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  1. Personally? This is THE most reasuring news I could have heard. Why would I -as a user- just want another "version" of what we already are capable of. Restrained by the limitations of what we currently have. I dont care about how 'hard"/long it takes the inpopulation creators to figure out how to make their profits. They are THEIR profits. And I'm sure they or someone else with figure out how to make the goods. What interests me is the opportunity virtually live at a level and with capabilities that we have not seen yet. To go farther than we have. I want a "NEW" world. Not an upgrade on th
  2. Its not Egypt specifically but takes place in a middle east-ish and antiquated type location (blacksmiths, wearing cloaks, nomads). The rp is called "Kingdom of Sand" secondlife://KoS/128/128/30 It has a very good story and setup as well as a population with a varied demographic (nomad vs city dweller vs political entity etc) . Lots to learn about that city and places within as well as without its walls to explore. I would call it a stable rp in that it seems to have kept the same address over time. It also has its own money system within , housing, and health meter (and not the kind that s
  3. Interesting post. I was drawn to it cus it very much sounded like something I would have posted once. I would say, how much or how little "real" you are is up to you. You cannot wait for someone else to tell you "its alright to be someone else". Instead "just do it". Post something on your profile like "It's ALL roleplay" or "!st life? What's that" on the 1st life tab and have at it. Tell about who it is you are in sl on the sl tab just like you would if that were your rl. Dont compromise when you talk to people. Dont be pushed outside what you've said on that sl tab. Just live it. A good pa
  4. Part of your rp. If the character or personae is stoic, or conservative, or even just large busted, and wants to play up /accentuate that fact, "details" like an underwire bra, or girdle (who's fat in sl?) can draw out that trait.
  5. what hair is it? I've run into this photo enough times and asked enough people that I'm cross eyed lol. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Inclination-Sassy-Dress-Paisley/5176429
  6. Thanks ALL . A combination of input solved the problem lol.
  7. hey all , I have an av that was wearing a swimmer ao and the pose stuck. When out of the water, remains the same. I detached the ao and used "stop animations" , but its only a temp fix. Goes back to the same pose when logging in OR tping . I stripped off everything I was wearing , no difference. I do notice however that I cannot get the avatar character test to work. I've relogged, cleared the cache, undeformed, even reinstalled the viewer I'm using. Any insight?
  8. I thought that only people OVER 18 in rl were allowed to play child avatars? Or has this changed.
  9. /is out looking up ways to kill things that are dependent on water. I'm in. But you knew that X)
  10. This is actually two different hairs that I own stacked on top of one another lol. I love the look tho. Is there a hair out there, tango friendly, that looks like this.
  11. I have that happen. And its not the brand of hair you bought. ALL of em do that so keep your Ls. I would love to see a solution to it
  12. Oh my gosh. Wow. Ok , deep lesson lol. (shaking my head at the things some people will do to sell stuff)
  13. I just want to understand how its possible. I saw this ad/product on the mp https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/A-Full-SIM-for-only-L1499-per-week-Total-Privacy/4539319and I just want those that know to explain to me how its possible to get/have a sim for this price. What really is going on?
  14. Similar values.To be naturally in synch , not trying to match or meet one another. Easy to be yourself, you dont strive to adjust yourself to appease. Just exactly as you are "fits". If physical/material tastes and asthetics can be thought of as manifested in the choices people make about their avatar, then whatever is a "good looking" avatar to you; be it dress, physique, or whatever . Manners. Respects me. Converse easy with each other. Feels good when neither talks. Some feeling of trustworthyness.
  15. To tango or not to tango...that is the question. I own tangos. Personally I think they are beautiful. The same way that I think the female body and being one is beautiful. HOWEVER, in rl and in sl I see the public at large act as if what's prefered is when females more closely resemble males in the shaping of their bodies and males resemble females in the dressing and adornment of theirs . Maybe its a "these days" type of thing. To find clothes that a moral and relatively conservative woman would wear with appliers IS possible. I know because I was one who was appalled and disgusted with muc
  16. The truth always wins out over lying. And if its the REAL truth odds are he won't want to draw it out. ex. "nice" truth -"I just dont feel happy" "REAL" truth- "Our relationship makes me unhappy enough that I dread logging in at all ". You've talked about it before. Its not like your dissatisfaction is "a surprise". Be straight forward. Act like you're talking to an adult not someone who can't hear the truth. Also, you're TELLING this person you're leaving. Not "asking"; a lot of times it seems like the person doing the breaking is waiting for the listener to say "ok" . Not necessary
  17. Awesome! Thank you very much Nova =)
  18. I remembered THIS info http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Your-Avatar/How-do-you-get-rid-of-the-default-hard-stomach-Firestorm-file/m-p/1814771/highlight/true#M25248 and wondered if that was still the stuff to use since server side baking and all the new viewer changes? I'm on firestorm.
  19. I remembered THIS info http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Your-Avatar/How-do-you-get-rid-of-the-default-hard-stomach-Firestorm-file/m-p/1814771/highlight/true#M25248 and wondered if that was still the stuff to use since server side baking and all the new viewer changes? I'm on firestorm.
  20. Syo Emerald wrote: And this will always be the case, because guessing aditional information because of age is always about sterotypes. That being the case, what is there to gain from her disclosing it BUT those stereotypes, even when in direct contradiction to who she might be (as you yourself experienced/said). People ask for age because they want to build onto their idea of the personae presented. If it is her wish not to be in a rl situation then I see nothing to be gained except her feeling bullied and more than likely the inquiring party's mental image being blown by their own
  21. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Little%20Cat%20SouthWest/108/70/23 Not a marketplace link, you'd need to copy/paste it on your address line inworld and go there. They may very well have a mp store, but I dunno.
  22. Josephina Bonetto wrote: [snipped] I like a chilled out environment where the music is good and the people can construct a sentence that is not generated by a gesture trigger.[end snip] What she said! I love club music as much as the ballroom stuff, but steer clear of the clubs due to the brain-twisting, gesture-bating that goes on in most. It sucks to only want to hear club type stuff at home or some place private or even in an empty club due to that but I'd rather it than the "hoooooo"-ing and "thats my song" and taking up 9 chat panels to draw fingers out of asterisks or whatev
  23. Ok I couldn't help it lol I had to post, your spiel rocked lol. ....not reading A Song of Fir and Ice tho.....or know who Neil Gaiman is ...... and I dont know if I'm crass enough.....maybe I'm one of your "peripheral" friends. Holler if you need adds.
  24. Every so often I've had yellow triangles randomly appear over some mesh part or another. If the item is detached, its forever after invisible to me and I have had to scrounge up the original if I still had it (does everybody really keep TWO of everything?) Please tell me theres just a way to fix the part I'm wearing instead of repeatedly looking for the original (assuming I can even find it).
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