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  1. DIdn't there used to be a rule that profiles had to be G or PG rated? If that rule still exists and her profile is that full of obscenities it might be able to AR the profile itself and skip over the drama issue. Get enough folks and LL might check it out.
  2. I got bit by this myself recently. Set up an entire shop display and while tweaking everything the boxes started to poof. That is when I realised I was in the default viewer and had the wrong group active. Pain in the backside.
  3. The way a Linden once explained it to me was that it was NEVER acceptable to be naked in G areas. The reason being "A dressing room" is only an illusion of privacy. The reality is anyone can cam into anywhere. There is NO real privacyc in SL. We may not like it. We may not think it makes sense. It is just how it is. Now the reality of the grid is, you have to get reported for anything to be done about it. But yeah, someone could report you for being nakie in a G sim if they wanted to.
  4. During my nearly 6 years in WoW I can honestly say Blizzard Customer Support isn't all that great. My average ticket time is approximately 2 WEEKS. I remember when it was a matter of hours but that hasn't happened for me in nearly 4 years. It is usually my luck that I am not online when they do respond so I get a form letter that frequently has nothing to do with my issue. So mileage varies on how good their support is. As for SL Grid stability issues must be #1 and frankly I think anyone should be able to report them and get instant assistance. After all if things are crashing any other problems become moot. The whole premium vs basic argument is just silly. I know many basic people who pay more every month buying L$ than many premium players with tier. Also did you know you can be basic and own private islands? Want to tell me island owners don't contribute monetarily to LL? I really had a problem with the idea when they limited support for basic people way back when. I think that is wrong. I do understand why they did. SL isn't 5k concurrency anymore. They don't have a prayer of keeping up. What the solution is I don't know.
  5. Marianne I do thank you for your ideas but I also think I need to clarify. "As perfect as I can make it" is what I mean. I won't release crap to the wild if I can do better. Which in the end means I bang my head on the wall and take a long time to make anything. Just part of my nature I guess to always do the very best I am capable of. Real perfection is not possible imho but I can keep trying.
  6. How to tell if something is ripped? Fact is you might not be able to. I follow some forums and blogs that are SL fashion oriented and that helps me see patterns of who the established creators are. New creators it IS a risk. I still think new creators should be given a shot however. THe more you window shop the more you will start recognizing what is and isn't ripped. I am in much the same boat having only returned a few months ago. Not going to find Lash hair on the grid these days unless it is on an oldbie like me.
  7. Actually this thread helped me. I am working on a mesh shirt that is pushing 900 vertices now and I have been beating my head against a wall tyring tomodel in fabric folds without a subsurf. Sounds like I can go ahead and use one and not be totally outrageous. Thanks
  8. Years ago my origional land was in a G rated sim. I too wondered about this question so I asked a Linden (yeah you could IM them back then). What I got told was that nudity was NOT allowed in G rated sims. Period the end done. Always wear undies and you will be fine. As he put it even someone upskirting you can report you if they don't find undies. The caveate though is someone has to report you. There is no automatic OMG you are not wearing clothes insta report without another residents intervention.
  9. The problem though is there are people who just will not put anything out until it is as perfect as they can make it. One thing none of us can know is what skill set a newbie enters SL with. For all we know they do 3D in RL and doing mesh for SL is kicks and giggles time. Their stuff would by definition be a cut above what is expected. I am an old avatar but I was never a creator until recently. I won't put anything out for sale until I am satified it is as perfect as I can make it. Attitudes that say if you are not known I won't buy or if its too perfect I won't buy just are a slap in the face. The no demo = no buy however is entirely fair I think
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