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  1. The UI is not exactly close (or anywhere near) the legacy windlight UI. Besides it doesn't explain why they are so huge and waste so much space when not necessary. You shouldn't expect us to get the UI in a decent working condition, we do this because we must, not because we want to. It would be much better, for everyone, if we had a good UI to start with, it would reduce the work on us to clean up behind you and would also bring all viewers closer together in its layouts, which in turn means less headaches for everyone when changing viewers or trying to help people with different viewers. Not to mention i wouldn't have to go on a crusade every time. You really need someone to work on the UI and only the UI, someone who's job is nothing but going through the entire UI, cleaning up the code, fixing things, simplifying logic, adding QoL, making sure everything is consistent and nice. The difference with marketed items pre-EEP is that those items, specifically you mentioned "cloud textures" are textures, as such they are proper content, unlike skies, the sold skies usually come with these textures because they were made with them in mind. Selling the textures is something entirely different than selling the skies. Anyone with common sense would never pay for skies when they can make them themselves.
  2. That's intended behavior and is old, i reported that long ago. The moment you add any of the "advanced features" such as materials you activate the new Ll calculation. Correct me if i'm wrong but i don't remember EEP adding parcel lighting, only height-based presets. FS will keep its hacky Parcel lighting as far as i heard. Whirly? It's save to assume that an UI is massive it features only a few sliders (hardly more than before) and covers half my screen on a standard 1920x1080 resolution. These windows roughly waste 800 pixels in each direction. While they are only needed while "setting up" how are you going to set things up and see what you are trying to set up if the whole screen is covered by the UI? Do you want to move the window out of the screen or minimize the windows all the time? That's exactly what i'm concerned about, people WILL hold you ransom to get their windlights, that's exactly what i'm complaining about in this new system, LL gave them the tools to do so and we all know what people will do if you give them tools to do stupid. People sell shapes too even though shapes can be created by anyone at any time in mere minutes, yet they make them no mod and basically hold you ransom with it. EEP will just do this again, people will create no mod environments and force you to buy them to be able to edit and save them for later (given they are mod to begin with), the only other option is creating a new preset from scratch. I want to be able to quickly edit windlights i'm seeing and i want to be able to save my changes if i so desire, that's how lots of cool windlights get made, this new system doesn't allow us to anymore. EEP doesn't pull anything closer together than everything was already, worst case we split everything even more. We are just getting a few more features, some of which are logical improvements (such as decoupling the moon), changing the texture of the moon (just like clouds) and some other are things we already had (24 hour daycycles which could have been extended to 72 hours easily). I honestly fail to see how it is better. They hand you a sweet bonbon while holding a knife in the other hand behind their back, for every improvement they added something that totally destroys it again. I don't know what's up with this "learning something new". EEP works exactly the same as Windlight when it comes to actually tuning the windlight, you move sliders around, except a few additions they are all the same, there is nothing new to learn. The new UI doesn't need to be learned, it's quite straight forward, straight forward unnecessarily big and clunky compared to the old. You're right, people will always find things to complain but i'm not one who complained about Bento or Mesh or Materials or Fitted Mesh or any of these new cool things, because they were truly cool and fine basically without exceptions, there were no strings attached to them unlike with EEP, people who truly complained about those for other reasons than "its broken" simply didn't know what they are working with because they are resistant to change. This is however something entirely different, i'm not complaining that EEP is bad because its different, i'm complaining because i have legitimate reason to be highly concerned about basically everything that EEP means for us. That's something completely new, i have always been bashing LL for when they do something badly again, everyone does that because its deserved but i have never been truly concerned about a project like i am now. I'm highly worried and you should too.
  3. I'm curious what the reason is behind thoroughly enjoying anything of the EEP Viewer in its current state. I have been using Windlight since the beta (because it also added cool post processing glow which was absolutely amazing back then) and i do a lot of photography too but i simply cannot enjoy EEP even a tiny bit. Me as graphics fanatic should be excited to see more cool features to fancy up my pictures, instead i'm disappointed and pissed about pretty much the entirety of EEP, there is currently nothing in EEP except the new UI widgets that i'd like to use for something i don't know yet (i'll find something). I don't know if its the lackluster improvement, the buggy rendering, the abysmal UI design or the downright spit-in-your-face implementation of marketable inventory objects that make me not even look at EEP with my ass. Everything in EEP seems wasted, there is literally nothing good about EEP, nothing of what EEP does couldn't have been done without massively altering the entire windlight project and breaking it this much, nothing in EEP is a reason to over complicate this entire system. I don't know, really... when a graphics fanatic is more excited about a new UI widget than the entirety of the graphic-focused update something must be wrong. Whats even more is that you do not seem to be at all concerned about all the problems listed here that i was able to find in mere minutes of starting the Viewer, nor does it look like you noticed them, you didn't yet mention that you encountered any issues at all. I don't want to sound like an *****, which i do anyway but... it appears to me that you have extremely low expectations and/or requirements for any of this. If you truly enjoy the EEP Viewer you also enjoy the new UI to some extend, which begs the question, who would ever enjoy an UI that fills your entire screen and why? I'm really curious.
  4. I think i'd use regio-light (estate time) more often if it didn't look like crap everywhere.
  5. The basic idea of EEP was good. More features and new graphical stuff. Their implementation and how they handled the inventory part however is way over the top. You can ruin an entire good project with a simple bad decision. In this case it was making the presets a full fledged marketable item and handling it as such (seeing copying local graphical presets as violation of the permission system)
  6. Doesn't surprise me my users don't have these issues, no one uses regio-light, everyone just makes their own stuff or uses their presets and edits them.
  7. Whaa... why am i the only one who haven't seen these "issues" in pre-EEP yet. I still see all my normal windlights, no black stars, no randomly changing presets, presets all look fine and work fine... haven't had any of my users complain that presets are broken either...
  8. I see. You meant they are now broken rather than "you can't stand pre-EEP anymore since you've seen EEP".
  9. "Amateur graphics" lol. You're trolling right? EEP is a miniscule improvement without proper atmospheric scattering. You really haven't seen what SL is capable of if you think pre-EEP are "amateur graphics" in comparison to EEP. Current EEP implementation is more like a framework to build upon (and not a good one at that)
  10. I'm sure those guides have already told you to reduce your draw distance until you become a mole, turn off advanced lighting, atmospheric shaders (probably basic shaders too), set the complexity limits super low, max avatars super low and generally keep all settings to an absolute minimum but i highly doubt that's going to help you run SL decently. The reality is your laptop is way outdated (it was even for 2011) and you're not even going to win a thumbs up with it. Just loading an empty SIM will almost fill your entire GPU memory, let alone basic shaders will totally destroy your GPU and if that wasn't enough all the unoptimized crap going around (which is only going to get worse) are not going to be gentle to your CPU either, this kinda stuff grinds high end hardware into dust even on lower settings, there really isn't any hope for you to run this unless you like single digit framerates and input delays longer than your ping to russia.
  11. You cant. Your GPU is hopelessly outdated. It's going to struggle to even keep the UI loaded.
  12. I wouldn't exactly consider a "plastic look" natural. Your last picture shows this issue very well, the snow looks like its made out of plastic, the very subtle shiny applied to them goes absolutely bonkers on EEP and ruins a lot of ... everything really. Also i'm not sure why but the background mountains... i don't like them, especially the left side of the last picture looks very much out of place, when i look at the right side i can see that the sun should clearly be able to light the mountains at least a bit, they are not, not even a bit and the sun angle doesn't look like it would cast shadows across the entire mountains, the sky looks extremely bright too, unnatural bright. You are highlighting the issues of EEP pretty well... but ohwell you said you tried to make it as natural as possible, not you did make it look natural. The point of my rant is that i'm trying to protect the little "artistic photography" that is still there. There are still a lot of people who don't use editing tools to take great snapshots, i'm one of them, i hate photoshop and all photoshopped/edited pictures. Have one of my unedited pictures as comparison.
  13. The only gag placed on anyone is going to me if at all, the radio silence appears like they might be re-evaluating what they want to do, which would hopefully turn out for the better but that's my hopes.
  14. I said i wouldn't do this but i tried it again and when just logging in already noticed another issue. Your own windlight is not permanent, every time i login i'm forced to see the awful daycycle that someone has decided would be great to use. Everytime i login i think "ohgod no it looks even w... oh it's just the daycycle that keeps getting worse". Why are we forced to use region light every time we login? Oh right, because we don't have the say anymore, the Viewer doesn't remember what windlight we use because you got rid of the entire windlight system as a whole, with it you got rid of the settings that kept track of our preferences. Great. But that's not all, nonono. That wasn't even the reason i started it up again. I just wanted to take a look into the XML files and what i can do with the UI. That's when i found the next thing, you don't even have a "Debug" menu anymore, with it the XUI Preview Tool is gone as well, without it you are a sitting duck in the dark blindly editing files and relogging for hours to see the difference of what you just did, isn't it like that? It doesn't surprise me the UI is such a mess and that's before i even got to dive into the UI itself! When i finally did i was shocked to see you still keep using questionable layout stacks in layout panels in layout stacks in layout panels in layout stacks in layout panels, for what? So you can "neatly rearrange whole setting groups in code"? You're not even doing that aren't you? Take one of these stacks or layout panels away and the entire thing falls apart like a house of cards, your widgets don't use follows properly, they don't use layout properly, often times they dont have width or height attributes making them randomly and for no reason break and making changes to the UI as a whole a messy work that i'd take days if not weeks to get into some usable state if i had to relog every time. It doesn't stop there! You still keep doing this nonsensical splitting of panels into multiple XML files, why? what are you achieving with this? Oh, i see you are adding the panels as cumbersome mess later in code similar to how you did in the snapshot floater. Please for the love of god, stop this overly complex mess, its cumbersome and just fills the code with unnecessary trash, you could have done this UI easy and straightforward, you can enable/disable/hide/show tab container tabs in code, slap them all in show them on demand. No 10 different files required, no 10 different special panel objects required, just straightfoward getChild<LLTabContainer>("") and then do stuff with it, added plus if you save it somewhere to save getChild calls. Ugh. For the love of god get someone who understands your XUI system, many of the things you do multiple times in code can be easily done with the XUI system without any code needed, much of what you do could me much simplified and goddamnit, get that XUI Preview back in there, i swear to god you'll praise it like Jesus's second coming when you make any window or edit them. It saves you tremendous amounts of time. But that's not what i'm here for either, no! I'm here to show you what i've done in mere 2 hours half-assing my way through your windows (and starting over with the edit environment window rather than the personal environment window as before). Funny fact, the new window is even smaller than the old edit windlight windows in my own viewer, i easily had space to spare. You should really get that looked into.
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