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  1. Hello everyone! I'm a University student in England. I'm currently working on my final year paper about Video Games and their Health Benefits. I'm currently writing about escapism in the paper, and I was wondering if I could get a few of you to answer some questions. Everythings will remain anonymous and I can assure you that this is purely for research methods only. There are a few questions I want to ask, so they are below if you are willing to answer them. It would really help me out a lot! If you don't feel comfortable answering some of them, don't worry, just leave them out. 1) When did you start your Second Life membership? 2) How has Second Life helped you in real life, e.g - have you become more confident, able to tackle challenging situations a lot better, have you been able to rely on Second Life to help you to forget problems in real life etc. 3) How often do you use Second Life? If you could put your age range in the answers that would be really really awesome. Once again, you don't have to, but it will help me out a lot. Thanks guys! Dominique
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