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  1. Hi and thanks for reading this advertisement. Purgatory Night Club is currently looking for DJs of all genres, hosts, and hostesses. The club is an adult themed BDSMesque club with something for everyone. All adult avatars are welcome....human, furry, neko, etc ..........although we do ask that you are at least 90 days old when applying. So feel free to message Steele Griffith inworld for an application and to set up an interview. Thanks again for your time.
  2. Thank you for these responses.....will check these all out = )
  3. Hiya all and thanks for reading this. Im currently looking for roleplay of any type that will allow furries or four legged fuzzies. I have various avatars of both and I consider myself a decent role player (although will submit example or what not if wanted). Not picky on genre or if its 'adult' or not either. I check here often as well as inworld.....and I like to think Im friendly *grins*... so feel free to send a message inworld or here. Thanks for taking the time.
  4. Would be extremely tempted to take a look as Ive been thinking this would be fun to RP .....unfortunately I only have furry avis.....good luck though as it sounds cool.
  5. Hmmm good idea. I usually play as a furry so i dont think of joining various family style roleplays but perhaps getting a human form would be a good idea and could give it a shot. Thank you for the suggestion.
  6. These are some great replies and very helpful....thanks to those that took the time. Admittedly i am no RL vet, ironically im a dog groomer by day and SL addict by night *chuckles*, so the idea of researching and/or keeping an informative website up while RPing is a good idea. Thank you again ... much love and hugs for taking the time to help this fuzzbutt.
  7. Hi and thanks for reading this post. I have been noticing lately a lack of folks rping as veterinarians at the various clinics across SL. Id be interested in given this a try but was wondering if anyone could give me some information. For example any special classes i should take, sites to read, etc. Just wondering what the suggested first steps are. Thanks for any help. I can either be reached here or inworld.
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