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  1. Re-opening the dialog of this topic now that BOM is live on the grid. As I write this, SLink has created the Redux body that is for BOM use, TMP Legacy has BOM built into their standard HUD, and Maitreya has released a relay. I'm not sure where male mesh bodies are in this change, but for the sake of the discussion, I'm just going to inquire about BOM layers in general. Previously if you wanted asymmetry on your arms, you would have to apply the tattoo to your body on the tattoo layer and the underwear layer and just use your body's hud to hide one arm on each so that both could be visibl
  2. Thanks @Rolig Loon! I viewed that page and didn't think anything of the term "Listing Enhancements". Now I know. Thank you.
  3. I'm looking for where and how I can get a product on the homepage of marketplace on the Featured Items list. After some quick searching I don't see this answer anywhere so I'd appreciate someone to point me in the right direction.
  4. I was on Second Life just fine, like normal, then when changing an outfit, the hair wouldn't load, so I wanted to try a simple relog. That was 4 hours ago and I still can't log back in! The load screen reaches the final stages of 'Loading World' when it just freezes, making me force quit the application. I have cleared cache, done a complete restart of my modem, checked that all my settings are in order, restarted my computer to make sure it adjusts to the new connection after the restart of my modem, try to log in, and Nope. Very frustrating, and thank God I just paid my inworld rent otherwis
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