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  1. Wow, thanks so much for the detailed information. It's a great help!! 😁
  2. I suppose you are right about the risk. I can't thank you enough for ans all my questions. I truly appreciate your time and information you've been a big help and this will allow us to make an informed choice. I got the billing cycle date and put it in my calendar so I can make sure we drop it at the right time. Be Well Always.
  3. Thanks so much. With this said, our concern is the parcel we want my get taken buy someone else. Should we still go for it and than abandon the other one after the billing cycle ends? and how long is a billing cycle?
  4. Thanks, actually our group owns 2048 and we pay 7 a month. We, as a group, want to move to a larger parcel, however, we didn't know if had to abandon the one we are on and just purchase the other one or if it has to be sold. I guess we're concerned if we abandon the one we are on we will loose our 2048 land credit (not sure what it's called). We know if we increase the size we will have to pay more a month, but we're all in agreement on that.
  5. I have a parcel of land size 2048 and want to up grade to the next size. How do I do this? Do I abandon the one I currently have and get the bigger one?
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