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  1. You can't make undeform apply to everyone around you, unless we get a server message to tell the server which in turn triggers an automated reset skeleton for everyone around.
  2. Oh guess i should make it clearer next time that i wasn't talking about TPV's when i said "we". I was referring to what i've experienced in the official LL Viewer back then (and later in other Viewers including my own but like i said i wouldn't count those). But history seems to be a bit blurry there, i didn't use the time of day slider in the LL Viewer towards the end of Viewer 1 development (because i stopped using their Viewer for anything other than testing purposes), they might have made that an actual copy of the daycycle multislider later on. I've even used the daycycle editor for
  3. I hate to bring it to you and possibly end the world as we know it but i have to agree with Ansariel. Daylight time has never existed and was just a slider for the vertical rotation of the sun, the same that we do still have (and now is back in the official Viewer too), it has only been renamed and looks different due to EEP generally looking different. The "Time of day" slider was just a direct copy of the slider (and spinner with clock) found in Edit Sky, which in turn where just the "North" angle (vertical rotation/position) or in other words the up an down of the sun. East Angle is nothing
  4. I'm unsure what i should think about this. On paper this sounds like some good improvements. There are still so many things all around in the UI that simply distract me from enjoying these improvements. The way they are implemented. As example slapping that half-hearted extra dropdown next to the already misaligned other search options in inventory kinda feels like an after thought than an actual improvement. Also, i think it would be better putting those extra filter options into the filter window and moving that filter window somehow into the inventory window to reduce the window-on-win
  5. I'll show you. Let me just enable Full Res Textures and... oh wait. I have 64GB RAM. I basically cannot run out of memory (unless explorer or windows update memory leaks again and eat up to 32GB)
  6. The warning message (if you are talking about Whirly's warning) is still absolutely up to date and says everything that needs to be said. Using Full Res Textures will force all textures to download at their maximum resolution, nowadays this (as explained in the post Pantera linked) means we are commonly looking at up to 8GB if not more texture memory, this texture memory is ALSO doubled not only into our GPU memory (VRAM) but also our system memory (RAM), this means the Viewer will go up all the way to eating 8-12GB RAM (or more) which in most cases for SL users is a potential crash, 16GB
  7. First you should make sure that's nothing you borked. Go into preferences - display and check "Automatic Memory Management. It is absolutely imperative that Automatic Memory Management is on at all times otherwise you are responsible for setting how much texture memory can be used and fiddling with those means you'll have to change it from scene to scene. Next make sure your texture memory isn't full. If its at around 256MB short of the maximum you have, its full (BD leaves a bit to the rest at all times). If all of that is fine and your textures are still not loading for s
  8. You can't unless you are on Black Dragon. You have to pre-emptively create an inventory item called settings (either sky, water or daycycle) open it (which applies it) and then edit that. When done you'll have to apply this to the region/parcel.
  9. Not anywhere near that quality might be a bit extreme. It could come close but it would be incredibly hard and would require an incredible amount of setup and work. There are several key problems i see with replicating this image in Second Life: The avatar itself The hair detail (single hair being visible) The post processing glow and how its spread out The image's softness Hair Let's address the elephant in the room, clearly the hardest part is the hair, not only would it require some very carefully crafted hair mesh, it would also require some carefu
  10. Make sure the Jellydoll settings for Object > Surface are at 0 otherwise objects with surfaces bigger than that will be derendered (which happens quite often with these kind of homes even at 256m², which should tell how that something is really bad about them, they really shouldn't have that much)
  11. Congrats, you have users that don't ask the obvious.
  12. An installer that brings its own set of new support issues. There is no perfect solution. Also for the next updates i suppose i'll add /q /norestart and have VCRedist install silently just like the installer does.
  13. It asks you to install both required VCRedists ONCE. These are only required if the Viewer does not start up and throws errors. Otherwise these can be skipped.
  14. It's called Deferred Rendering in Black Dragon.
  15. Yea i noticed that shadow visibility is extremely dependent on the water settings, having the sky reflect strongly basically gets rid of all shadows but then again i think that might be intentional, since i cant just go out and increase fresnel values on water and see i can only assume that that is how it would work.
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