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  1. How can you know its not better if its different and you don't want to "relearn"? That's a big problem V2 had when it started and ultimately led to the abomination called CHUI today (Communications Hub User Interface, aka the wanna-be V1 chat system). Viewer 2 solved the one issue i've always had with any MMO ever since i started playing them: Chat. Every goddamn game in this world just gives you a chat window and slaps some retardedly big horizontal tabs at the top/bottom. Chatting in more than 2-3 channels becomes an extreme hassle and basically impossible to follow. Viewer 1 had this same i
  2. It's the same as any other Viewer, except it has less features. All other Viewers (not counting the mobile ones and Viewer 1's) are directly based on it after all. Viewer 1's just port over the important functionality and compatibility stuff while keeping the UI and their own improvements intact. Because options are evil ~ Oz Linden. What he means by that is that more options raise the chance that the user gets confused at so many options and we already have way too many people not knowing anything about anything just blindly pressing buttons and making things explode.
  3. Because these options are not required for normal every day SL. Also thats why there are third party viewers. Choices. The missing options are also part of the reason you're getting such a good performance.
  4. There are no varying definitions of raw. Only context. And in the context of SL a raw shot is whatever is taken by the viewer from the live rendering, regardless of how many filters or post processing the Viewer supports, raw is simply what the Viewer can actually do and produce without any help from the outside, although i wouldn't count the snapshot filters here because they are effects added on the final image and cannot be used for live SL, thus technically don't count as "live rendering". Though that could be changed. I'd prefer calling them screenshots rather than raw shots since screens
  5. You'd be surprised how many americans get it wrong. Also i think the actual issue is because both of them are so close to each other. As german speaker you might not understand why this happens because you automatically translate these words into your own language to understand them which makes you think "WTH" because they are so far apart in their meaning but i think its less about the meaning and more about the words themselves. I've had problems with Standart and Standard for the longest time because i knew you write standard with D in english but i've never actually seen standard bein
  6. Ohgod. This reminds me of XD and LOL... good thing those times are over...
  7. I've been using offline mails since many years. I'd miss out a lot of random offline IMs otherwise, i often get mails of IMs i don't even receive inworld. Offline IM's are incredibly unreliable even without the 25 IM limit. There's nothing to admire either. It's common sense that apparently quite some big names aren't capable of using. If i'd offer a product (and i do) i'd try to find the best possible way to allow people to contact me without me having to worry to lose the conversation or be on a strict time limit. There are only only very few reasons someone would not do this. That
  8. And this right here is the reason i've written into my profile what i did.
  9. Like in every other Viewer nowadays. Right-Click yourself - Reset Skeleton (or Reset Skeleton and Animations if you really have to go nuclear)
  10. Most likely. But i dont know anything about coding for any CPU and so far i haven't noticed any differences or special "optimizations" done for either AMD or Intel CPU's. I'd say it probably doesn't matter unless we talk about optimizations like AVX/AVX2 which could make a big difference and only be available for a certain CPU at least for a while. AMD only just got AVX2 with Ryzen but had AVX since 2011... and AVX alone can make some difference if optimized for it.
  11. There is no specific optimization done for any GPU/CPU vendor, only bugfixes. AMD generally has a lot of issues GPU wise and shaders often need some extra fixes or workarounds to accommodate for their sometimes weird implementations. Generally you'll always see better performance on Intel CPU than on an AMD CPU, GPU doesn't make a difference unless you are using an Intel GPU or your GPU is topped up in which case an AMD will perform worse due to AMD's well known bad OpenGL support. As long as your GPU never runs at 100% you should see roughly the same performance +/- the usual SL discrepancies
  12. You seem to know something i don't. Don't bring my hopes up, they usually come crashing down on me like an inferno. I've also looked into multithreading (at least some basics) and implemented some basic multithreading into the preferences window to stop it from locking up the Viewer for an increasing amount of time that scales with the amount of custom avatar render settings you have. It was a small experiment and i can see why large scale multithreading is an issue, it needs to be done absolutely careful and its a surprise that games running multithreaded don't crash as often given that
  13. Here's an example of a smooth cam. You also don't need a space navigator. Controllers work fine too. I used a Xbox360 Controller for this. Also static camera can work too. It depends on the usage, see one of my other videos: The camera in the first section was completely static, in the second section it was semi-static, the camera was focused on my hip bone, following the animation. The last part was a simple mouse-scroll in with camera smoothing fired up to 11. I'd put my money (or lack thereof since its free) on NVidia Shadowplay/Share. It records right
  14. The issue described here is not a problem of draw distance in general. Ever since Deferred Rendering was introduced long ago, this has been an "issue". In Deferred Rendering (and nowadays also in non-Deferred) the water line cuts off prematurely, we used to be able to see the entirety of the void water plane. I think i remember someone saying this is a limitation due to how deferred was implemented and how the far clipping works in Deferred Rendering. I'm unsure whether this is simply an issue or an actual limitation and i'm even more unsure whether this can or will ever be fixed since it has
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