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  1. Look we're snobs and we wear our "Doctor of C***ntistry" tags with pride but you'd be hard pressed to find any of us feeling like we were better than other people (except for freebie trunks and flexy hair guy, I'm way better than him) But you also just pointed out the most important part. The Roommates part which is the only thing this thread should be about. We're not trying to tell anyone how to live their SecondLife, ain't nobody got time for that. But it's also not out of line for us to say if you want a large suite, in a nice house with virtually unlimited prim at your disposal FOR FREE, you have to be mesh. No we didn't put it in the original post because there's only so much you want to put in or people don't read it. There's a reason TL;DR exists. So we kept it short and sweet. There seems to be some sort of feeling that we should have present the "Michael's family position paper on mesh bodies in relationship to SL commitment" and if we had this thread would be even more of a cluster f than it currently is. So can we just let this go back to it's original purpose and take the discussions on Mesh elsewhere. I think it's pretty clear what we meant by now, but if you want to discuss further I invite you to hit me up in SL, I'm logging in for a while now and I'll be there all night tonight. And you know what? If you want to talk about something else that invitation is also open for all three of us. There's a reason this was posted in the Making Friends section we really would like to meet other cool people and make our house feel alive again. I promise Lexxi doesn't bite...often.
  2. And that's great Cindy, I'm glad that that works for him and for you, and he sounds great, because one of our family members isn't mesh and I don't even he has but one mesh outfit he bought four years ago and said "I'm done"and he's great too. But while Jay brings lots to the table there's plenty of times he's also surfing Reddit because he has no interest in our conversation. And that's what we're trying to avoid here with the requirement.
  3. I'm the only one of the three of us that hasn't posted here so let me set some facts straight because this is getting out of hand. - Lexxi is not Hadley's Alt, Hadley has her own completely different way of telling you to blow it out your a**, Trust me I know I'm married to married to one of them in RL and the other in SL and I've got experience. Also, if Lexxi isn't always the most... diplomatic... you'd spend your entire SecondLife looking for someone who cared as much, and was as protective of the people she loves as she is. As Hadley said originally there are three of us living on a double prim half sim that we got when our SL 'family' was much larger but after the holidays, RL as it tends to do, pulled a lot of our family away. And if we still talk to them in skype here and there, it doesn't change the fact that we have a seven (or 8 or 9 I don't remember) bedroom house I built for all of us sitting empty. So we came here to the forums looking for people who maybe were tired of staring at the same four walls. That enjoyed that feeling you get when there's just always someone around while having your own space at the same time. Why the mesh requirement? Maybe your right maybe we are shallow and just want people to look good, but I'm going to tell you to call bull***** all you want but that doesn't make it untrue that our feeling really is that Mesh is a sign of commitment. And you are 100% correct there are plenty of fine and committed people out there that have not gone mesh, BUT they are not hanging out at the places I go to do, or doing the things I'm doing. I can't remember the last time I was anywhere and saw someone all system with the exception of adult sims where there always seems to be that one guy in freebie swim trunks and flexy hair and I don't want him living with us lol. But here's the thing right. We spend a lot of time talking about clothes and bodies and shopping etc. Each of us is on at least our second Mesh Body and our Second Mesh head and let's not even get started on our clothes. So if you're not mesh, if you're still system, and have no interest in that part of SL, is that conversation going to be interesting to you? This is not a charitable act we're doing here, it's enlightened self interest we're looking for friends and that means a commonality of of interests. All three of us breed horses, create to on extent or another, and make our money in SL in addiiton to being shop-a-holics, and we could have used any of those as the criteria to show commitment but ironically by choosing the one that's most common we are shallow. And that's fine. If you think we're shallow then that's your right. I'd prefer snobby, but that's my preference. I'll accept C***-y too because that's the god's honest truth. But let me ask you this? How does it affect you? Were you thinking this seems like a good deal right up until you saw the mesh line and then "drat homeless again?" Because if it did have some bearing on it, if you hate mesh but still think this sounds awesome hit me up. But if you're just here to get attention start your own thread, I'm trying to make some friends. *Edited for Grammer
  4. Hey Joe, One of the things you could do to get the revolving restaurant feel without making it too complicated is make your build and then put a seamless texture on the inside of a hollowed cylinder and rotate that cylinder to simulate motion. I put something together really really quick in world and here's what it looks like https://imgur.com/a/13Eib. Since the restaurant isn't actually moving you won't have to worry about linking the furniture or doing any other stupid human tricks to everything together. If you have any questions feel free to hit me up here or in world.
  5. I currently have Adam, but may be switching down the road depending on Bento support or if something new comes along. That's why I was looking for an Omega one so I could use it down the line.
  6. I'm looking for someone to make me what should be a pretty simple tattoo. What I would like is simply "L + R" done as though they were carved into a tree, though I'm flexible on that if you think you have a better idea. I'd like it for the lower torso section and Omega so I can use it if I switch bodies. . If you're interested please contact me in world with a price estimate and we can go from there. Thanks!
  7. Come down and help celebrate the Grand Opening of the Bug's Rug The Bug's Rug, is SL's only snuggle club. What is a snuggle club, it is a safe place to come and relax away your cares, with other residents, find and/or bring people to cuddle with in a safe and fun environment. An alternative to the club scene, the Bug's Rug is dedicated to providing a relaxing and safe hide away in SL while still giving you a chance to meet new and interesting people. To celebrate our grand opening we're running several events this Saturday afternoon. So grab your coziest jammies and come on down Our Grand Opening Events 5-6 Trivia from 5-6pm. 20L for every correct answer. 6-7 Come on down and play Would You Rather? The game of hard choice 7-8 Join us in a discussion of Loneliness, Skin hunger, and Touch Starvation 8-9 Come Join Rory and Seemi for the grand opening of the Bug's Rug. We will be playing music, taking questions and of course snuggling the night away The Bug's Rug http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Triasm/56/108/2001
  8. Hi, My girlfriend and I are looking for a couple housemates to live with us. We both work in world so tier is not an issue I just have a big house and would like to fill it up with some cool people that are looking to make friends in world and hang out. Feel free to contact me in world for more details
  9. I'm in the process of opening a club and would like to find an experienced Club Manager to work with in getting it set up. My partners and I have some ideas but would like someone with some experience in turning those ideas inro reality. Please feel free to contact me in world (mouldsgame resident) for more information.
  10. Hey man hit me up in world. We've got a big house and are always looking for chill people to hang out with.
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