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  1. MizzKittenzz wrote: Its a good thing you're not too over confident lol... If you have to call yourself "intelligent" then yea... Wow... In order to be intelligent and wise you wouldn't have to come out and say that, people would see it for themselves. Also intelligence is more than smarts, its also wisdom and humbleness. Humility has nothing whatsoever to do with intelligence. Humiliation, on the other hand, has much to do with a lack of it. Wooja...checkoutthedunningkrugereffect
  2. MizzKittenzz wrote: Actually men, real man prefer women who need supported. I presume that you intended to write "women who need to be supported" Actually, it doesn't matter, because you can not speak for even one man, real or otherwise, much less all men, assuming that you are actually as female as your name suggests. I can't speak for all men, or all real men, but I can speak for one, real, intelligent man when I say that I prefer real, intelligent women who can stand on their own two feet and don't lounge around at home watching daytime TV. Wooja...believethereareveryfewofthemaroundthough
  3. You can rp Sherlock . . . . . . but you can't rp the BBC Sherlock. The BBC get upset about that sort of thing. Wooja...wanttogetsued
  4. MizzKittenzz wrote: I'm not sure if he has the documentation but I know he has a Masters in IT and Computer Engineering, he still stands by waiting on SSD's, he don't trust them currently. If he's like you the documentation is probably irrelevant. Wooja...reckonhecantreadeither
  5. MizzKittenzz wrote: Ever heard of drones? Yes, I'm reading a post by one at this very moment. MizzKittenzz wrote: Or facial reconnection? Erm, no, I can't say that I have. Is it similar to osculation? Wooja...wasteanymoretimereadingthis**bleep**idontthinkso
  6. I suggest that you edit your post to include swearing, sexual age-play, criticism of arbitrary disciplinary measures, rudeness to stupid people and a telephone number of a bar in Lucknow. Wooja...thinkthatwouldgetyouacommunicationfromamod
  7. It's more likely to be: The journalist fell off her usual barstool, dead drunk . . . . . . and cracked her skull on the tablet someone had loaned her in the hope of good publicity. Now she's really a dead drunk. Wooja...expecthertomakesomeliesupwithspellingmistakesfirst
  8. Are you sure it wasn't birds singing outside your window? Wooja..becarefulnottoignorethereallifesolution
  9. My wife is a libertarian. She hoards shoes. Wooja...thinkanyoneneededsomanypairs
  10. Sudoquai Wonder wrote: Bitcoins can be accepted without Problems in Secondlife. No they can't. Wooja...questionthemotivationofthisscammer
  11. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Every time I see a puzzle under construction, I am soooo tempted to noodle with it. One extra piece can drive some people nuts. FIFY! Only the ones with limited imagination. The rest of us understand that thinking inside the (puzzle) box is a pathetic response to the open ended road to ultimate failure that is life. Very early in my adolescence I was challenged (I think Eric Berne was involved) to balance a pin on the edge of a bottle using a cork and four forks. It was obvious that the first thing you had to do was discard one of the forks. Not being able to sort the wheat from the chaff, and focus on relevancies distinguishes those who don't have the first clue from those of us who achieve. It applies as much to writing - using the most apropos combinations of words to spear your target - as physical life decisions, like selecting your next car, which most take more time and care over than in selecting a partner. Wooja...reallywasteyourtimetauntingthelessendowed
  12. Aislin Ceawlin wrote: LMAOOOO....Wooja...you are my favorite incarnation...NOT to imply ANYTHING at all. If I cared, I'd be pleased. Wooja...bepraisedwithfaintdamns
  13. Bump. Wooja...thinkllmighthaveofferedsomethingbetterintwoyears
  14. Siggy String wrote: Ye sure.... you realy have no clue how it works do you.... Connecting an account does not mean everybody can see it Now go back in to your trollhole :matte-motes-big-grin-wink: FB's record on user security and willingness to change access permissions to personal data would suggest that it is *you* that is naive and ignorant. Here's an old thread that is still pertinent. Wooja...trustfbfurtherthaninstagram
  15. He/she/its/they are back! But demonstrating a lack of competence in communicating effectively. The link posted was defective! Wooja...thinktheyonlyworkonedayamonth
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