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  1. hey Maritan....if you live in Korea then you are very close to my hours....about two hours difference i think)
  2. awwww(( i missed that ....still working...
  3. and me always sleeping when the parties run) time zone is a killer)
  4. fridayyyyyy! wooooo.....eventually! have a great day everyone)
  5. i am always told that i look like mine) same hairs) i have red collie) HAPPY FRIDAY!!!
  6. if anybody want..... IM me please...its great to meet new people...the best thing in SL actually)
  7. hi girls) add me) will be happy to meet with all!
  8. hi Nimue.. ..would love to meet you....dont feel lonely please....we all can help each other...
  9. hello)...me too...normally dont reply...but lust period find myself getting lonely as my friends all now getting busy with their love relationships....would love to meet new friends) always happy to talk and hang out...would be nice to meet people from forum ... and ...my name in SL is Yuzhno....i am from Russia from a very small island.....asian part of it
  10. ohhh same! its true...SL can be cruel (( still cant get used to be alone
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