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  1. LSL getting your profile information is not a problem. OP wanted to know whether it is possible to hide your profile information from search, LSL can't search. LSL can only do the same things we can do as well in that regards, we can just open OP's profile if we get his UUID, we can create SLURL's and we can still open OP's profile if he's around us but that that's not what OP wanted to prevent, just the search, presumably to hide from an angry ex or a stalker.
  2. No? Just an option that disables the whole "texture thrashing" mechanic and simply allows textures to continue being loaded as needed. Basically a "f*** you texture memory" option.
  3. There is nothing to do really, 1GB is simply not enough, any place nowadays uses 1GB if not more, doesn't even need avatars, have a few things lying around and a house maybe (not even counting furniture) and you'll quickly see 1GB usage. Now... if there was an option to force load textures (not at full res, that option actually exists) at their current resolution fully disregarding memory at the cost of performance...
  4. Well with everyone needing to be rendered theres nothing you can do. Your performance will drop to poop.
  5. Probably either because the SIM is already extremely bad or the avatars are so crazily bad and you just allow them to render. Unless the SIM is total ***** i'm pretty sure i can reach 30 FPS there with a Ryzen 5 3600 and "everything on" (Deferred, Shadows, SSAO, SSR, Light Softening), you should get even more. You should give me a link to the place, i'll check it out.
  6. Excluding any PC related issues (like power saving mode being on) SL should be more than easily run at 30 FPS minimum with Advanced Lighting and even Shadows on, it does for me, has for the most part of the past 8 years for me even with my old FX. I can only assume its a setting issue and the first thing i'd dump is your attempt to run SL at 4k. 4k means you are running shadows at 4k resolution too, which requires quite a good chunk of extra CPU power that your CPU simply can't supply because SL cannot use all available cores. You are running in a limited resource pool and 4k is using up a tremendous amount of that pool already, just the resolution alone, not to mention any CPU bound graphics (that should really run on GPU only but don't) that scale with your resolution (like shadows do). First, lower your SL window resolution to 1920x1080. Second, lower your draw distance to something appropiate like ~96-128m max. Third make sure you make use of "Max Avatars." and possibly the "Avatar Complexity" options, they are your biggest tools to retain performance. Avatars are the biggest performance hitters. From there on we can see what we can do
  7. I doubt its still possible with the current system now that everything is inventory based (bad decision). Unless they add a way to "wear" these settings proper i don't see them adding an option that forces the fixed presets like it did before since there is no way for the Viewer to know which preset you want before loading your inventory and finding said inventory item in your inventory (would be super hacky and extremely slow and prone to issues).They either have to reimplement local presets or at least snapshot the current preset to disk to be able to load it on login. The only exceptions here are the default 4 "Sun Positions" e.g Midday, Sunrise, Midnight and Sunset
  8. Sounds like an idea. It encourages flagging your stuff. All of it.
  9. This is just the order how presets are loaded, they are loaded alphabetically which puts Rear View near the end. The only fix without doing a lot of unnecessary extra work and making loading these more complex than necessary is renaming the presets but... then people will look for Rear View and will not find it... Loading is completely dynamic (and it has to otherwise new ones wouldn't appear) so i have little control over what gets where unless i manually intervene which requires stupid workarounds and/or unnecessary code that just bloats a simple list load. I'm already doing this in the Poser (to put group titles inbetween bone groups, i was lucky they are grouped together in the avatar_skeleton.xml like that otherwise that wouldn't have worked at all) I don't see why scrolling would be a problem, its not like you constantly change your camera preset and even if you did, its not like saving a bit scrolling rectifies implementing a fixed loading order
  10. Possibly. It enabled right away. Didn't check whether it disabled immediately but i'd know what's causing that if it doesn't immediately update...
  11. And then everyone will be unflagging their stuff.
  12. Neither have i seen it not working yet. But yes. For the normal dropdown menu its Right-Click - Render Avatar - Always/Never/Default
  13. Not a proof for anything really. The difference between 35 impostors and 0 impostors is barely usable 11 FPS to unusable 3-4 FPS. Impostors are not meant as an all-glory super solution, avatars are still being rendered but they are being updated less often. If you want performance, push jellydolls ontop. I see drastic differences, from 10-15 FPS with no impostors and no jellydolls, to ~30-40 FPS with impostors but no jellydolls up to 50-60 FPS with impostors and jellydolls. Even the best system simply reaches its cap at some point, no delaying updates of avatars is going to fix this, as long as you still render them you are incurring their performance impact in some way or another.
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