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  1. Since the switch to HTTP there is no more direct way to control the bandwidth usage. The old bandwidth setting does nothing now and the only way i could think of "limiting" the bandwidth would be playing with fetching options and lowering concurrent fetches (for meshes, not sure if there are settings for other things)... that is if that setting even works.
  2. And now you wish you had these fancy selection outlines too.
  3. The reason the poser changes them back to the initial pose is because disabling the bones still keeps your positions intact (in case you disabled them accidentally) or want to use them in the next pose. This would need options... lots of options... but i'd like to keep the poser UI as simple as possible and it is already full of stuff.
  4. Actually, this says nothing. You take the LL Viewer (which every graphical third party Viewer is based on) and add a single tiny thing and BOOM its automatically better. "Beating" the official Viewer is literally just the baseline requirement for a third party viewer. Also, uh necro?
  5. Life is Dark Souls. You will die. @Topic You should be getting 30 FPS average with dips down to 15 on busier places and up to 80 FPS on almost empty places, around 40-60 FPS with decent stuff around, with shadows on, i've got an AMD FX 6200 which in SL is exactly the same as your eight core. It all depends on where you are though and what kind of people and content is around you. Judging by your framerate i'd say complete trash.
  6. My god, Henri thank you. THANK YOU. I was actually thinking of implementing everything EEP offers without the rendering part too (some of them like the changable moon/sun textures should be easily implementable without breaking everything else).
  7. SL is a virtual world. A virtual world is a sandbox. A sandbox is a game. A game does not need to have a goal to be a game. There are plenty of goal-less games, those are usually called sandbox games because you make your own goals... and content to varying degrees. Besides SL is a MMO which automatically puts it into the technical category of a game. Real life people inside a game doesn't make it less of a game. Every multiplayer game has other people in it. Conclusion: SL is, was and will always be a game. The problem is that people automatically expect certain stereotypes when they hear "game" which are neither true nor necessary. But then again there are a lot of stereotypes going around in SL that have survived the passing of time.
  8. Well keep in mind that this is self-published, self-packed executable and moreover a WinRar "installer". So no official installer or signage. It's as plain and simple as it can get... well almost, it could be a zip actually but i figured a simple installer would help people who are... eh less technically versed. I do take privacy and security serious too and i investigate any report i may get about shady stuff going on (just got a big boomer a day ago) hence why i don't use a normal installer, it allows you to simply open the installer with WinRar (or 7zip) and look right into it or extract it manually if you don't trust the "installer", it should also make it much easier for any antivirus software to scan it. I'd also like to note that you should never ever EVER, in your entire lifetime, accept direct links to Viewer downloads, i've got a blog and a download link there which sends you to a explanatory pre-download page which should clear up some first-start issues and explain the difference between AVX/nonAVX, many people skip it because they get direct links and with direct links i cannot make sure that you will land on the actual download page and download the same file as i do whenever i go after a potential virus report.
  9. OK, so some people really want to complain about SL's self-inflicted bad performance. Fixed it for ya, no thanks necessary!
  10. Quite the opposite. If you change the text background to white you make it unreadable in the dark theme because the text defaults to white wheras it defaults to black in the light theme. So if anything if you change the text or background you are always making it unreadable for one or the other. If anything you have to change the background to white and the text to black but then you are making it hard for dark theme readers again because the stark black/white contrast in the dark theme is really eyestraining to read. That begs the question why are you even changing any color at all. Just leave it as it is and it will be fine for everyone.
  11. That's quite nice of you listening to him that far. I think i would have burned down his house, poisened his water, abducted his children and destroyed his fields midway through.
  12. You seem under the impression that BOM isn't good just because its doing a minimal improvement. In SL there is no one-solution-to-fit-them-all fix. SL is composed of many problems that bog down the experience, not just one. One of those many issues is texture memory usage. Whether you think your hardware benefits from this or not, it certainly does. Besides, worst case nothing changes, best case people start adopting it and texture memory usage for avatars goes down. There is only one road this whole thing can take from here and its a good one. There is nothing people can do with this that would make it worse. And while i do have a 6GB GPU and my Viewer supports up to 8GB, not everyone uses my Viewer and no everyone has 6GB to spare not to mention that we shouldnt spare it in the first place just because we can. Regardless of how much VRAM is available we should always strife to go for the lowest possible.
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