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  1. I appreciate your response but I was responding to the query about anything strange happening this morning. Normally clicking on the link sends the tp request to my viewer, but yesterday that was not happening and so I responded with that info in response to th op post.
  2. I can't get locations to go from the browser into the viewer. Like if I search for something in the MP and click the link to "inworld store" and the browser shows the location on the maps window, it never transfers that info into the viewer so I can TP there. I have to manually copy and past e the location into the bar in the viewer
  3. I think this little bit is very telling. in the Ryan Schultz Blog: Nodoka Hanamura has posted a Twitter thread FAQ about this: "Again, I cannot stress this enough. This isn’t something LL did to spite people. This is because it was either they banned gacha, or LL would be in hot water for hosting it…" I mentioned in another thread about LL moving to cloud hosting with Amazon would have some consequences. I assumed the child avatars and the adult sims would get targeted. Apparently not. LL is not "hosting" it, Amazon is.
  4. Does this apply to other random item givers that people pay for? I have some KittyCatS and many people sell their extras using a random box.
  5. Ok, using the Cool VL Viewer allows me to make clothing and items again that function. I sent some to some residents and so far the HUD and shoes work on their machines. I still don't understand, but as long as I can create and my stuff is usable, I am happy. Learning a new viewer is hard, but there are some really great features on it as well.
  6. I spend most of my time zoomed in really close to my avatar (I love mesh feet) I don't recall changing camera settings since I was busy making clothing it seems an odd thing to have done. I am pming you with my results so far.
  7. I am confounded about why it should suddenly start happening a week ago and why it happens on multiple computers. I will check the discard bias. I'll try the Cool VL viewer, although I have already tried the SL, FS and Catznip on multiple machines (including one with a titanium graphics card and 16GB of ram) Where do I find the "texture console"? I checked my debug settings for Texture discard level and it is set to 0. The items rez properly, it is only after I "refresh or reload" the textures that this issue happens. If I open the "edit" window or reopen the texture, it resolves, until I refresh the texture again.
  8. Ok. I made another post with much more detail, which I think is the reason no one has an answer for me. The pictures below show one symptom of the issue I am having. It isn't my mesh blanks or anything I am applying the texture to. One the bottom left of the texture window is a round arrow (which I assume is refresh or reload) If I click that icon, I get the second result the blurry mipmap texture version. Normally a "texture refresh" will load the blurry one (so fast you barely notice) and then resolve into the best quality texture. That is not happening. It stays that version until I close the window and open it again. This is causing a very detailed, very irritating issue. It happens on multiple browsers and on a brand new squeaky clean install, on every account I can get my roomies to log in to and two different computers. It started 6 days ago. Another user described the issue a year ago and I am trying to find out how she solved it. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  9. I've never logged into another grid. I only do SL. As I said, the issue is happening with not just mesh garments (that I have been using the same ones successfully for a few years) but also your basic "cube" made from the build menu if it is attached to the avatar. It started happening about 6 days ago.
  10. This issue happens with a basic cube that I rez in game and attach to my avatar. I've also been making some of these items for 3 years and never had this problem so I dont think my particular issue is related to badly designed products. Thank you for your input however.
  11. I am still hunting for the mipmap setting in Firestorm. I wish I had been able to capture the shot of the texture showing a level 5 mipmap when I hit the button at the bottom left of the texture window. It showed exactly what was happening. I'll keep looking for the mipmap setting in case you don't see this and point me in the correct direction.
  12. Another user had this same issue. I have submitted a trouble ticket with my logs. I have tried the SL Viewer, Catznip and Firestorm and all do the same thing. I did take a look at my fresh new texture cache and the textures are not showing up there, even the Lindenlabs ones. I was able to get one to go in the cache by opening the texture and clicking the reload button multiple times. I also contacted the OP on the threa above to see if her issue ever resolved.
  13. I just started experiencing this exact issue. Was there ever a fix?
  14. I hope I can explain this issue clearly. Over the last few days, while making clothes (applying textures to mesh blanks) I discovered a problem. I am at a loss for how to resolve it or why it is happening. I eliminated everything I could think of. It isn't the texture, my computer, my account, my viewer or the mesh blanks. Steps to reproduce: Apply a texture to a mesh blank - there are no scripts, no root prim, it is a single link, the texture is applied to all faces, there is no alpha, the texture is an old LL one Wear the item (or texture it while wearing it, it doesn't matter) Right click on the item in your inventory and select "texture refresh" - Texture becomes blurry or loses the details and becomes a solid color (LL denim becomes "blue") Right click on the item again and select "edit" Select the "texture" tab. The texture shown is blurry, Text that says "loading" flashes across the square where the texture is and the garment looks normal again. If I make an item and give it to another person, the same thing happens. The texture that I applied (which everyone in SL has) becomes blurry. Additional info I have cleared my cache - I went so far as to remove any viewer from my system, chase down the cache folders in the appdata and remove them before rebootin, redownloading and reinstalling the viewer again. I have tried 3 different computers, 3 different accounts and both Firestorm and the SL Viewer. I discovered the issue when making a set of clothing with a texture HUD. When trying to get the HUD to change the textures, I would get a solid color instead of the texture, so the blue denim would load onto the garment as just a solid blue. In the course of my trouble shooting I eliminated the HUD scripts, the root prim, the multi link mesh, the newer textures, my computer, my account. It happens with any texture, any mesh item (they are Full perm) I have been making mesh clothing with that HUD for over 5 years. Stuff I made a week ago with the same blanks works fine, but if I try to make a new outfit the texture doesn't load correctly. The texture shown in the pictures is FabricLeopardSkin-256x256 uploaded by newbietemplate Linden in 2006 - but it happens with new and old textures. The "texture refresh" is how I reproduced the issue I was having while making the clothing (using the hud and not using the HUD). I put it here to demonstrate what was happening, not that I need to use the texture refresh function. Currently I can't make any clothing that will hold a texture. This is a new issue, less than a week. UPDATE: I rezed a cube using the build tool, attached it to my avatar, textured it, selected "texture refresh" and the same thing happened. So it is also not "mesh" clothing it is any prim that is attached to a avatar. My Hubby's contribution is that it has something to do with mipmap levels. My main issue is how do I load a texture (that has a UUID) pass it to someone else on an item and have the texture load incorrectly, partially or not at all. Thank you
  15. I have been using the TD Texture HUD maker for a few years and have never had an issue making items and HUD's. Over the last week I have been driven mad by an issue that makes no sense whatsoever. The error ONLY occurs when the shoe is worn, not if it is rezzed. So the issue is this, after making and testing the HUD, everything works as normal. I then wear a pair of the shoes and try the HUD. The shoes change, but the texture doesn't show For example I use a pink knitted texture and when I use the HUD to change to the pink knit texture, the shoe changes to pink. This is a single FP texture. Now it gets really weird. if I zoom away from the shoe and zoom back in, the shoe now shows a pink knitted texture. If at this point I use the HUD again to select another texture, I may get the blue knitted texture or a blue shoe. This happens if someone else is wearing the shoe on a different computer. neither of us see the texture correctly unless we zoom out an back in. I want to emphasize a couple of things. I am crazy methodical and this texture HUD never gave me any trouble for the several years I have used it. I have remade the shoes multiple times and used multiple different textures. I am NOT drunk or otherwise impaired, but at this point I really think I need a drink. I've tried this on 3 different computers 4 different accounts, cleared my cache, rebooted my machine and in desperation installed and tried the SL default browser in case somehow Firestorm had slipped me a mickey. The weird part is that it is obviously loading the color of my texture, just not the details. My next desperate move is to try another HUD maker, but I like this one and it has always worked fine. It isn't the texture hud. it is also happening on my single texture shoes. I'm going to re initialize my root prim script. and it isn't the root prim script. I took a fresh unmodified mesh blank (I tried several in case it had to do with faces or link sets) If I apply a texture, wear the item and hit "texture refresh" the texture blurs. This doesn't happen with clothing I made last week or even some items I made 4 days ago. I have completely removed Firestorm and the hidden files and have rebooted and downloaded a fresh install. (it happens in the SL viewer as well.) I am either doing something unreasonably stupid or I have hit some weird glitch that no one else is having. I'll update when the rolling restarts finish.
  16. Thank you for the link. I did try that route before asking for help on the forums. I am not really adept enough at PS to be able to make the adjustments. I spent 6 hours trying to get the back neckline "fixed" and then said, this is a ridiculous waste of time and I am sure someone can do it faster and with less stress.
  17. I did search this forum for other topics first. So I buy mesh blanks and in many cases the creator does not provide an alpha mask. I just recently understood the utility of these for the people using BOM on their bodies. I know the principle behind making an alpha and managed to hack my way into making a very basic one for some high waist pants, but the necklines on some of my mesh that clips thru would take me days of frustrating trial and error to get them to work. It wouldn't be so hard if the mesh blanks followed the exact lines on the UV maps for the body Anyway, is there anyone that does this? (i've inquired of a couple of the creators of the mesh I need alphas for, but some of them no longer log in.)
  18. I was going thru my mesh blanks and discovered that I have some FP items that were sold on the marketplace, but not by the creator. When I double checked the transactions, I find that the store is gone as well. Is this another case of “buyer beware”? Or can I get my lindens back?
  19. Thank you to everyone that replied. I think I figured out what I wasn’t understanding. I assumed that anyone buying mesh blanks would make their own textures to put on them to sell. It never occurred to me that someone might buy the blank and buy textures made for it, put them in a hud and sell it.
  20. Once you have been in SL for a while, you will actually come to bless those venues that limit avatar by age. Imagine trying to got to a shopping event and have it FULL of bots spamming and giving items that will drain your lindens. There is a reason that the sims limit users that are new and that is so that people that have stuck around and invested in their accounts can access those regions without being harassed or scammed.
  21. I appreciate the replies. I think I am failing to make myself understood. I understand how permissions work and that textures need to be full perm for someone to put them in a hud. if I create a texture that I want to sell on the mp, that is meant to be applied to a mesh blank, is there any reason I would not set the permissions to no mod/ no trans? It just seems bad business to set it to full perms since then people could resell it or modify it.
  22. I have an alt that use for those types of things, to make sure my vendors work as expected and permission are correct. I figured I was missing some essential thing since every "clothing texture" that is sold on the MP is full perms. I figured I must be missing something obvious that I couldn't conceive of. All of the textures I see state you can't resell them as is so the person buying them is either using them for their own clothing to wear, or looking at the detailing and shading in order to improve their own creations, unless I am missing something, which I assume that I am.
  23. I don’t recall seeing people just selling the textures when mesh clothing was first introduced or even until very recently.
  24. I normally make textures and place them on mesh blanks that I have bought for sale, but I see lots of sellers selling full perm textures for the mesh blanks. Is there a necessity that the texture be full perm in order to be used by someone? For example, there is a very common "gift skirt" that is sold for a variety of mesh bodies. If I wanted to make a texture that someone could apply to their copy of that skirt, does my texture need to be Full perm? I would really rather not have people be able to modify the textures I make for specific mesh items. For Clarity: When I refer to textures I am talking about the cut out, shaded artwork that is made to be applied to the mesh blanks, not the regular square textures that are used. Thank you in advance.
  25. I showed your post to my hubby (who is better at PS than I am. He said that looks like it may help or solve our issue. I'm going to keep watching this thread and see if anyone has other suggestions. Thank you so much for your time and assistance!
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