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  1. My suggestion. Try sim hopping a bit and see if you can find one. Not only might you come across the community that you are looking for you will see a number of great places out on the grid. There's more than a few small furry communities out there that are quiet and fun places to hang out and that welcome outsiders once they get to know you. You aren't alone wanting to get away from the club and adult atmospheres. I find that these communities tend to be not interested in drawing lots of attention to themselves. I might even run one myself for that matter.
  2. To answer the OP. Yes. I have met a LOT of people from SL. Everyone in this photo is a friend I met from SL. Of course it's also helpful that we are members of the furry community and that we have conventions where we regularly gather to hang out.
  3. Gracie, I would go with the latest drivers for the OS that you are using. From there all you should have to do is use the space navigator defaults in the viewer and it should work. I have had problems in the past with the drivers requiring me to uninstall and reinstall the drivers. I would not recommend using the older drivers. Just get the new ones from the site and see if that works for you. Sometimes it takes a little tinkering but it will eventually work for you. One other thing. If you have one of the wireless ones. Don't try to charge it and use the wireless rece
  4. Even more powerful than removing the ages from our profiles. When you see someone new give them a helping hand. Even small stuff can help people out greatly and help them learn some of the stuff that took us all years to figure out. Don't forget this is a social platform. Being social to people (even new people) helps immensely.
  5. No offense was intended. I'm really sorry that you viewed it that way. My assumption was based on the general experience that I have had in my many years on Second Life. Most people don't dig into things or ask for help. I applaud you for doing that and hope that you are eventually able to figure out what's causing the trouble. It's also important to keep in mind that one experience does not describe the experiences of thousands of other people. I never noticed the event that you described and all of my regions have plenty of idle time to spare. Does my individual experience repr
  6. I never noticed this myself on my land... What would be interesting is to compare the time frame against the release notes of what ended up going out that changed this. You might have some objects that worked well on on one version and then have a serious performance penalty on another. You could probably identify the offending objects by looking at their script use and then either shutting their scripts off or eliminating them all together. In a "user created world" some scripters are better than others and of course everyone's mileage varies depending on what they have rezzed out.
  7. That's really the question. Think for a moment though through your assertion. "since I changed nothing". Are you sure? Not a single new object rezzed that contains scripts? Perhaps you actually do have a completely static unchanged environment but that's in most cases the exception rather than the rule. The problem is that most sims tend to change over time. That change tends to be the addition of more scripted objects. As well. Objects themselves are not a static thing that remains constant. Content creators are making more capable products that do more things and thus as
  8. Some food for thought... As mentioned previously in this thread lots of services have been migrated away from the legacy UDP style way of transferring content and is being handled differently. They are also doing some other stuff with all of the cloud things we all have been buzzing about. This would give them more capacity in their datacenters rather than less. The hardware is there. It makes little sense to try to do more with less when they have more than enough hardware laying around doing nothing. Datacenter space does not just shrink or expand on demand so increasing the sim/co
  9. I could certainly see that. Especially the longitudinal study part. The only problem is that there's the assumption that the sim remains the same over time which is very much not the case. It's almost always a moving target. People regularly add more scripted objects over time which themselves could be the very cause for the perceived performance decrease over the timeframe. It's really difficult to determine the difference between performance impact that's self inflicted and performance impact that's from outside sources without a reliable and repeatable form of data and comparison
  10. Here's the fun part. It "could" be any number of things. Most sims aren't carbon copies of one another and use different objects all scripted by different people with different abilities in LSL coding. Comparing any one sim to another really is an apples to oranges comparison considering that they are completely different. The only way you could really compare reasonably without just it being a wild guess would be to have two completely identical sims. If they aren't identical there's no telling what's actually causing issues without looking and quantifying it. Think of it this way
  11. I use them all the time to keep my script time in check. They work ok and you can sort by CPU time and by memory use. You can also look at individual objects and use firestorm to show script use. You just have to invest the time and dig a bit. The information is there if you know what you are looking for and how to interpret it. If you don't understand what the numbers mean there's a lot of resources out there that can help. There's room for improvement of course but it's pretty useful to me as is.
  12. I'm not seeing this on my regions to be honest. Nearly full of objects with 15ms of free time. The estate control panel offers the top scripts window that you could use to debug and find out what's consuming all that time.
  13. I have one of these myself. They can be a bit flakey at times. Here's what I generally do when mine acts up. -If you have one of the wireless ones unplug the USB dongle and plug it back in. -If it's a wireless model you can't have it plugged into a USB port at the same time. -Power cycle the controller. -Kill the running software and restart it. -Toggle it on and off in the viewer and reset it to defaults. In most cases this gets mine back to life. I have had to resort to re-installing the software on very rare occasions. Despite the fl
  14. I agree on the lowering of prices. The funny thing is some careful price lowering might actually stimulate growth. Many sim owners if they had a better deal might be tempted to tack on an additional sim to their creation. Land owners who rent whole sims might be tempted to take on some new sims to meet demand. I'm glad to see them already taking steps to accomplish this on the Mainland and hope that it makes it to the Islands eventually. As for the Lindens when they are in world I saw this happen myself on my own island. I actually sort of felt sorry for them trying to keep up with
  15. Oh wow. Just stumbled onto this treasure. Where to start? 1. Sim Backend Hardware Refresh - Get the hardware up to the standard that they are running on open sim. More memory and faster CPU's with more than one core and get us some SSD's. For what we are paying we deserve nothing less than the best hardware available and for that hardware to be regularly refreshed. While I know a lot of this is going to EC2 don't cheap out on the provisioning there either more memory more cores and more disk I/O. PERIOD! This also goes for all of the other services that SL provides such as login
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