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  1. Ok I know there are alternative viewers before you suggest that...what I want to know is why can't SL get their own viewer right? Everytime they send a mandatory update I have to fight it for days and sometimes I just have to use an alternate viewer....BUT....WHY???!!!!
  2. I am so sorry to hear of your unpleasant experiances. I have made a some good friends here in SL that transends the actual SL restrictions. Friends that worry and listen as I do to them. I do hope you the best on your new journey or perhaps just your return to RL only....be blessed
  3. My thoughts exactly....well I think they are....
  4. My bet advice is to give up on on the SLviewer....every update of late has caused problems....I finally got a third party viewer as my addiction to getting on SL was jonesing LOL....Any way Firestorm seems to be closet to the old SLviewer....I hate learning new things but sometimes you are just forced to. Hope you get a viewer that will let you continue to enjoy inworld....take care.......
  5. Same thing happened to me.... I gave up on Linden and got a third party viewer....Firestorm seems to be the closet to SLviewer...we are in a minority of ones that were affected therefore Linden could care less it seems....got to love their forced updates that they can't get right....
  6. I also had the same problem...I'd recomend Forestorm....but back that up with yet anoter third party viewer....
  7. Well it really wasn't a post of any consequences I suppose....more of a venting....and the tree pic was impressive....must agree the cat thing has been WAY over done. Why should I have even been surprised when a company has out grown its' customers to the point they think our needs are no longer relevant to their success? After all we have proven that theory to be a fact time and time again....consider this post resolved. Thank you for your time.
  8. So in other words Linden Labs sent me a , for all the reaction of the update, in essence a virus? Got to love their improvements.
  9. Did SL viewers crash I could not log on with the official SLviewer and it will not reinstall I finally went and got Singularity
  10. If one doesn't have the imagination to emote a good erotic scene it is because they have nevered encountered an eroctic scene in RL....or they are boring....
  11. Ok I have to admit I just scanned through this tread as it was getting all to nasty from the get go....all i have to say if NASA was on here spying i hope they were good looking lady AVI's that were doing undercover work....hmmmm SL gate?
  12. Alas Big Brother is alive and well....and gaining ground
  13. I'm a male in RL....the character is male in SL....I once wondered if it mattered who was behind the female avatar...my character told me it didn't that HE was inworld and I was only tech support....my character said if it looks like a female avatar...then inworld it is a female avatar and nail it. My character is terrible and I try to control him....he just won't listen....what's a tech support guy to do?????
  14. Friends are always good to have....never know when you might need help hiding a body....give me a shout....
  15. if you have differant looks set in your "my appearences" when I'm stuck as a white cloud I click on myself select "my appearences" click on whichever outfit I want to come on as and click replace current outfit. Works everytime fo me.
  16. It's like someone posted. Do you create an avatar to reflect who you are....or does something just spring forth and in essence becomes it's own entity? It's a question I find a little scary and I'm sure different for each individual. In my case the character is not only separate from myself.....but at times it can be controlling....I may just be crazy but sometimes I find myself arguing with the "character". Once my character told me to mind my own business, that what he did inworld was his business and I the Op was only there as technical support for him the character....you know....he might just be right.
  17. Sometimes it's just a glitch with SL....maybe tomorrow because I can't access it today either.
  18. I haven't even been in SL that long but I too know what's it like to lose a best friend. She was a mentor and a teacher...but I didn't learn fast enough for her..and we weren't even cuddle buddies. Still I owe her a debt of gratitude for she taught me some good lessons....hang tough....best of luck on a new best friend
  19. SL is a game and possibly an extension of RL....either way it can be of serious consequeneces....watch your friends closer than your enemies...
  20. wdwalker

    the HUG shack

    HUGS to the wolrd....everyone need a hug
  21. GEEEE I have a house in RL and that's enough to take care of.....think I'll just roam free in SL
  22. Just my two cents worth but I think you look fine.hard to get it perfect.
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