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  1. Das Problem kam mit 3.6.0 im 30. August 2019 in den Black Dragon und wurde kurz darauf bereits am 4. September behoben und released nachdem ein paar User das Problem berichteten. Warum Firestorm das Problem entgegen meiner ausdrücklichen Warnung vor diesem Bug lange bevor die ihr Update gemacht hatten dennoch diesen Bug nicht gefixt haben ist mir schleierhaft. Linden Labs hat ebenfalls ziemlich lange gebraucht obwohl ich das Thema direkt am nächsten Meeting angesprochen hatte und dort bereits einen Fix angeboten habe.
  2. Personal recommendation: Upgrade from your FX to a Ryzen 3600. That's what i did and the performance is much better for relatively little money. I've been running everything ultra and shadows since it was introduced back around 2010/11 all with the same AMD FX 6200 at the time, performance was "Okay" 20-60 FPS that is with basically every avatar over 250k complexity (BD complexity not LL complexity) jellydolled, which was 80% of all avatars. I never had to disabe shadows and if i did it didn't help at all. Though i always thought of an upgrade when the chance arrives, this chance was obviously a Ryzen 3600 (actually i was aiming for a 2600 at the time but then 3000 series was released for the same price) and the difference is quite a big one especially around people i get roughly double the framerate and can disable jellydolls completely (although i really shouldn't render badly optimized avatars anyway) and only use max avatars instead while still having around 40-50 FPS with shadows on but even with a Ryzen there are still places where my framerate drop into sub 20, theres simply nothing you can do about those places, they are simply badly optimized and turning down graphics for these places wont help much because the problem isn't your PC or the rendering its simply the bad content around.
  3. There are several values that need to be 0.0 since focusing and other actions are seperate modes with seperate attention values and the lookAt will still be shown, it just won't go anywhere anymore because all your avatar will focus on is looking straight ahead idly like it does when you are in basic third person mode and nothing else is happening (aka the follow-your-mouse-movement-idle).
  4. It does yes. SL has been notorious in the past for having a lot of issues with AMD cards and if you wade through the Viewer code you'll find quite a lot of weird extra hacks that need to be done for AMD to not do something stupid.
  5. AMD's bad OpenGL support is still pretty recent, probably wont change ever now that OpenGL is being replaced with Vulkan anyway.
  6. This is none of it though. SL has always run better on NVidia cards because ATI/AMD's infamously bad OpenGL support (which SL runs on)
  7. CPU always bottlenecks no matter which CPU you have, that's just SL. I had the same CPU before and i can tell you that its fine and can easily get 40-60 fps with shadows and everything on, with avg 30 fps around crowded places given you don't allow every ***** avatar to render. I highly recommend reducing complexity (although honestly its kinda worthless since 40k already allows the worst of the worst to be rendered while proper optimized avatars are not) to something around 70-80k and reducing max avatars to 5, this alone should give you a massive boost around people. Since you can't tell apart good from bad content with the default complexity i can't recommend manually jellydolling people since you wont have any value to go by (again complexity as it is in FS and LL Viewer is complete trash and useless)
  8. What you see is probably a combination of a lot of small factors coming together. FS uses KDU, BD uses OpenJpeg. OpenJpeg is known to be much slower, which would explain texture loading/decoding times. Meshes and other objects i dont know, i'd assume Firestorm has probably made alterations to how items are downloaded/cached to improve performance and/or reliability. And there's always the "random" aspect of SL. I've never seen a difference in loading times between OpenJpeg and KDU which is why i don't believe in a use for KDU. OpenJpeg is totally fine until it isnt anymore.
  9. My GPU wasn't maxed, just dying because it was shoving textures around in memory which kills performance, if you want to max your GPU turn SSR or Volumetric Lighting resolution up, or go super nuts with Depth of Field blur.
  10. SLURL's to these places would be a good start, other than that i assume its something you've set. With your Intel you should never run into a situation where you are getting only 1 FPS, EVER, it's straight up impossible with normal settings. I went to places, enabled full res textures, disabled impostors and jellydolls, let everyone fully load and even though my GPU was basically burning in hell i was still getting more than just 1 FPS and that was with shadows and everything on. There were like 30 people around so i doubt you can manage to drop that low without *****ing up a setting somewhere.
  11. The taxing part about "Ambient Occlusion" is the the light softening which in combination with SSAO does show a slight performance impact, SSAO in itself however is basically free unless you are using a GPU from equivalent of a GTX 260 or slower but then you'll be running into a whole host of other issues.
  12. What you want is Ambient Occlusion. LL just hasn't cared to use it properly yet, there are a few options you can change to make it stronger (or ... well actually visible) because right now Ambient Occlusion is basically configured to be a waste of resources (although almost none because SSAO is almost free)
  13. I tried that. Needless to say the Viewer acts very allergic to that and crashes really quick when there's no fallback. Under normal circumstances there is no need for it but if you're a developer and you're editing shaders and stuff and you ***** up the shader, it will try to step down until it finds a shader level that works, too bad if the shader you are editing is already level 1 and there is no fallback. Poof Viewer gone. I didn't notice any performance improvements, such improvements would be miniscule and are on the same level of optimization as what i've been doing, replacing setting calls with cached settings so the Viewer doesn't actively do slow setting list lookups. I didn't notice any performance improvement from doing so, if anything it would be in the sub-fps range which you cant see anyway because SL's framerate is unstable as hell anyway.
  14. That's not true. TPV's are a lot more than "just" code grabs and different defaults. Exodus at its time did redefine graphics in a major way, it is the reason we have Materials today. Alchemy, although only privately (and only from hearsay and pictures) offers some extra graphical features including some NVidia Gameworks stuff. Black Dragon is the only Viewer that "sets different default settings" for graphics in addition to offering a variety of extra features, including those from Exodus. Firestorm offers Exodus's post processing stack (Tone Mapping, Color Correction and Vignette) just like BD does but doesn't (anymore) feature additional features. They did have Screen Space Reflections but got rid of it due to customer complains. So if anything Exodus was a major step up and Black Dragon is the closest to a recent "re-definition" of graphics. We are limited of course in how much we can redefine graphics especially as TPV since only those on said TPV would have these graphics and establishing a new default is nigh impossible, even LL doesn't get it done after a decade (so many people still using windlight or legacy rendering even though deferred rendering and shadows have been around for a decade now) and i'm further limited by my lack of skills regarding rendering (and more specifically OpenGL rendering) related coding knowledge. If i had the skills Exodus and Alchemy teams have i'd have "redefined" SL graphics every year anew.
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