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  1. Ethical vegans are "vegan for the animals", which encompasses more than just food. We object to all animal cruelty and exploitation. That includes everything from animal testing, to breeders, to forcing animals to perform, and beyond. Dietary vegans are generally only concerned with eating vegan food and maybe not wearing fur or leather. Could be for perceived health benefits or ethical concerns, or both. Hope that helps.
  2. I've never had my heart broken in SL 'cause I'm too busy messin' myself up in RL. In SL, I just say crazier and crazier chit until the other person runs away screaming. Am I doing it wrong?
  3. A few folks from here have messaged me. Most have been really nice, even the ones who aren't completely vegan.
  4. I was hoping that you were done after sayin' that in private message.
  5. Coffee seems to be the one thing that we all agree on, eh. I mean, is there anyone who doesn't acknowledge the magical powers lying in wait, inside that first cup of coffee in the morning? @Elora Lunasea Have you ever tried 'Beyond Meat, Beast Burger' veggie burgers? They are really good! Much better than the old school soy burgers. In fact, there are alternatives for everything, these days. Just had some vegan cheesecake made by Daiya the other day, topped with vegan whipped cream. It doesn't hafta be all salads and tofu. Thanks for the responses, everyone. -Rosa
  6. I've never added a pic here, so here's hopin' that it works. I'm luvin' the CoCoDoll kid doll right now and all the clothes made for it. So cute! -Rosa
  7. @Orwar You and I might not be able to be friends (with that whole vegan eating thing, and all), but your beard is awesome! Please let him know that I said so. Thanks! -Rosa
  8. Good morning from Wa. State. RLhas finally eased up a lil' with its mad demands on my time, so I'm hoping to make some SL friends and spend a bit more time relaxing. I do generally RP as a tween/ pre-teen character in-world, but I'm not necessarily looking for RP-only friends. Some stuff about me: * Ethical Vegan * Agnostic * Loves to play outdoors * Music fanatic * Pretty sure the blood running through my veins has been replaced by coffee...and demons * Sense of humor often runs a bit dark There's more in my in-world profile in case you're interested. I'm cool with Voice sometimes, as long as you're cool with my roommates swearing and actin' a'fool in the background, most of the time. Thanks for reading and have a good one. ? -Rosa emmarosalie.resident
  9. Western Wa. has dry season, rainy season, and storm season. We do have scattered days of light grey skies and crisp, cool, air, though. Those are my favorite. 40-55 degrees Fahrenheit with light grey skies and enough time between rains that the ground is not boggy.
  10. Thanks for the info. I do have an "Adults Seeking Family" panel at Heritage Adoptions and I belong to a couple of RP groups. I've even talked and hung out with several families. Timezones are the main issue, I think. That, and just finding the right match. I will check out that Medieval sim, though. Thanks again. -Petunia Bloom
  11. Hi, all! Nearly every character I've played in SL, has taken the form of a child avatar. I've been involved in family role play and have met some really cool people. The one thing that struck me though, was the lack of authentic-looking old folks. I mean, even the grandparents -and g'grandparents- are young and often decked out in tiny clothes. To each his own and all that, but I thought I'd give a go at playing an elderly character. So, if you guys know of any families who're looking for an grandma-type character to add to their group(s), please let me know. Feel free to have a look at my profile and message me here or inworld, if interested. Thanks. Name: Petunia Bloom aka emmarosalie.resident Age: 80 something Times online: 10/11 am - 1pm SLT + time in the evenings (some days)
  12. I dunno if the Tweeneedoo body is on the Marketplace. But, it is available inworld at a store called Cute Bytes. You can find the vendor board thing for it, in the same room as skins and heads. Heads from other stores may or may not work with it. Just gotta demo everything. Or you can keep your regular head. Either way. Hope that helps. -Emma
  13. I dunno how to do links on my phone, but if you type "toddleedoo bathroom" in the marketplace search, you'll see some. -Emma
  14. I don't think I paid quite that much for my Tweeneedoo mesh body. Have you looked at those? I also chose to get a mesh head, though. So, add in the clothes and I guess that can add up. For me, it's all fun. But, only you can decide if it would be a waste, for you. There are 2 popular rp, adoption places in-world and a few more that are less popular. Most "parents" in those places seem to be looking to adopt players who rp really young (toddleedoos), but there are teens there, too. Try your luck. -Emma
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