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  1. I relize this is a bit of an old thread but what Kwakkelde Kwak said is likely the reason as that's how it's being done now. Instead of attaching two shoes like in the the good old days, the newer mesh feet such as in Slink, TMP, and N-Core have incorporated both shoes into one attachment when using mesh feet.
  2. Just to clear things up, it's not the store name itself that is the same as a RL designer, it's the name of their products and help staff. For example, they have help staff with names "Chanel" "Dior" "Prada", etc... clearly listed in their store (these are not the exact designer names they are using, they are using different names that are just as famous - I picked these just to give you an example) and the shoes they sell are named after a very famous shoe but it's simply spelled different. For example, it would be like them selling "Polo" look-a-like shirts and calling them "Lolo" shirts or selling lipstick and calling it M.A.K. instead of M.A.C. The names they are using are pretty pretty obviously famous so it's definitely not a coincidence. I don't want to say exactly the names they are using because I'm not trying to throw anyone under the bus. Suffice it to say though, the names they are using are from my understanding are in blatent violation of T.O.S. I would assume they either aren't familar with T.O.S. or they don't give a crap. I am guessing it's the latter.
  3. Thanks for the replies everyone. That's kind of what I thought. It's pretty blatent and their's is a pretty popular store with a lot of traffic. I am kind of surprised LL hasn't stepped in. It's also a little irritating that so many SL designers go out of their way to create a name of their own rather than using someone else's and this place is in such blatent violation. Anyway, thanks again for the responses.
  4. I ask this question because a fairly big proprietor of mesh and clothing has named thier shoes a very similar name to a very famous shoe designer. That and the three staff members you can contact for help are named after famous designers. Names that are clearly posted in their store. Isn't this against T.O.S?
  5. Well I messsed with the Shape Keys a bit (not sure what I did exactly) and it fixed the issue! Thanks Gaia!
  6. Thanks Gaia but I really don't know much about shape keys as I haven't really used them. Can you explain a little bit about what I may need to click on to fix it?
  7. Hi all. I am a having a frustrating issue with Blender. On one particular mesh, Blender is not allowing me to push or pull vertices, or move faces or lines in any way. When I am in Edit Mode, I can niether my "Grab" nor "Scale" my mesh at all. I can click on verticies (or lines or faces) and highlight them, and move it in object mode but I can't get it/them to move or scale in Edit Mode. I can however toggle into edit mode and back into object mode, I can zoom, pan around, delete parts of the mesh, etc... but it will not allow me to reshape it. Also, it's only happening on this one particular mesh that I worked really hard on. I really don't want to redo this mesh as I finally got it all most to the point of how I want it. Anyway, I tried restarting Blender, appending the mesh to a different scene, deleting all modifiers but no luck. I am using Blender version 2.71 and I have Avastar installed if that makes a difference. Any help is appreciated.
  8. Awesome! Thanks for the well thought out response and explanation, very helpful! I kind of figured that higher poly mesh would make for better weighting results but I wanted to ask to be sure. You also covered my next question which was "Is it okay/will it work to weight lower poly clothes from a higher poly mesh?" Thanks for clearing that up too. Anyway, I figured you made your poly count higher with either subdivision surface or multires (subdivision surface makes my suit look funny for some reason but, as they say, that's another show. ) but I wanted to double check in case I missed something or haven't learned some Blender tool yet. Thanks again for the awesome tutorial and explanation! It is much appreciated!
  9. Thanks for that Mehdue. Quick question (I know, I am full of them) you say at the begining of the tutorial that the body suit is higher poly than the Avastar avatar but when watching the tutorial on the making of the body suit, you said nothing about making the wet suit poly count higher than the Avastar from which it was duplicated. Am I mssing something here? Why does the wet suit in the weighting video have a higher poly count? Does said polly count matter when it comes to weighting? (Bear with me, I am new to this.)
  10. Thanks Medhue. That's what I figured but I wanted to be certain.
  11. If you sold it pre weigted I might pay a few lindens for it but I don't know. I'd probably just make it myself. Thanks to the tutorials, it doesn't seem terribly difficult all though it is appreciated. Also, with paying for Avastar all ready, I don't think I would pay for another add on unless it made things super easy. Anyway, I have another question, if you are simply using this body suit for weighting purposes, why give it thickness or make it look double sided? Does making it look double sided help when using it to weight additional clothing meshes, or is it for aesthetic purposes only?
  12. Awesome, thanks for making this! I learned a lot that I could use for other projects as well. I have a question though. When you are scaling the wet suit along the X and then the Y axis at 16:20, are you scaling it up or down? (I am assuming up) Just another thought. It might be really nice if you made the wetsuit available for download. Not that it looks terribly hard to make (again, thanks for showing folks how to do it) but it would be a really nice starting point for folks using Avastar.
  13. Awesome! Thank you! And I hope your animation project goes smoothly!
  14. I think most folks who know a bit about weighting would get that and if they don't, I'm sure they will ask. I have a slight request. How about a tutorial on exactly how you made the wet suit? I bet it would be REALLY helpful for people new to this. I know I would appreciate it.
  15. I think what Mistah is saying (correct me if I am wrong) is if you saved your mesh and then try and use the "undo" tool, it's not going to work because the mesh has been saved as is. Does that make sense? In other words, once you save it, undo is no longer an option.
  16. Thanks Nalates but I don't see a Part 2. Do you have a link to it? EDIT: Never mind. It see that it's part of the same tutorial.
  17. Happens ALL the time. There is really no one easy answer for it. Search the board for this issue and you will see several posts and solutions. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/forums/searchpage/tab/message?filter=labels%2Clocation&location=forum-board%3AMesh&q=block_missing+upload_invalidasset
  18. So, I am following this tutorial on how to rig clothing to become fitted mesh. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPMZrszi5rw However, something seems to be missing from this tutorial. What are you supposed to do if you are starting with a fresh, non-rigged and therefore, non-apended mesh? In the first picture from the tutorial, it shows what happens when you select both an appended peice of mesh clothing and the avastar bones. As you can see, there are vertex (bone) groups showing in the Vertex Groups panel. However, in the second pic using a NON-appended mesh, there is nothing showing in that panel when you select both your mesh and the Avastar bones so therefore, you are not able to apply the subsequent steps in the tutorial to the mesh. What am I missing? Parenting the mesh also doesn't work right. You can parent it but then, the subsequent steps in the tutorial don't work with that either. Am I missing something? There really needs to be a tutorial on this that is for a fresh, brand spanking new mesh. If there is, please point me in the right direction because I have yet to find it. EDIT: I really need to watch these things all the way though. :p
  19. I would recommend people find another way to go mobile and not pay for it. My concern is, once folks start paying for this, LL is going to find a way to charge everyone, mobile device or not. I would think Linden Labs makes enough money off of uploads, premium memberships, land sales, ect... apparently they don't see it that way. Greedy b*stards.
  20. For one thing, your avatar is WAY too big. Niether SL nor Blender is going to resize it for you. I would stick with the SL avatars for Blender, at least for now. They are the correct size and the shapes aren't all that different from the one you are trying to use. That and with fitted mesh around, it's not going to matter anyway. If you put strange avatars into Blender, Blender is likely to do strange things or at the very least, not do what you want it to as it's really touchy. You really need to have a lot of experience under your belt to get Blender to do things that are a litte unconventional. What version of Blender are you using? There are new SL avatar bones for Blender that have more to them. They are for Blender version 2.70 and above. http://lecs.opensource.secondlife.com/fittedmesh/SecondLifeAvatarSkeleton.zip
  21. Thanks for the reply but no, I am not. I don't know if you read my post fully but as I said, the other two options don't work as well for me as the empty groups option does, or should I say used to. I have used empty groups many times in the past and it worked great! Definitely the best option. I followed this tutotial. ctually, you know what, I missed a step. My bad. Thanks though, I appreciate the response!
  22. Medhue, not everyone starting out wants to spend the money on Avastar. It's a great add on, don't get me wrong, but some folks want to learn what they can with out it. Not to mention, you still need to learn the basics before you can make use of Avastar anyway. Melysange It looks like you either aren't weighting the mesh properly OR more likely, aren't exporting it to colada properly before you upload it to Second Life. Try this tutorial and see if it helps you. It really helped me a lot. Make sure you watch it to the end and follow the directions fully. Good luck!
  23. I have found that when weighting my meshes like so: "Set Parent To: Armature Deform - with Empty Groups" it gives me by far the best over all start to weight painting (thanks to a tutorial by Allison Lynagh). They still need tweeking, but I have found that starting this way definitely gives the best over-all start by far to the weight painting process. However, for about the past week, when ever I parent my meshes to empy groups, it's like I didn't bother weighting them at all. When I go to pose the avatar bones after parenting the weights to empty groups, my mesh doesn't move. It remains completely static no matter how I move the bones. It does however work when I select the other two options, (envelope and automatic), but those options don't give me anywhere near the nice start I get from parenting the armature to empty groups. I thought maybe purshasing Avastar would correct this problem (probably nieve of me) but no dice. Just so you know, I am using Blender Version 2.70 and have been pretty much ever since it came out. Anyway, can anyone help me fix this problem? It's just so frustraing.... As if learning to weight paint wasn't hard enough. Thanks in advance.
  24. Oh okay, that makes more sense. I thought it was strange that she was making "Slink Shoes", when what she is actually doing is making shoes to fit Slink feet, got it. Sorry for the confusion.
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