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  1. Goto LindenDollars.co.uk To Complete Online Offers / Surveys To Earn Instant Free Lindens!
  2. I can build you one! Just IM me inworld! Will personally texture it with your style too.
  3. ADVANCED LSL SCRIPTING, BUILDING, TEXTURING JUST IM ME! We have recently built and scripted a mesh hummer and tank for examples.
  4. Simple Phantom See thru box with a script inside that checks if this visitor as entered a key if not kick
  5. I have created and helped build many military items for SL some things are not simple
  6. I have some friends who could help Just IM me inworld
  7. Wow, i can have a scripted animated mesg tank track done in around 10 minutes, also i can build and script tanks and cars and various other things if you need any help
  8. Hello There, You can simply build the prim tracks outer shape that matches your tracks shape and have a texture move on it when your press drive. For More Details, Feel Free To IM Me Inworld For Any More Help Needed.
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