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  1. They look like gummy bears yap!
  2. I'm standing around with my fun hat on doing programs.
  3. There's Bento Buddy. Avastar is not the only game in town. Bento Buddy's calculator is full of fun \o/
  4. The BVH exporter in Bento Buddy has always worked and works perfectly with volume bones as well. It also has a accurate anim exporter. Have fun \o
  5. I like my natural duck walk and fun head points. I don't use a AO most times. \o/
  6. I contacted you in world about this. I know it seems like you have a new discovery but there are those of us who have known this for years. If you want more information about the subject then don't ignore my messages. If you're going forward with this then please, by all means, I'll point people to your product as I told you in-world. I'd be happy to stop work on mine and let you handle this issue. At the very least you aught to be interested in picking brains that have been here already. I don't know why you choose to ignore me but, whatever. Well, maybe you didn't ignore me, m
  7. Definitely an important point to make and I would never suggest that anyone use it in a commercial setting, without a proper license. Many of use moved to a proper license when we became confident that our ability to use the tool would be consistent.
  8. Your point is well taken, I stand corrected. Well I tried, but I had to hop instead.
  9. And please, like the others said, be kind, do not upload raw MD files without retopo first, it's just mean.
  10. It makes sense that Monstaar isn't aware of a free avenue, many people think there is only one solution so even though 3ds Max's free educational version can be used to tinker with, and is compatible with Second Life specific features, let's put that aside for a moment and, again, address the "single pipe-line" model that so many seem to be preporting as a means for creating and using mesh in Second Life. First, creating mesh, uploading it to Second Life, if it's not skinned, I guess that's not what we're talking about right? Because that can be done with MD. So skinned, mesh, kits,
  11. I've been around a few days and I'm not aware of Blender having excellent tools focused on SL content. Please educate me. I AM aware that Blender is not capable of exporting content compatible with some of Second Life's features, without additional tools. The "free" tools, that I have bumped into over the years are not as functional as one might think and the purchased ones, well, that makes Blender a non-free avenue doesn't it? While it may appear that I'm not a proponent of using Blender it really is far from it, but it does create a "bump in the road" for those new to creating c
  12. Now you are making sense Wulfie, we definitely would like to be able to help someone if they are asking for our help. Often I would suggest to a person to use 3ds Max's educational edition because it is a free learning tool, and does not suffer Blender's downfalls requiring them to purchase an add-on, including mine, in order to start having fun. After some experience with that, it's not difficult to swap tools or even use it in their work-flow. I find 3ds Max to be a very useful tool when comparing output from various kits, Blender tools, and even my very own "Bento Buddy" add-on, for Blen
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