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  1. I'd assume you only have 4GB RAM, seeing that the Viewer has never before thrown "out-of-memory" warnings is quite lucky and i'd deem that almost impossible, you must have been living under a rock or at least a place where there is never anyone around because those 2gb memory usage you're showing is hit quite easily. Sorry to say it but if 2GB memory usage is a problem for your system you should consider upgrading because this is only going to get worse and its really surprising you haven't had these earlier.
  2. This is hardly a show, i'm dead *****ing serious. I have long given up on EEP. EEP was dead the moment Oz made it clear that they are gonna pull through with this nonsensical marketable item bull***** and empower money driven people to rip off their userbase even more and make windlight unnecessarily more complex and hard to manage and just do what we do.
  3. Hold your horses right there. And the "infinitely better" was solely and totally targeted at the downright broken rendering. EEP is still a massive cluster*****. What i was actually trying to say is "its on the right way" but as always still far from even release candidate worthy. I know i've given EEP a lot of contra in the past and i still do, i'm just trying to say something positive where its due and the progress is better than expected, i truly and honestly didn't expect them to get the overall lighting back so close to the original. I'm sorry. I... was in a good mood. ----- But if all you see in me is pure negativity, sure i can give you the Niran-typical version of above post. The progress is staggeringly slow and the extreme amount of remaining rendering bugs is a shame, its an insult to any person who calls themself a developer that you call this mess a release candidate, even worse that you dare to even think of this being "on a good way" to release, this release is still far from release and the UI is still attrocious and all our concerns about the entire permission system still haven't been adressed, they haven't even been looked into, it would be a lie to say that you are listening to us, all you are doing is damage control on a hopeless project. I have given you examples how to improve the UI, it doesn't take any genius to figure out that the entire permission system is crap and disallowing us to modify any preset at any time and saving it as our own, thus handling mere stupid presets as full blown marketable items is spitting on us machinima people who you are doing this for in the first place.
  4. Gave the latest 6.3.0 another spin. I'm positively surprised, first look looks infinitely better. Lets go through my buglist. (strikethrough is fixed, bold is new) Overall i'd call this some good progress at least the first thing people see is almost the same to what we were used to now. There are still quite a lot of issues to work out tho, all the details and a bunch of fundamental flaws and showstoppers are still in there.
  5. You cant. This is a whole new lighting plus a whole new way all the windlight values are translated, you can't just "opt out". This is a one-way trip.
  6. I don't see how Nirans Viewer was "easier" to use when Nirans Viewer was a lot more technical and offered a lot less help all around, aside from overall offering basically the same UI with less consistent look and much more places "untouched" e.g still Linden UI. I spent a lot of time polishing the usability without dumbing everything down, tooltips everywhere, explanations, a discord group for help, many extra UI features like default buttons, revert to last value, grouping of options, warnings when you are about to do something stupid... the list goes on. Overall BD is exactly the same what NV was just more polished, less of a hastily thrown together pile of stuff.
  7. I highly doubt that, those TPV's probably updated as well.
  8. There was a time where i searched all forums and google for my name multiple times per day. Those times are long gone, i just occasionally search my name and my Viewer's name nowadays and mostly just when im really bored so unless someone mentions me: @NiranV Dean its unlikely that i will immediately respond.
  9. Much like i am doing now? Aha. Are you implying my Viewer is only used because it offers features that are still in development, aka "Bleeding Edge"? That "Bleeding Edge" idea died with Nirans Viewer. What i'm doing now is fundamentally different to what i was doing back then with Nirans Viewer which had completely different goals compared to Black Dragon now. Nirans Viewer was much more focused on continueing the spirit of Kirstens Viewer and sprinkling in some own modifications while Black Dragon is a whole different approach of the same spirit with much more focus on "self-feature-development". Aside from the extremely far and few scattered features from other Viewers, namely RLVa, Exodus Post Processing and Tofu's shader improvements almost everything deviating from the LL default has been done by me, thats the solar opposite of what Nirans Viewer was a collection of features from all Viewers (except Firestorm). Nirans Viewer was a learning experience, it was important for the development of my own coding skills which at the time i started continueing Kirstens were practically 0, i had never seen code back then, whereas now im throwing the "first ever new inworld content creation tool around since a long time in the history of SL" (namely the Poser, btw that's basically what Oz said), that is an extreme jump. Maybe you (or more like Kitty in this context) should feel a bit more honored that i took your "do-it-yourself" approach with things and stopped taking stuff from everywhere.
  10. It wouldnt stop redlining your CPU, just using your GPU more with the same redlining CPU. Since theres always an infinite amount of new extra stuff being shoveled ontop of the work pile for your CPU, being able to work it down faster is not going to help reduce its load, just go through the incoming work quicker, its like a carrot on a stick... except with Vulkan/DX12 its a carrot on a stick with nitro.
  11. Pretty sure they didn't. There isn't much to load off onto the GPU to begin with. In Firestorm there's only a single option i know for sure can instantly 100% your GPU and thats Depth of Field and only if you blur the screen like crazy and have it set to max resolution. In Firestorm you might have overused DoF or Shadow resolution causing the GPU usage to spike so hard up that the CPU starts idling because the GPU is bottlenecking rather then the reverse. Vulkan and DirectX12 wouldn't change a thing about your CPU usage, they would mainly just allow more drawcall throughput which would allow the GPU to work down more stuff, you would just get more rendering done in the same CPU usage (since its the limiting factor in SL). BD has loaded nothing off to the GPU either, your increased CPU usage is completely unexplained but i'd guess its simply because its an Intel. My AMD FX idles most of the time.
  12. It does neither actually unless you have a potato CPU, running potato graphics or found a way i haven't yet to utilize the CPU more than just ~20%, in the latter case i'd like to know how you did that, my CPU would probably be happy to do more than just idling. The most the Viewer has ever used even in full load is the rough equivalent of 2 cores... But if you want more GPU use, you can always just go to a busy place, turn on SSR and Volumetric Lighting, set both's resolution to max, i'm sure they will load your GPU pretty damn well.
  13. It's not like i haven't tried 4 times already. First try was lots of modifications people really didn't like at all and the other three attempts were tries to port back the old V2 style before it was botched with CHUI.
  14. I wouldn't wait for that, that could very well be many years in the future, maybe i don't even get to do it at all. Besides, if anything i would probably try to reimplement the old V2 chat.
  15. Keeping it? Nononono. I just haven't gotten to show it "the chopping block", i have been planning evil schemes to get rid of it since day one. It's tabbed IM after all and i absolutely despise tabbed IM.
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