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  1. That's true, it always turns into a sexual RP
  2. That's nice, it will be great to meet you
  3. Nostoll


    Una de las fallas en el proceso de conformación. Si intenta tener una nariz más hacia abajo, tiende a obtener esa mirada extraña en el lado, sólo el tiempo parece que incluso si es la nariz es más ancha. Es un dolor. Me canso de las narices rectas o hacia arriba debido a esta mirada. Creo (no estoy seguro si esto es correcto sin embargo) en un pequeño grado la piel puede afectar también.
  4. There are various ways to take 360 spherical or cylindrical images from within Second Life that can be viewed here on Facebook. A great way to share the immersive experience with those who don't dabble in SL as well. Here is one way to take the 360 images: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Panoramic-Camera-System/9858007?id=9858007&slug=Panoramic-Camera-System You can do it manually using this workflow: 1. find the spot you want to be. 2. Set the Windlight sky and sea to a beautiful time of day with a big draw distance and graphics maxed out (performance is not an issue for this process a you are not moving). 3. Freeze the sky by making it custom and setting the X and Y movement to zero. 4. Go to mouse view. 5. Take a heap of high resolution snapshots, slowly moving around with good overlaps each time you stop. I do around the middle, then angle down and then the floor, and then angled up and then the sky. For me, with a large 27-inch screen I need around 50 to 60 images. On a small laptop screen you would need a lot more snapshots. 6. Use an app such as Hugin (free download) or Autopano Giga (paid) to stitch all the pics into one 360 view. 7. All up around 10 minutes work to make 1 image. Source : https://www.facebook.com/groups/1905153753086362/
  5. hello, If you are looking for friends or anything contact me or add me inworld
  6. yo !! Today flashmob event theme is guitare and rock, join us everywhere .
  7. YO !! I'm looking for new family members ,they must like party and must be crazy, and looking also for new friends, in my group we are totally insane , we have party everyday and everywhere, we talk to each others every minut, we never stay calm, we do many activities in group and participate to rp and events together , we teleport to random sims, we send random tp to each others, we share stuff and gifts, we are drama and bordom fighters, we talk non sens we just have fun, and many others things ... so if you are interrested to join us reply here or send me an im inworld !!! see you , peace !!!!
  8. LoL L$1,000,000,000 highest quality putin gacha on sl buy now ( WTF )
  9. The sim owner have the power to unsit is there any tool to resist that
  10. If you think that you are hyperacitve person and you like crazy party, moving and talking much and doing many activities in the same time contact me inwold. peace ! 
  11. I have many male avatar models that i use inworld.
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