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  1. I would never use anything except the official second life viewer. I've only used the second life viewer for over 8 years. Best viewer there is.
  2. I seen this video and now this is what i want. Especially this dress. We can get divorced right after but I WANT THE WEDDING! About me - I am 21 in SL! And I can look really hot if you got the lindens.
  3. Yup most times these videos are fake. The "troller" just has friends pretend to be the victum.
  4. Quote "Otherwise researching who actually owns the content, their licences, etc could drive you nuts." It's actually easy. If you want to do a cover of a song you go here: http://www.discmakers.com/products/preparingyourorder/limelight.asp Limelight will look up who owns the rights to any song and tell you what you need to pay to get a license to do a cover of it. Or who to write to get permission to use it.
  5. Music is a work of art an artist creates. The maker of this music, song, art should have the rights to all commerical uses of it. It's up to them to decide how it is to be used and by whom. Movie companies have to secure the rights or permission from the owners of the music to use it in a commercial products such as a movie or product commercial. You might say, well my viemo or youtube little movie is non-commercial. Actually it is since these are web sites and companies who profit from the content. You are basically taking someone elses product, a song, and you are deciding to expose it on youtube or vimeo where anyone can steal the content. You are deciding how the song will be used and where it will be on the web without asking the owner of that song if they are ok with your decisions. Fact is, it is not yours. You can buy the song and listen to it as much as you want. But taking it to make your little movies seem better is not right. If you want music in your videos, make it yourself. Buy a guitar, buy a keyboard... it's not hard. But yea it takes time and work... the same time and work the artist put in to create the songs you are stealing as 50% of your "creation." You can sing the James Bond theme. Heck you can play it on a recorder. Or how bout making up your own theme? It's funny how so many people try to piggy back on others fame and talent and sucess. I'm really curious how people profit on cover songs in videos. I know to record a cover and release it you need a license. These licenses to do a cover are easy to get and cost less than $100 and you must pay a royalty for each cover song sale to the owner of the song... so what happens when a cover is on a video? Do these people get a lisence? Do the pay the owner of the song royalties on youtube views?
  6. Ok you are describing relationships between people. There are so many variables! "Cheaters," people who are married or in serious relationships rl that then look for virtual ones ( to stay virtual or take rl) are one type. Then rl single people who are looking for virtual relationships to keep virtual or to take rl... Then you have people who lie about what they are in real life, sex, age, looks etc... then others that don't lie... share rl pics etc. So it's pretty hard to make a post that makes any sense when you assume all these differences don't exist. One thing is clear though. There's only one type that will work long term. Two people who are single rl and don't lie about their sex or age or looks rl. Every other "type" will end in emotional pain and troubles!
  7. Saying sl is "just a game" is a non-sense statement. There's a huge difference between a "game" like pac man and a virtual user created world like sl. Here's one simple example why second life is not simply "a game." Everyone knows the reason some people enjoy horror movies is they get scared. What they may not know is scientists have proven the human brain does not know the difference between an imagined threat and a real one. At least when it relates to releasing chemicals in the brain. The brain releases the exact same chemicals that trigger emotions and feelings and experiences from imagined fear and real fear. That's the whole reason some people like horror movies because of the rush of adrenalin and other mood changing chemicals that happens when a person watches them. Well scientists also studied virtual worlds. They found out the brain also does not know the difference between a virtual kiss and a real one. The exact same endorphins and bonding chemicals are released in a online romantic kiss as in a real one. In other words, you will be as emotionally chemically bonded to a person by virtually kissing them as you would be by kissing them in RL. Actually this should be as obvious as the horror movie example. If the brain did not release such chemicals, there would not be the huge sexual and romantic industry that exists in sl. There would be no point. Nobody would feel anything from it. The fact it is such a large part of the sl world proves something more is going on than just a "game." Obviously some people feel nothing from horror movies. Also, some people will kiss in sl and feel nothing. This has to do with how much imagination they are putting into it. The more one gets into the fantasy, the more real it will be to the brain and the more real life chemicals will be released. So not all people will have the same immersive experience from a virtual experience like sl provides. If somebody goes into a horror movie and continually laughs and says its not real it's stupid obviously they will feel nothing. That's the position of the original poster. He doesn't feel anything in sl because he continually tells himself its not real. Others that view horror moves or play sl will feel a lot. Everything they would feel in real life.
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