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  1. Definitely an important point to make and I would never suggest that anyone use it in a commercial setting, without a proper license. Many of use moved to a proper license when we became confident that our ability to use the tool would be consistent.
  2. Your point is well taken, I stand corrected. Well I tried, but I had to hop instead.
  3. And please, like the others said, be kind, do not upload raw MD files without retopo first, it's just mean.
  4. It makes sense that Monstaar isn't aware of a free avenue, many people think there is only one solution so even though 3ds Max's free educational version can be used to tinker with, and is compatible with Second Life specific features, let's put that aside for a moment and, again, address the "single pipe-line" model that so many seem to be preporting as a means for creating and using mesh in Second Life. First, creating mesh, uploading it to Second Life, if it's not skinned, I guess that's not what we're talking about right? Because that can be done with MD. So skinned, mesh, kits,
  5. I've been around a few days and I'm not aware of Blender having excellent tools focused on SL content. Please educate me. I AM aware that Blender is not capable of exporting content compatible with some of Second Life's features, without additional tools. The "free" tools, that I have bumped into over the years are not as functional as one might think and the purchased ones, well, that makes Blender a non-free avenue doesn't it? While it may appear that I'm not a proponent of using Blender it really is far from it, but it does create a "bump in the road" for those new to creating c
  6. Now you are making sense Wulfie, we definitely would like to be able to help someone if they are asking for our help. Often I would suggest to a person to use 3ds Max's educational edition because it is a free learning tool, and does not suffer Blender's downfalls requiring them to purchase an add-on, including mine, in order to start having fun. After some experience with that, it's not difficult to swap tools or even use it in their work-flow. I find 3ds Max to be a very useful tool when comparing output from various kits, Blender tools, and even my very own "Bento Buddy" add-on, for Blen
  7. A person without options uses what's pushed at them. I'm guessing your options have been limited. Is it the general consensus that a person aught to not invest financially in their business, even in their hobby? When I first started out Blender was a contender, and not because it was free. Because of some limitations it was unusable in my work-flow so I landed on 3ds Max. I can appreciate your argument, that Blender is free, but one doesn't choose a tool because it's free, one would hope, but because it's functional. Blender is limited in its function with regard to Second Life
  8. Someone suggested that Blender is effectively required learning before diving into Marvelous Designer *sigh* Telling someone that they need to learn Blender first is suggesting that they hold off trying to learn a vary valuable tool before diving into another one that is unrelated. Blender is NOT related to Marvelous Designer, in any way, and is not required learning in order use, understand and enjoy Marvelous Designer. Blender is not even required in a creators pipe-line to create anything at all for Second Life. When I first started I was using 3ds Max since I purchased it as pa
  9. Even at the time of the creation of this forum post another tool is available called "Bento Buddy", which I'm guessing is ok to mention, even though it is my creation, since others seem to feel free to advertise another product. Bento Buddy is constantly being updated and also exports "fitted" mesh and is the only tool that I am aware of that exports proper dae (collada) files, which can be used in any other sane 3d application. Bento Buddy currently contains a slew of animation tools to tweak your motion, capture motion from other animations and even converts well known characters,
  10. Hi \o Someone suggested that having full permission on a mesh allows you to download it from the servers, which is incorrect. You cannot extract a mesh uploaded by someone else, regardless of permissions, thankfully. However, I have the impression that you're talking about the classic avatar mesh provided by LL, in which case there are many resources available for download, even specifically prepared for Marvelous Designer, including arrangement points. Contact me in-world for download links and more details... ... and, have fun \o/
  11. Hay over there \o When we looked like clowns, and had less options to de-clown, I think we found it more important to be interested in others, rather than our SL appearance. Then there are those that simply don't participate any longer because things have "improved" and the "atmosphere" doesn't support social activities as well, at least for those. I guess that's my opinion of the transition but it doesn't really matter, there's always those out there that are here for various reasons, including making connections. I'm here for various reasons and connections is a good one, and is
  12. I hate horror movies! But I don't judge, I gunna call you anyway haha here I go \o
  13. Hi I'm here. I'm stapled to SL. Shopping, eh... I could do it again I guess. Used to be fun. I like park rides and fun wearables and goofing around, laughing, exploring .. lotta people made fun stuff in SL we just gotta find it. Ok let's go find it \o/ Call me.
  14. Hi .. I could move in, I need a place to put my duck, thank you \o/ Call me, I have a fun phone.
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