immersion a little because I can't just put on and take off clothing as easily as real life, it's like everything grrrriiiiinds to a halt the second I try to do it lol I know I'm new. I just think it should be easier than this is all, for newbies and for everyone I think it would help the "game" to be more popular in future.
  7. Ok well, I did a big thread on why I love SL (and I do, it's my favourite game I have ever played ^_^)... however! I thought it would be good to put the things that have really caused me issue on the "game". This is just intended to be constructive criticism, that's all :) They are in order of severity, according to me :) Fitting clothing. Really, this should be much easier. I think it could do with a bit of an overhaul. The normal clothing can cling weirdly to your character, meaning that you have to go for mesh, but mesh seems unnaturally rigid and doesn't cling hardly at all to your character, meaning hours wasted tweaking clothing to make it fit, changing items of clothing that you like just because they don't look right with another, etc. The whole thing feels quite cobbled together and archaic now. Yes you can make it work if you're very experienced or whatever but it's not very newbie friendly. I really think it needs to be rethought.Clunky camera controls. I think we should implement that right click and hold to turn camera style that games like World of Warcraft have. It seems silly to be relying on a camera panel in 2014. Surely the camera system could be reworked to make it feel a bit more natural and fluid, and without even that much effort?Random glitching. It would be nice to see some of this smoothed out a bit. Such as when you go to sit down and it glitches and so on. It's not the end of the world, it would just result in a cleaner experience that's all.Wooden character movement. To be fair it's not that bad once you get used to it. Looks a bit odd when you first start but it's ok. Shift to run might be quite nice, and a smoother jumping animation would be good. I do understand that the degree of environment and character customisation in SL make it harder to implement some of the above. I just think that if SL is going to truly compete in 2014, it needs to look a bit more natural and smoother to use. A game like Entropia Universe, while nowhere near as good as SL, does show how smooth a social MMO can feel, and something like IMVU, whilst also nowhere near as good as SL, does show how simple changing clothing and things can be. I really want SL to go from strength to strength and I don't want to see it ever die - I love what has been achieved! I hope some of these things are considered or maybe even are being worked on already! Please please please! ^_^ Thanks :) Mike
  8. I know that most Americans do know what trousers means but I thought the clarification in the subject was a good idea anyway! So erm... basically, my dude currently has on one of the kind of newbie jeans, not mesh or anything. Looks pretty good, bit green when I prefer dark blue (it's sort of dark green but you can barely tell) but mostly fine. However... because it clings to his body shape, you end up with this very obvious buttock cleavage lol It's proving so hard to fix. Even if I could find a pair of mesh jeans that actually fit my character (which can be tricky), he wears a reasonably tight fitting t-shirt and I don't really want it tucked INTO the jeans. With the mesh ones it always tucks in, but with non-mesh it sits on the outside of them. Hmph ._. What should I do?
  9. It's ok I mean, free is fine. Just seemed a shame not to use the place.
  10. I am living elsewhere so it's spare. It would be nice to get some money for it but the most important thing for me is that it's not wasted. Anyone interested in it? :)
  11. I don't mind haha I don't hide it from friends! I don't really do any adult stuff on SL... ever. The main reason though is because I have a gf. I'd probably do it a bit if not
  12. Thank you I tried turning off the notices... although I couldn't see an IM option but I'll check again next time I'm on and see if it works!
  13. Sorry to make a second thread :) It's just... I don't think my FB friends "get" SL, and I love posting about the game but I get very few Likes and stuff when I do! Could some of you cool cats add me on there? Would be totally awesome! It is http://www.facebook.com/hoppimike Thank you! ^_^
  14. hehe... I have lived near a lot of beaches here in the UK too though and... I mean, they don't compare to an Ibiza or Hawaii beach, do they? So... California isn't that great for them? I am very curious as to what the real life equivalents to Beachwood would be. Perhaps Ibiza or Cali? EDIT -- Oh, apparently places like Miami are better for them than Cali. Didn't know that!
  15. I get pestered by so many IMs from groups I am part of, but I don't want to leave the groups ideally. But I just don't want to be alerted as to every single post in group chat lol How do I turn this off? Thank you ^_^
  16. hehe true My favourite hang-out at the moment though is still Beachwood. What is yours?
  17. Gambling can be a black hole, without doubt... possibly the biggest "black hole" of them all! When I was in my mid-teens, I put money into one of those silly machines that pushes the coins off of shelves (these). And basically I put in like 20p and got out like £1-2. So I was all happy, and put aaaaall of the 20p coins I got back into the machine, so happily convinced that I would make even more! But, of course, I lost the whole lot. And that ALONE, that ONE experience was enough to stop me ever doing it again. Because... I worked out the trap. You're not SUPPOSED to win, you're SUPPOSED to give the house your money. And that's what happens! Now, the only thing I have bet on since then is myself at Texas Hold 'Em Poker. I put like... perhaps £20 absolute total into that maybe a year or so ago? Aaaaaand I lost it all. But that was MY fault, as ultimately poker is a game of skill, and I didn't have sufficient skill to win consistently enough and with big enough wins to earn money. But it was fun, isn't truly luck-based, and (unless I ever take lessons or learn more poker, which I almost certainly won't bother to do) I've learned my lesson. I think as long as you remember that the whole POINT of luck-based gambling is that the odds are stacked against you (due to the "house edge") then... I find for me that's more than enough to stop me doing it. Blackjack can be fun for a laugh though, as can many casino games. But... when I play them, I do them for a laugh and a bit of fun, not because I genuinely think I'll make any money from it.
  18. haha yes I considered making one for that purpose too! However... I do enjoy the company of furries, but I prefer the human hang-out spots as... I prefer being a human lol
  19. I am a bit of a newbie but learning fast. I enjoy casually playing SL but really love the game. My character is living in the Venice area in a cool little house :) I'm into just hanging out, partying, technology, traveling, hippy stuff, Italian culture (as I'm part Italian) and so on (all this applies to in SL and real life too!). So erm... yeah, add me! I'm Hoppimike on there too :)
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