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  1. I made 3 parcels and set each for sale.. one is a 1536sqm one is a 512sqm one is a 2048sqm
  2. Here are some photos of the views green is the land included and the middle part (with the house isnt part of the parcel) but a tiny part behind connects the two sides to form a 4096sqm
  3. 512sqm Ocean View Parcel for sale 12k http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mangakino/10/4/22 175 prim
  4. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kaunis/95/91/70 Parcel wraps around both sides Please have a look!
  5. Thanks Lindal, has been checked.. in the new release notes on the latest firestorm viewer it states they “added an option to filter by permissions” however it seems to have filtered out entire folders randomly appearing blank. I went back to the previous version of firestorm and do not have that issue anymore and the sl viewer doesnt as well.
  6. I am having this issue too majorly since newest firestorm empty folders which should contain objects/items. It must be a glitch within fs itself.. when i log into sl viewer all objects appear in said empty folders.. be careful! (not to delete these not really empty folders) I have read the wiki on firestorm inventory but i think its in the viewer end if it functions fine on the sl viewer which i dislike using especially to see my inventory in its entirety. I hope a fix will be in place soon
  7. Anyone else having an issue on FS after you list an item for the first time and check active, you have to manually click the folder/item list so it will list successfully and disappear from unlisted items?
  8. Hi there GuillemDeFollet! You mentioned you had group notices unchecked, wonderful! but do you also have group ims unchecked? also check subscriptions you have have from shops which most claim to not take groups but their communications to you could be contributing to it. your first statement though about logging in/out for one second and seeing that message pop up.. If I checked all else I would file a ticket with LL and see if they can assist.. seems glitchy.
  9. It is of my opinion that it looks horrible, doesn't go together. It also makes the person look like they are half invested in their avatar to put it nicely. As I said earlier if you don't want to go mesh, all system or all mesh look the best.. Let me put it this way.. would a 70 year olds body look wonderful with a 22 year old head?
  10. a few off the top of my head.. mesh body and system head. all system is fine and all mesh is fine. when estate changes price per week without notice to much complexity in avatars
  11. i am expecting exactly what i saw at the reveal.
  12. hahahhahahahahah facepalms oh how true this is though thanks!!!!
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