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  1. It has very little to do with being exhibitionist. People should generally grow a thicker hide. They behave like its their first time on the internet. No artificial limit will prevent people who have a desire to do something from doing it. People will always find a way and the only way of not giving them the possibility is not giving them tools in the first place which in the case of this topic would mean taking away the free-roam camera which wouldn't fix this issue (there are scripted cameras still in addition to that you could modify your camera preset) and instead would punish everyone else including people like me who like making fancy pictures. Not to mention all those photographers and bloggers who like making pictures of themselves or their stuff, you'd prevent all of this and/or make it unnecessarily hard to pull off just because some people can't get past the fact that people do what people do. I find this topic incredibly frustrating because it simply doesn't belong into SL or the internet in general, its on the same level as this whole over-sensitive censor bull***** that's going around since months. Ohno, my feelings are hurt because someone said X Y Z, oh no this product is this or that because it has X name. Ohno people are camming on me i feel violated. I swear to god (or is that religionist now?) we're going to end up in a world where you cant even say hello to someone because you pronounced it slightly weird and the other person now feels sexually offended for whatever reason.
  2. Ohgod another one of those paranoid discussions. Help help, people are using the camera for the only reason it exists! Quick, gather your forks we need to stop people from looking at stuff we need to go back to blackscreen and textchat only! *roleplay engages* Amethyst looks at you, checking you out from top to bottom. *paranoid screaming* STOP LOOKING AT ME YOU CANT DO THAT, REMOVE CHAT SO WE CAN LOOK AT A BLACKSCREEN ONLY! *imaginary roleplay engages* *more paranoid screaming* STOP IMAGINING THAT YOU ARE LOOKING AT ME *autistic screeching*
  3. I don't think "going back" to old Windlight is a solution nor is offering EEP as "optional" extra feature. The Enhanced Environment Project as its name suggests was obviously planned as an enhancement to the systems already in place (Windlight) thus its goal was being an addon to what we already have. The problem with EEP (aside from its many rendering issues and crap UI, i'll get to that later) is that at some point in development it was apparently decided that EEP should no longer be an addition to Windlight but rather a complete replacement. This starts with the complete overhaul of everything rendering related that really wasn't necessary to touch at all, at least not for the scope of simply adding an enhanced set of features and ends with the absolute bad implementation of how EEP works and replaces the previous workflow when using Windlight. I don't believe that running 2 different versions of the Windlight rendering is the solution or even a viable workaround, its simply a bad band aid fix for the real issues here. Bringing back Windlight is not a solution either, we want to go forward, not backwards and ultimately we want to end up with something that is not exactly the same as we already had but something that is more, otherwise the entire project was unnecessary in the first place. EEP needs to have a clear goal and that goal shouldn't be a total replacement of the previous system, it should be an enhancement to the already existing systems and as such EEP has completely failed in its current iteration... which doesn't mean this cannot be fixed. The current major issues i see with EEP right now: The total preset replacement with inventory based assets, rather than adding inventory assets as additional way of saving and sharing presets easier The giant screen real estate wasting UI that was unnecessarily completely rewritten to be unnecessarily more complex both for the user and for the developers who have to work with it. The (still) many glaring rendering issues, mainly the now much dimmer and quickly "capping" sun light intensity (notice how at around ~40-50% the sunlit sides don't get any brighter) The absence of an easy method of choosing your presets without going through your inventory or a mini inventory, a simple dropdown like we had before (don't tell me its not possible i goddamn implemented one, it even includes the inventory items) Several of these issues i've tried addressing in my own Viewer without going with the apparently cheap trend of simply "going back" like its often done. I've re-added the local presets in all their glory, the Viewer can load both pre-EEP and EEP (newly saved) presets given they don't have invalid names (characters) and in that case you can still use the nuclear option and "import" them or simply go into the folder and rename them. The UI was the first thing to change and i've tried using the old windlight editors as template while adding the new options and only minimally changing their layout to make space for the many new options. I've also used this chance to clean it up a bit and add changes that should have been there from the beginning. (getting rid of this absolutely retarded and un-precise sun angle/time system) Further to the UI i also readded the Environment Editor (as revised version to use less space, another thing i should have done a while ago already) to allow easily and quickly selecting all your presets, new and old ones, inventory and local just like we did before and all this without having to go through yet another stupid inventory window. I really don't see why this wasn't implemented in a similar fashion, everything could have stayed exactly like it was, nothing would have needed such a radical change. This leaves the last issues and those are probably the biggest, the rendering issues, namely the completely altered shininess on many items and the now weirdly capped sun brightness which in turn brings a whole host of new issues with it. These are however beyond my capabilities and i have to trust that LL is going to fix this as they get reported. Still i'm incredibly pissed at EEP, it broke so many things and caused so much additional work that really wasn't necessary if LL had just listened to those that didn't just pat their back on the job well done, ignoring all the issues that apparently caused EEP to be delayed for months once a certain person (me) told you how majorly broken EEP was at the time. What i found even worse is that i was told that "i should have worked earlier and more actively with LL" as if you could just pass this down to being my fault just because i didn't show any interest in EEP until it was in a state i could actually get a proper opinion on its state. I shouldn't be the one following you where ever you go, watching your every move, you should be the one coming to us TPV devs and ask us to get involved and not with a generic mass mail that invites everyone to "try out" EEP. If you want proper feedback you should actively seek out to contact us and work with us not the other way around, especially since we most often are just in for the ride and don't get to say s*** anyway. I'm getting bombarded daily by users freaking out that their presets they have been making for so long are gone until i can calm them and tell them that they are not gone and can still be used just like before just because you thought herpaderp corruptible inventory assets are the future lets dump local presets. It's incredibly frustrating to have to fix your failures once again. And don't even tell me you contacted us developers because i see no evidence of just that, because if you really got in touch with us how come that no one, absolutely no one seemed to have pointed out all the extremely obvious flaws i still wonder. How come @Whirly Fizzle came to me (that only ever happens when the stars align) and asked me, no plead me almost to look at EEP well knowing i'd go on a super rant. Whirly asking me to look into something and basically go ranting about it is like a desperate cry for help, for that to happen you had to really mess things up and boy it took me only half an hour, most of it writing down and documenting all the bugs to find so many bugs that Whirly made your Jira explode. Only the rendering part of my complains have been mostly fixed, where are my concerns about the preset handling, the UI, all the rest? Did you listen? No! Of course not, "it was too late". You sure know how to keep me red hot glowing. *stomps in circles*
  4. BD still supports local presets in addition to EEP inventory items. BD also brings back the old windlight editors with the additional options and reimplements the old environment editor where you can select your sky, water and day cycle presets all at once. Importing your presets from the old format is already possible via the windlight editors (they have an import button) and its free.
  5. Funny is, your personal settings are permanent and get saved. Whenever i log in i come back to the exact settings i had when i logged off, without it being a preset. They recently implemented this. Not sure why it wouldn't keep your personal inventory presets permanent but it definitely does keep my local presets permanent.
  6. Lucky you, in all my years i've never seen texture loading fix itself when it broke once.
  7. The continuing discarding IS the reason you relog.
  8. And this ladies and gentlemen is the reason why so many people with decent hardware run at sub 5 FPS still. Do NOT set Full Res Textures to TRUE unless you are absolutely hellbent on having all textures loaded fully regardless of your GPU even being able to keep all the textures loaded. The moment your VRAM is full you'll hit a brick wall and your GPU will start texture swapping which will cost you your performance, if any is even left by that point. I'd only ever use this option if you absolutely have to for a very specific super resolution picture with simply too many resolution textures on screen that you cannot normally handle and only if you are willing to do a relog right after you're done with this option disabled again. Lowering your texture memory has the side effect that less textures are allowed to be loaded into VRAM which means less textures are loaded into RAM as well since the Viewer doesn't load as many textures fully as it usually would, this saves some RAM. Although i'm unsure whether ALM does save RAM noticeable amounts outside of materials (specular and normals) being turned off. With only 4GB RAM however, every MB you can save counts i suppose. The 32bit version has been deprecated officially because at this point in time, there is no longer any point running a 32bit application, especially in a open ended application like Second Life where memory usage greatly varies. Absolutely everyone should have a 64bit OS by now (should have 10 years ago, should have starting with XP already...) and even with just 4GB RAM you see a slight improvement with a 64bit OS because it can fully utilize 4GB out-of-the-box whereas it previously required some tricks. However 64bit applications are also notorious for using up more RAM which makes it harsher for 4GB RAM OS's to run these applications if said application can easily spike up to 2-3GB alone. If you experience out-of-memory crashes you might want to lower your draw distance and keep max visible avatars and the jellydoll complexity settings somewhat low and only selectively render people if necessary. Avatars are one of the biggest memory hogs, you should only ever have a handful visible at max with your available memory. Also regarding the texture memory information, note that Black Dragon works differently. What you set is what you get. There are no hidden scalars. Hence why BD offers two sliders instead of one as Second Life internally has two texture pools effectively keeping all textures twice in VRAM... to ease managing it i added an automatic memory management which basically simply takes as much as currently needed plus a bit extra while leaving a bit room for the OS and other stuff if approaching your GPU's max VRAM. The reason it doesn't just do "give me everything" is because setting texture memory higher/lower has shown having direct impact on your framerate in the past (as well as some reported crashes if set above 3992MB). Whether this impact is due to less textures being loaded or actually a direct impact due to the bigger allotted space is hard to tell but i went for the better-safe-than-sorry option. BD is also the only Viewer currently known to me allowing straight up using up to 8GB VRAM (total) since apparently LL doesn't see a need it in and Firestorm refuses to allow using more because it would "support" bad content practices, specifically people bloating your texture memory with even more unnecessary 1024x1024 textures (which evidently was the case long before we started allowing more VRAM usage)
  9. RAM and VRAM are two different things. RAM is your system memory and used by your OS and all applications to save and load information from temporarily while they are running. It can be basically anything. VRAM is your graphics card memory which is primarily used for rendering and is filled with textures, which is why most people call it texture memory. SL generally requires 300-1000MB system memory to startup and run, independent of anything else. This number will raise with more information being stored, meshes, textures, data for the UI and so on. In busy places you'll easily see it go up to 2GB or more. SL in addition requires texture memory too from your graphics card, starting at 100-200MB for the Viewer itself and going up to 2-3GB on average on a lot of regions which aren't empty and have a handful of avatars. In some extreme cases, especially bad regions with a lot of badly optimized textures and avatars this number may even exceed 3GB and go all the way up to 4GB or possibly more. If you can't give SL enough texture memory it will start throwing out textures it thinks aren't needed, in a place where everything around you is the cause for your texture memory overflowing you'll see textures start going blurry before loading once again, followed by going blurry again, this cycle may continue forever and even worse will basically put a dent into the Viewer possibly "breaking" texture loading until you relog, the moment you start "texture trashing" once, the Viewer may stop loading textures fully and will require a relog to fix. This is a very common issue and you as user can't do anything about it other than raising your texture memory setting and hoping it wont require more than you've set which is the case, most of the time. The texture memory setting is just a value that tells the Viewer how much memory it is allowed to allocate for textures although its not an exact number as i've already mentioned in my previous post. Not sure why that is but that's just how it works. I can guarantee you though that 512MB (~1GB) is not enough for almost everything in Second Life. Most people's own avatar already fills a quarter to half of that alone. Not to mention the HUDs some people wear that will fill your measly 1GB instantly.
  10. Black Dragon uses the same EEP as the official viewer, it was completely redone from scratch for EEP based on the LL Viewer and all changes affecting how lighting works are completely separated options. Given you use the same settings in both Viewers it should look exactly the same since its exactly the same rendering code.
  11. The 512MB shown isn't even correct. 512MB as setting corresponds to something around 1GB. LL never allowed more as far as i can tell, i "guess" that 1GB probably allows like ~2GB and thus 2GB in Firestorm probably allows like 4GB or something. I can only guess how much the number actually corresponds to based on the small sample between 32 and 512MB thats available.
  12. Aha! Is that a confession that you code those "more options" to impact the overall performance when they really shouldn't? I knew it. Now this quote i'll print and frame it and every time someone asks why the performance is better i'll give them a copy of this print. Completely ignoring the fact that something like optimizing exists. And whenever someone praises the improved performance but demands more features i'll bring them back here telling them that they can either choose between the improved performance they praised so much or the extra features they want.
  13. Been there, done that. Black Dragon already removes all clothing. Cloud streaming. Stadia. Nvidia Now. That kinda thing. It would prevent copybotting yes but this solution would not only amplify the delay of your actions by a million times it would also require a good and stable internet connection which still quite lots of people can't have. It would also eliminate third party viewers as a whole and send us back into the stone age and force everyone to use the Linden Viewer. I would be one of the first to cry out in agony if i would be forced to use the stock Linden Viewer and i'm sure LL is happy i'm not using their Viewer anymore, i'd be demanding way too many changes and fixes all the time.
  14. Maybe, maybe i'm going to do exactly that!
  15. Whether some copybot code escaped LL doesn't matter really. A copybot isn't really hard to write depending on what you're doing, you just need to know the format you want to export to, gather all the information from various places where they lie readily available and output them. Aside from that the Official Viewer (and all TPV's) have several copybot features implemented that are only limited by a simple permission check. Saving textures to disk for instance, remove the permission check and poof. Texture copybot for all inventory textures. Animations can be exported the function to do so just isn't hooked up, animation copybot, right there and then. Prim copybot i imagine would be as easy as counting through an objects prim count while copying the object contents/information to an owned object and the way SL works would do the rest. It doesn't require a copybot Viewer, just someone who's willing to install all the prerequisites to compile a Viewer and remove a few lines of code. Literally anyone can go to the SL wiki, follow the setup guide 1:1 and then search through the code with a few keywords to find what they want, code is no magic its just a simplified english sentence. No amount of hacks, permissions or stupid content creator tricks can prevent what i could do right now in 10 seconds but a lot of content creators are just stubborn and paranoid or simply idiots who use it as excuse for their money-making plans. Their propaganda drama ads leave me untouched completely and i even think if they get copybotted they probably deserve it. Good content creators simply dont care, they trust their customers to do the right thing and if you are a honest, good content creator you should not fear copybotting at all. Copybotting is really just the SL equivalent of piracy, apart from some few people who will always pirate things there are always those that pirate because they cant get it otherwise (due to money or store issues) or those that pirate to punish the creator for the bad content they delivered.
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