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  1. Hey Maestro. I'd like to point you towards BUG-3990 My Helicopters and some Fixed wing aircraft got affected. I also get reports from the Sailors that things are getting wonky on their end. Generally i tend to say that the problem looks like the buoyancy setting and/or the mouselook steering gets badly affected.
  2. I am a contributor to the jira myself and like Innula pointed out, the JIRA is a great source for known bugs and workarounds to them. I simply cannot understand this move and i find it quite discouraging
  3. I am not particulary worried about how LL will deploy this set of functions or how to revoke it the permission given. But more on what exactly this will include. Teleportagent is one thing. Thats great and awesome in itself. But lets talk turkey. Lets say we want Players not to access their minimap (so in combat games they need to LOOK and not stare on their minimap to shoot an opponent) or Want them to display a certain windlight setting (like darkest night) without them able to change that back. Lets assume some game developer want to hinder them use their camera, so they cannot cheat-look through walls. Small examples that make a difference! All these functions are basically allready in RLVa. The problem with RLVa is that it needs to get installed into the standard viewer and that its "tainted" as it got developed and mostly used by the BDSM community.
  4. I recently got aware that pishing got really bad in SL these days. Several friends accounts allready got hacked through pishing attempts and all i can do is raise awareness through my groups about the matter. The problem is obvious. There is too much unedjucated "panic"-creation inworld and and far too less real awareness raising on the problem (and how to avoid it) I'd be interested to hear how you raise awareness in your vicinity and your ways to avoid getting pished yourself. Lets make this threat gain more attention inworld too, as this is appearently a really bad problem nowadays.
  5. Ich poste das mal bei Torben. Aber ich danke euch allen. Natürlich ruhe bewahren und mute/AR sicherlich die beste methode. Trotz ale dem nicht immer einfach das immer alles "zu schlucken". irgendwann geht es doch unter die haut. Ist zumindestens bei mir der fall. Und wenn konstante ARs nichts bringen fühlt man sich schon "verlassen". Ich wrde mir mal den link von dir durchlesehn Torben. Danke nochmal
  6. Ich kenne einen Avatar inworld der anscheinend soziale Probleme hat oder sowas. Ich bin nicht das einzige Opfer. Da sind ganze Gruppen betroffen die getrollt werden/wurden Ein AR hilft in der regel wenig. LL's Politik ist es ja das Accounts seperat abgehandelt werden (soweit ich weiss). Was mache ich nun aber wenn jemand ganz bewusst diese Lücke ausnutzt, nen Alt macht um dich dann heimzusuchen Sicher kann man den mute button drücken. Aber mal ehrlich, wenn man den drückt weiss man doch wieder nur das die Person nen neuen alt macht um dann wieder zu kommen. Das kann keine Lösung sein! Hat jemand Anregungen?
  7. Okay this is hilarious really. I sell classic and modern jet fighters mostly. I do take the history of the airplane from wikipedia (!) And exactly that part flagged jets in my inventory adult. Jets which can be flown by 12 year olds on other platforms? Sorry guys. Get your stuff right please!
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