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  1. I was using Singularity and it was great - then it started crashing. I switched to Firestorm and it was great...but then, it became very slow. I am wondering what I should do. The SL viewer is great as far as graphics but it lacks certain features I am used to with the other viewers. Any suggestion on what I should do?
  2. I'm trying to use my F3 key for activating a weapon - drawing a dagger and sheathing a dagger. Does anyone know how to set the F3 key to do this. It seems like no matter what I do in the Macbook settings, the f3 key has a specific pre-set function having to do with the windows. Any Macbook gamers out there that know about this?
  3. About 3 or 4 years ago, when I first started SL, I spent a lot of time and money creating my avatar. Now, people tell me I look like a noob. My theory is that the skins and shapes have improved so much, that even though I got a top notch skin/shape back then, it now looks like a noobie one. I will gladly shell out the Linden to update my skin and shape but here is the problem. I don't want to change my face. I've learned that if one changes the skins and shape, the face will change. Also, my shape is a custom made Brazillian one (I am a big woman) and I'm very happy with it. How can I magically make myself look more sophisticated (the opposite of a noob) and keep the details of my avatar?
  4. @home Treet TV 2.1 - this is what the other TV says under description Video mode [AmericaFreeTV - Comedy-]: Playing (under edit/description, this is what it says on one of my TVs....I have two...
  5. I had a TV in the same condo I live in now. I was able to get old movies and and all kinds of crazy stuff - not just the SL animated programing. Not that I don't like Pookie and her friends - their great! I just would like some more "real" TV options. I've worked with the settings and URLs and all that. Now I'm thinking, maybe it's the TV itself. It certainly is not user friendly! Any nice TV repair men (or women) out there?
  6. I rent a condo on SL. In the past, I had a TV that would play old RL movies and TV shows. The one I have now only seems to play SL broadcasts. I'd like to have more TV viewing options. Is this a function of the condo, the TV or both. I just talked to my land lord and he gave me this TV. When I asked him if I could get more channels he suggested buying my own TV. My question is - how can I get more TV channels and options?
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