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  1. Not getting a ton of replies here. Can always try a dating agency in world. Type Dating into the search and there's a few places where you can put up a panel and like people after reading through their notecards. Might be a good place for you to start. Since your thread is getting no love.
  2. Well to get back on track here. The OP is very friendly. You should probably message her in world. She could use more friends. I'm probably boring to be around.
  3. Lol so he chose a SL whore of all people and decided to ask her to be his real life girlfriend? Seems a little crazy. So this guy runs around and has no problems cheating on his real life girlfriends. But is going to get bent out of shape because his SL girlfriend is having pixel sex? Well ***** you. Lol. Lol. SL pimps? Tell me this isn't a real thing. God damn. I should've become a SL pimp years ago. This is by far probably one of the funniest lines I've ever stumbled across in my life. It's so ridiculous and brilliant. Guy should probably be writing professionally. I can picture a guy sitting behind his monitor crying after having pixel sex. However I don't think that it is actually something realistic. You can pay anyone to pretend to like you I guess. But anyway. The lines in this 'story' are ridiculous. I really find it hard to believe that this is anymore then a post to make people laugh. It worked for me. I was dying the first time I read through it.
  4. Surprised that there's so many serious replies to this topic. There's really no way that this is an actual story? This has to be completely made up for a quick laugh?
  5. Well I guess it's always possible. I met my current uh friend on the forums to. Through the Looking for Friends post. I tend to believe in the fact that friendship should come before dating. So more then happy with how that worked. But I can't imagine there's to many guys on the forums having problems finding a partner. Women treat us like prey. It's all about choosing not hunting for men in SL lol. Just sayin!
  6. There's dating agencies in world. Type in dating into your search and there will be quite a few places that you can go and put up a panel and meet all kinds of people. Feel like it's a lot smarter to go that route then try to find someone on the forums. I'm sure there's less people that visit the forums then people at dating agencies. You can also look through the notecards of others and figure out what your perfect fit is. Trust me it's a lot easier then posting here.
  7. I just contacted her. While she was about to go into a game of League of Legends and I am leaving to do real life in a little bit. They seemed more the pleasant to chat with me and I'll certainly be contacting them again when I'm not about to run out. If people are going to group up on the forums and make someone look stupid of course they're going to act like they're trolling and not being serious.
  8. Right. I certainly said that voice chat is an option that people have. It's up to a user if they wish to use it or not. I was certainly one that didn't use it at points on my SL. Working 16 hour nights running fork lift. Being dead tired. Coming on to say hi to some people that I cared about. I didn't want to sit on voice chat and fall asleep and start drooling on myself on SL. I just got told to get a life because I suggested if he wants to find someone that shares RL information then to go find one. Like do you people even read the ***** you respond to.
  9. Oh it's not that at all. Actually everyone in the MC has been really nice to me. I've certainly met a lot of nice people there and no ones done anything wrong to me. I consider myself a very outgoing person. I chat with anyone at any time. After all I was a dancer when clubs were actually full of chatting and having conversations. So never was a shy person. I just might take a bit to open up. And when you go to bike night and you get thrown into 30 people that have known each other for years. It just makes me a bit shy. I'm much better at slowly working my way into a crowd. Plus the person I ran into that introduced me to them is a friend I had on Kaneva. I've known them 12 years and the woman's a saint.
  10. His original post said why do people not share their real life information? No where in this thread did this guy ever say that he demands people to give him their information. For some one that wants to be rude to people that post. You should probably actually pay a little attention here. If you want to be mad at him for being in a group called straight pride. I guess that's perfectly acceptable. Wishing to know information about people shouldn't be shamed on. Do people have to provide him with the information? Not at all. But asking real life questions is not rude. Some people actually aren't afraid to talk about their real life. And if it spoils Second Life being asked real life questions, sorry. But people are going to ask them. It might start with something simple like, so what do you do in RL for work? But then it might become more personal. If you do not wish to share your real life. Then don't. But you shouldn't be mad at people that are curious about it. I totally understand not having a webcam. I don't have one either. I don't even have a cell phone so video chatting is out of the question for me. But does anyone actually not have a headset these days? Like honest question. I haven't heard or seen anyone that uses computer speakers in forever. I thought everyone had moved into using headsets with their computer. Laptops come with built in microphones. I dunno if you can spend hundreds of dollars on a computer, maybe even thousands! Then you sure as hell can purchase a microphone. Just saying. Not that it's required to do so. But that's a really bad excuse. You mine as well just say, 'I don't like to voice chat.'
  11. Lol you guys are more then free to hijack the thread. Things have been going great. I have had a ton of messages come from the forums. I've met tons of new people. This has certainly helped a lot in finding friends. I honestly have trouble talking to everyone now cause of all the responses, and trying to update my avatar. Learning all this new mesh stuff is hard stuff! I honestly preferred the old avatars. But I'm sure overtime I'll get used to it and it'll be a lot easier then before. To the people joking about the flirty part of my post. Maybe it wasn't the best way to put it. I just normally am very goofy and charming. I just didn't feel like myself for a few days. Probably the fact that I was hanging out with biker gang members. No offense to them but they kind of scare me a little bit. Lol. I don't know why y'all are fooling yourselves though. Everyone knows if someone of the opposite gender goes as far as to say 'Hi' to you in a instant message they're flirting. 100%. They want to marry you and have your Second Life family. People need to stop being delusional.
  12. I've noticed since being back in these forums people really like to gang up on people and try to make them look stupid. It's really tasteless and shallow. This isn't the only post I've noticed this in either. I don't know what's wrong with people but answering a question and moving on would be the smart decision. There's no reason to make fun of this guy and take jabs at him for wanting to know the real life gender of his girlfriend or whatever she is to him. She doesn't have to give that information out if she doesn't want to. But I don't think it's to unreasonable to want to know the persons gender that you're speaking with. Does it matter? To some people it probably does. To other people it probably means very little at all. To Mike If this person you're talking to won't open up and share information and doesn't like to voice chat there's little that you can do about it. I would suggest either figuring out if you're okay with accepting the fact that this girl maybe a real life guy. If you cannot live without knowing then it's probably time to part ways with her. No one should be required to share anything they don't want to. I also agree with you. I share a lot about my real life. I am an open book and not shy about anything. But you cannot expect everyone to be the same. Some people use SL for other reasons. There are dating agencies in Second Life that you could go to in search of the perfect partner. I would suggest a partner that uses voice chat. That is normally a question in those kind of notecards. If not you can always ask right away if they'd ever chat on voice or be comfortable video chatting. I wish you good luck. And good for you. It takes a courageous man to admit that he likes boobies and he's not gay. You are a role model for all of us other straight men out there. Don't let these blood hungry women drag us down. They thirsty as all hell. Okay maybe a bit of this post was a joke. But I'm honestly not making fun of you. Everyone should be entitled to enjoy SL in the way that they please.
  13. I just got back after a pretty long absence. I've been known to take them here and there over the years. I don't really have requirements for friendship. I've got pretty flexible hours and I don't need people to hang out all the time. I'm from the east coast of the USA but tend to be a night person. Been throwing messages out at people who have also posted. I enjoy hanging out with other guys as much as women. So dudes can drop by and say hello. Hobbies.... That's a tricky one. Usually always had a partner and some kids running around. So just hanging out with family and friends pretty much. I use SL to chat for the most part. I can't build. Hanging out at clubs is fine. I was a male dancer and a host at many male dance clubs over the years. I have no problem voice chatting with people if they want to. But I'm also cool with just throwing text back and forth. I don't care if you're a guy playing a girl, girl playing a guy, cheetah playing a dragon. I'm LGBT friendly. Don't care about your sexual orientation at all. I'm honestly just looking for friends to hang out and find fun things to do. I used to be a really funny dude. Making people laugh was my game. I been on SL the last couple of nights and I've realized my flirty and funny self might not exist anymore. But hopefully it comes back in time. Okay that's about it. Chat me up if you dare!
  14. Thanks for the link. I had already been through that link and tried those things. I also didn't mean I use skype and Sl voice at the same time. I can't seem to figure it out. Is it worth trying another viewer perhaps?
  15. I am having a problem using voice chat. My voice cuts in and out over and over again and it makes it unbearable for people to want to talk to me. I'm using the updated version of Firestorm. I am on wireless internet which might be part of the reason, but I do not think it would cause this all by itself. It isn't my microphone because I talk to SL friends through skype now. But it is getting annoying trying to make everyone around me download skype and get there names everytime I want to talk on voice. I looked around through google for fixes. Haven't found anything helpful. I'd appreciatte any help I got.
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