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  1. Adult 1024 for sale http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tariah/102/35/71 5939 5.8 per m2 2048 for sale http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tariah/146/80/75 11,879
  2. I have lived on mainland for years now too, Since my first avatar actually. My first one was made back in Dec of 05 but I do not use her anymore because she is still partnered to a lovely man that died in real. Anyway the reason I am writing here now is I was wondering if anyone on mainland like me have had problems with afk clubs on Adult mainland.. A few years ago I had issues one that keep having over 20 avatars on their small 512 parcel in my region i put in a complaint and so did a few other people since they had properties in the same region. LL shut them down due to over usage of resources. Its two years later now and another one has opened up in the region this time they are not land owners but renters of one of the big landowners in sl that rent out land to people that cannot buy land. Anyway there have afk bots on their small parcel 27/7. A few of us landowners in the region cannot even have friends over. I own about a 10,752. so I should at least be able to have a few other avatars there beside myself. but I can't because there is a limit to the number of agents to a region. Does anyone know what I can do as I have made tickets and it seems like no one is listening anymore I have my home and my store on the land and my work shop. the lag is so bad that things take forever to rez because of all the resources that are being used by the afk parcel.. I would appreciate if anyone has any ideas on what to do I have lived on the same region since 10 and really do not want to move but since ll does not seem to reply to me on what they are doing or going to do. I almost feel like giving up and quitting since i can not even make things since i cannot see my textures for hours after uploading them. I have no problems in other areas and did not have any problems before this afk place moved in. any ideas as do not want to move also a few other land owners are with me on this trying to figure out what we can do. to me afk places need to be on their own sims not on mainland as its like someone using bots for traffic
  3. I thought I would let everyone know what I did and what happen. First I went on live chat and spoke to someone there. They in turn told me to go to the sim and take photos of afk avatars on the small parcel, along with gyazo photos of the map and how the person had built upward to she could fit so many afk spots on her small parcel. well, its took only 1 day after submitting my AR to LL and no more max agents on that small parcel. when I wrote the AR I told them I do not mind the afk place but just wanted this person to respect other parcel owners. When I come on each day now there are only 10 avatars on her parcel. 2 days later another person with a smaller parcel 512 had max agents so I wrote this person and said to him that I did not complain to ll and ar the afk place just so he could put up bots. which I said to him after I went and got photos and gyazos of them on different platforms at different levels on his land. I told him he had 24hrs to remove them before I would report him for unregistered bots. within 10mins of me writing to him all the bots were gone and so was he. I guess all it does take is a squeaky wheel. I did not ar him but I believe he removed them because he did not want a report filed on him I will continue to watch my region on mainland and AR anyone that uses the resources like that.
  4. I rarely write on these forums but as of late I am having issues with one of my neighbors filling up the sim with her afk sex avatars. I so wish that there was a parcel limit on mainland as sometimes my friends cannot even visit as I live above my clothing store and I have owned my land a long time sometimes I wonder is it really worth my monthly tier fees to even have the land anymore but I do love making stuff and doing hunt items for people. I do agree with you Fredrick there should be a limit according to parcel size. Maybe not as extreme as only 2 avatars for a 512 but one parcel should not have the max amount of agents on it so others cannot use their own parcel.
  5. Thank you all for the help and I am now working on another set of them.
  6. I do have a demo for the item and the demo is 0ls. I have demos for all my items that I have been putting up since 2017.
  7. I have just started reading this forum. I have only been making and texturing clothing a few years though I have been in sl awhile. I don't get many reviews but recently I had a man request something on one of my items. When he didn't like that I would not give him a copy,mod version and offered him additional 5 with a hood alpha out for the same price. He left a bad review of one star and then wrote how someone could just buy the mesh themselves and put in a direct link to the full perm mesh item. I have read the rules of reviews and flag the review now but I don't know how long it will take for the review to get removed by LL. I am a small store and the item was actually one of my best sellers and I have not sold another one since this man left the review. Is there a faster way to get ll to look at a review where someone has put a direct link leading people to another item?
  8. Lar's Castaways is hiring Now Hiring Djs and Dancers. We are striving for a 24/7 team of DJs and Dancers for Lar's Castaways. DJs must voice and need to be over 90 days. 100% tips and we are a strip the dj pub with dancers so if that offends you please do not apply. Djs will need their own stream. Come and join our fun lovin team. Our grand opening is on the 29th but you are welcomed to stop on by anytime. //Waffles Weezlepops http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Stellina/165/54/21
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