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  1. Puede que tenga un alter que esté en tu lista de amigos y no lo sepas, pero en cualquier caso, desactiva RLV, y quitate todos los objetos que tengas anexados al avatar y pontelos luego uno a uno observando cuales hacen cosas RLV o no. Otra opción es que alguien te vea en el mapa en la opción que se encuentra en la lista de amigos y se lo diga a esta otra persona.
  2. Another dragon here. If you find a place to roleplay as dragon let me know, i have been searching for ages and not fitting in anyone, people doesnt want dragons, I guess they just look for sex roleplays and a dragon doesnt fit there. Lol My Inworld name is yunni nyoki
  3. Just put the word "TMP" before anything on marketplace. Like: TMP tops or TMP jeans, you probably find stuff that works with The Mesh Project
  4. Tienes que ser la creadora del objeto y/o tener todos los permisos. Cada objeto que vendas, tu tienes que ser capaz de ponerle los permisos que quieras (transferible, modificable, y copiable), y para esto, es necesario de antemano que tú ya tengas los permisos. Espero haberme explicado bien y serte de ayuda.
  5. Hi, have you tried if everything works fine in another viewer? that way we can know if its your viewer or maybe your connection!.
  6. Yo cuando me pasan cosas asi en cuanto a objetos no-copy, hago lo siguiente: ~Limpiar la cache de mi visor ~Buscar el item por el piso como una loca ~Si no lo encuentro, le pido al dueño del Sim que me devuelva los items, por si aparece ~Contacto al creador del item para ver si me puede ayudar a conseguir uno nuevo Y si todo esto no funciona, mandaria un ticket al soporte ténico. Espero haberte sido de ayuda!
  7. Try to remove scripts and meshes, Could be your graphic card or who knows, maybe too much scripts memory use.
  8. Try to clean your Cache, or making a clean install, both use to repair every glitch
  9. Same problem here... time to wait! :matte-motes-whistle:
  10. No entendí bien tu pregunta, pero creo que mas o menos te puedo ayudar. Si puedes comprar cosas por 0l$, y solo te cobran cuando de antemano te han puesto el precio a pagar y has aceptado pagarlo, ten mucho cuidado con ciertos objetos que pueden pedirte cargos a tu cuenta, si aceptas pueden coger dinero sin tu permiso. Cualquier duda preguntame dentro del juego o aquí =]
  11. Have you tried barerose? there are lots of japanese/chinese stuff aswell as cheap mesh outfits, some are anime kind =] I would post it on the fashion posts. *Shrugs*
  12. Hello! I'm in a family Roleplay and me and my daughter want to match together in an outfit, but since she uses a Tooddledoo mesh avatar its kinda difficult. Can someone help me finding, or does anyone knows about any shop that sells something like it? Thanks!.
  13. :matte-motes-grin: Okies, I erased it. Thankyou!
  14. Thankies for the reply ^^, I know ushimimis are made in that meaning, but I use it for other terms, like nekos does, just for fun, because I like to be different. Why my profile is not G rated? I didnt understood, explain me please!. :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
  15. Hello I have been triying lots of times finding someone who wants to roleplay as my kid, no matter gender, but size, I like it as short sized avatar. Why I havent found one yet? because of my avatar I think, im not into "perv" things but my avie can be impressive for some people, since im a cow-girl, with big breasts, but besides that im sweet, and I want to have a normal Secondlife, and share it with my roleplaying kids. So, I just want someone boy or girl, adult on RL, but kid Roleplay on SL, I got a house to live in, just asking for love and a thigh friendship. Im from Europe, s
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