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  1. I'll save you some pain. You won't easily be able to export your BVH and have it compatible with SL. There are manual ways to do it, and I won't get into the technical details here as I'm sure nobody really wants to know, except a few of us, so the easy solution is to use a tool that works, and for your particular purpose that would be for BVH. I do have such a tool that supports volume bones and Bento (if you want to call it that, it's just a skeleton) for translation and rotations supporting all bones and done correctly. If you want to actually do it manually I can point you in the r
  2. Yea, it's not the only game in town anymore. You can contact me in-world, let's have a chat. You do not need a special tool to export "Bento" animations, but you're going to rip your hair out if you don't have one. "Bento" seems to be the running buzz term, but it's just a skeleton, it's not magic.
  3. It was my chipmunk. Chippy eats very loud
  4. Programming Blender add-ons \o/ Wiggling toes. Blinking.
  5. I don't really know what press releases are for but I can imagine that they exclude some predicted negative outcome for other interested parties. With that in mind I have to assume that it may also exclude information that may be a bit unbelievable, even if positive, for those same parties. And, while it sounds like I am optimistic, it's more that I'm not worried. Personally my investment of time in my projects associated with Second Life has proven to be useful elsewhere and any financial investment has been returned to me many-fold. While I would miss Second Life a great deal if it w
  6. I never got to watch all of Medium, way back when, so I'm doing that now. Almost done, am on season 5.
  7. I'm watching Medium now, I never saw the whole thing before.
  8. Oh yea, it gets even better. I love that show.
  9. I watched "Russian Doll" yesterday, it's 8 episodes, a full story. I'm watching "Schitts Creek" now.
  10. I started watching "Halt and catch fire" and I can't stop it
  11. I require 3 coffees for the brain to wake. I am making stuff still, every day. Yesterday I finished part of what I was doing so I can test my doer stuff. Now today I can get back to testing things \o/ I got my coffee *blinks* Here I go, wish me cluck \o/
  12. I got lot of good stuff done now before bed I feel ok \o/ Nothing to complain about. I got air and food and water yap. *cough* almost got air, still working on it
  13. It's a lazy day so far today. I keep my thinker busy with stuff, I try to, usually works. I got coffee that's always good \o/ I feel better when I'm busy. Or.. well. maybe I just don't know what I'm feeling when I'm busy. I don't think I feel as good right now as I did yesterday but once I start getting busy again I'll be fine. I think, maybe. Oh wait, this is my yesterday. My days collided, I slept and woke in the same day. Well, so some hours ago was my yesterday, even though it was really today. *checks time* It's time to get busy again. I'm doing fine thank
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