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  1. Inezuret wrote: Hello! So I recently had to uninstall SL due to a program used for college. Now after a couple months I decided to come back, but none of my friends were on and was kicked from groups. So I really wanted to get out there and make some awesome friends and be part of a loyal family. I would love to be a mother or a sibling if you do prefer. I can describe myself as a down to earth person with a sense of humor, I like to be open minded as well.. Please feel free to message me inworld or in the forum. Thank you very much and have a blessed day Hello Acher :matte-motes-big-grin-squint: Come back to undying we have new stuff and i got new music boxes Always partyyy :matte-motes-big-grin-squint:
  2. iamwakingup wrote: Before you declare that you are looking for slaves or subs or pets, learn to be an owner first. The slave/sub/pet is not going to be the one to teach how to be one. Visit BDSM sims and look/ask around for mentoring is a suggestion. No BDSM thing just for fun out of rules and complex :matte-motes-big-grin:
  3. Parvati Luna wrote: Hello Thank you for reply,what you need to do is wearing a beautiful bikini and change your name and join me in world i just built a beautiful cage for you decorated with flowers and some grass,welcome my new sweety slave :matte-motes-big-grin-wink: Pizza. Oh, there's pizza? Well, why didn't you say so??? yep there is pizza :smileylol:
  4. Liverpoolly wrote: i will :catembarrassed: Thank you :catvery-happy:
  5. ColonelObvious wrote: Hai! so i wanna be a slave LOL looking for someone to controle me so wut do i need to do LOL hehehehee Moron. Hello Thank you for reply,what you need to do is wearing a beautiful bikini and change your name and join me in world i just built a beautiful cage for you decorated with flowers and some grass,welcome my new sweety slave :matte-motes-big-grin-wink: Pizza.
  6. Hello so wanna be a master LOL i'm looking to have some slaves under my controle so if anyone wanna be a slave just im me on world :matte-motes-big-grin:
  7. Hello, you are looking for a friend or just a person to talk too in any subject just send me an add on world or IM me :)
  8. Greetings all (What's up ?),This is Nostoll (A great person,Friendful,Helpful,Cool ) and he need new cool friends ( Any friend just have to be cool and like having fun ,from any country,from any planet ),it's an emergency (Don't fear ,i'm not dying ) so who is interested ( You are great ) or who search a new friend ( Before start a thread,i'm here ),contact me by IM inworld ( Yeah that's cool ),Thank you,( i will give you a cookie ) :matte-motes-big-grin:
  9. CATEvogel wrote: THERE YOU ARE! I've been looking all over Linden's creation for you! For weeks...I have veen searching nearly every day. I was beginning to ask myself, what's a girl gotta do to find a horned demonoid to pal around with? Is it my hair? Do I dress too preppy? My fascination and curiosity with demons/and the people within them was becoming rather elusive. Today, I randomly decided to browse the classifieds for land use information and saw this - A Demon \(°_°)/ looking for friends \(^-^)/ Yesssss! The timing was perfection. I am driven to see and do everything in SL. I'm adventerous and always looking for new things to do. I am competitve by nature, so you may want to keep the sports cars nearby. I listen to a few geners of music, but there is something to be said for music that rattles your core. I'm confident and outgoing and will engage in converstation with anyone - even aliens. Drop me a line when you are able. Cate Awesome hell yeah i will contact you right now :matte-motes-evil::matte-motes-big-grin-wink:
  10. Venus Petrov wrote: Looking for their profiles, it appears that the avie Fonix Nider is no longer in SL (account canceled). Yokky still has a profile. Thank you for the info
  11. Greetings, I have no home,no groupe,no money,nothing to give,i'm here present the most of the time in SL,i'm just looking for company to play roles in my SL life,i'm looking for : Children to adopt Girl friend or a wife Mother or Father Animals any social relation........ Just IM me please,or reply to this thread i will contact immediatly.... Thank you very much....................... Peace !
  12. There is nothing,no script not object which inform you about who visit your profil ,it's impossible
  13. Sephina Frostbite wrote: I was checking out beaches and was tpd to a family nude beach where child and adult avis were naked. It creeped me out and I left once I realized it was a nude beach for all ages. I got several IMs wanting me to be a naughty mommy. Instantly block. I stopped looking to be a parent as well. Ow that's very wierd :smileyfrustrated:
  14. AccurateLady wrote: Hi, they call me as Accurate Lady Maybe because I'm a mom already. Anyway, greetings to everyone around here! I have browsed some interesting subjects here. Each one of us needs improvement and to learn more about new things. Let us have a good and fresh start on this forum site:) Hello there,welcome ,yeah that's cool :smileyvery-happy:
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