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  1. i've seen photos of people getting dressed in the ocean, it's definitely an amusing thought if nothing else. But i ended up renting a skybox afterall, i found one for L$80 that seems to be a part of a fairly active community as well. Problems solved, for now~ Thank you for your reply! :cathappy:
  2. Really just a regular spot to unpack stuff and get dressed with maybe a bit of privacy. I came across a few places when I was new, for example a big castle with a lot of "dressing room" areas where the owner let you join group and unpack stuff. I thought it was a good idea especially for people just starting out, but I haven't been able to find alot of places like that since. It would also be useful if it was a place where people went, as most places I've looked at so far are empty and still have X-mas stuff up, which makes me think no one ever frequents it. I feel like I'm asking after some
  3. Trying to get back into SL, I used to be premium and had a little house on a 512 set as home. Now that I'm basically SL homeless, I need a new place to start up. Would be even nicer to have a regular place to unpack/get dressed. I always hear about people who don't really bother with home-owning in Second Life... so what's a good place to set as a home location?
  4. had to search for *L.inc*, it's near the front of the store. I just picked up a demo last week so I'm pretty sure it's still there ...this SLurl should take you right there http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Luck%20Inc/80/134/22
  5. This is the very first photo I took in game, and it's this picture that got me hooked. I thought I looked so cool <3 (someone directed me to freebie galaxy when i first started, so credit for this look goes there) then I figured out how to use the marketplace/fashion blogs to find freebies & group gifts. New hair, new skin, new everything. I'm only 4 months old, I can't wait to see how a look after a few years!
  6. i have had this exact same problem, but I've never heard the suggestion of hanging around at sporting events. I'm looking into the roller derby thing now, that sounds awesome. can totally relate to that bit about the dance clubs... i love to go dancing in SL and there are so many options for clubs, but it's always really disappointing when everyone is talking in private, except the hosts/promoters who just spam local chat with mess >_< I'm still looking for a good social/dancing club.
  7. i play as an 18 yr old on SL and I'm a college student in RL as well... i'm looking for some casual SL friends that like to just hang out and chat as well. Not french, but i do have an interest in politics, so maybe we would have a bit in common?
  8. i'd love to make some West Coast friends~ feel free to check my SL profile/feed & hit me up if you want
  9. I play as a 17-19 yr old as well, female/pansexual, just trying to meet people to hang out with and get to know. Check out my profile for pics, maybe we would hit it off?
  10. aw i love your style OP~! this is my main... i'm a month old today <3
  11. to answer the original post, deer [& subsequently antlers] are really trendy in conversation on tumblr & twitter, so it looks like the newest hipster trend-animal [like the owl, octopus, sparrow tat trends that have gone by]
  12. one of the things i noticed on my very first day of SL was all the thick avis, full-figured avis, avis with big butts, thick thighs, and big boobs. These are all shapes I admire in RL, so I instantly fell in love. I expected lots of people to create their dream avis as stick thin pale supermodels in costumes. Instead, there's a huge variety of shapes to choose from. All these type of mesh add-ons just contribute to that awesome variety. No complaints here :]
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