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  1. Hi Kwakkelde! I totally agree with you, expences shouldnt be my leading factor, good point there! Thank you all guys so much, you shaded some light and I am more confident now and I know what I have to do. Hugs!!
  2. Hello Syle and thanks for the reply :-) This is a sculpt model that I started creating it in Sculptris (it works with triangles only) then I continued working with it in Zbrush as I didnt had the money to purchase the software before, Sculptris was free :-) Also I had to Decimate the Mesh a couple of times to reduce the polycount as it was close to a million and that proccess makes everything triangles anyways. I like to not have limits when I creating something, is more fun that way for me but yes unfortunately I have to take the hard path later and retopo it :-P Is by choice. Thanks for the link, I just dont know how important is for SL since the default mesh avatar is triangulated too and for such less polys it works fine when animated, not perfect but I believe if more polys there then it could be much much better with less stretched textures at points that the body bends. I'm about to retopo it if noone else gives me a good reason to not, just want to make sure before, I hate to have questionmarks in my head! :-P Thank you so much again!
  3. Here are two images of the head so to show you guys... This is the Triangulated one and I can achive really low polycount if it is just Tris (this is not a low poly though) and this one is some retopo Ive done turning some into Quads but I want to know if it is really necessary to keep working on it as its time consuming. There we go! :-)
  4. Hello guys; I am currently creating a female mesh avatar and need some info please. I am wondering if its necessary to retopologize it to be animation friendly or just leave it as it is and not to care about how the topology flows. Also what would be the ideal polycount the avatar should have? An aprox number, so to be smooth and also not as expensive to upload. And actually is there any limit as to how many polys can be uploaded? Cons and prons. Thanks in advance.
  5. Thank you Cinn! I just finished talking with them and they told me to submit a ticket:) How nice! lol I hope they will find the solution.
  6. Hello everyone; I am really frustated by this Error each time I try to add my VAT ID. The error I am getting is this: "We are unable to complete your request. Vat ID verification service returned with unexpected error." So I am wondering the reason why because all this preventing me from opening my SL buisness. My country of residence is Greece so I am adding the prefix GR with my 9 VAT ID digits - nothing... I try the EL prefix instead... - again nothing, same error. Now you might wonder your self why I didn't called the billing office.. Well, the number that is published on the web page is this: 703.286.6277 BUT they do not mention where the office location is so to be able from my side to discover the actual state/city code! I've tried California-San Fransisco but it says: "We are sorry but the phone number you trying to reach has been disconnected or does not exist". If anyone know what is the code or a guess why I see this error I would really appreciate it. It seems like that the only solution would be to speak with them.
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