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  1. Hello! I'm trying to build up my character at DE, however it's hard for her to find much interaction as people seem intimidated around her or they just ignore my attempts at RP. I'd really like to be able to flesh her out more as she works her way up at her job. But I don't want her to be working 24/7! If anyone is interested in perhaps slowly getting to be her friend, enemy, sibling, valued customer, whatever, please reply here or IM me! Thanks ^^
  2. Hello! I'm trying to build up my character at DE, however it's hard for her to find much interaction as people seem intimidated around her or they just ignore my attempts at RP. I'd really like to be able to flesh her out more as she works her way up at her job. But I don't want her to be working 24/7! If anyone is interested in perhaps slowly getting to be her friend, enemy, sibling, valued customer, whatever, please drop me a NC (as my ims get capped for some reason??). Thanks ^^
  3. The reason I decided I wanted to be a child avi is because I wanted to stay away from the more explicit parts of sl, which can be a pain if you wander around in a sexy (objective) avi. Who knows I might just grow up to be a cat. Anyhoo~~ when I was little I was always chubby, so by second grade I had to wear a bra, and when I got older and puberty hit I lost the baby fat but not the chest fat, so puberty kinda just overlayed on what I already had, which made the issue worse. Now I've got DDs and it really upsets me that I cannot find any clothing for flatchested or smaller chested avis (for if/when I grow Ave up). They might be nice to look at but they are a pain (literally) and I don't want to make my avi look like me in that way because that's something I never really liked. That, and I'm not looking for the attention. So when I see teen avis (rp'd not actual rl teens fyi) wandering around wearing unfortunate clothing choices for their ages (I'm not going to police you 18+ ladies rock those minis) I just kinda deflate and wonder if they are wearing that just because they never could when they were that age? Or if they feel that's how teens dress nowadays? (not if they want to stay in school) It's been a while since I was a teen, but all the girls I knew wore jeans, tennis shoes, and cute blouses. Not these skin tight dresses with boob windows and thigh high boots. There's a line there they are passing every time they claim an rp age of under 18 and prance around like that. Same for you boys, though. What's with all the shirtlessness? You're 16, nobody wants to see your puberty muscles put those away. Oh and all the underage tattoos. Why. well this post got away from me sorry
  4. Hello! I am a child avi (currently 10, turning 11 on Halloween) and I've encountered no ill will towards myself or my sister so far. I admit I'm fairly new here, but I've got a long time friend in sl and he's been helping me with things, and one of the things he said to me when I told him I wanted to rp as a kid was 'be careful, people are going to be mean to you'. Which is really strange to me because everyone has been so welcoming and helpful when I've had questions and when I found myself someplace I shouldn't have been, the ims I got where more along the lines of 'hey, might wanna change - don't want you to get kicked/banned!' Though I can see why people are annoyed with kid avis. I'm annoyed with kid avis half the time. The baby talk is dumb. If you've been around kids like seven and older they try to talk super fancy to sound smarter and older. They don't anyways use words right or realize what they are saying (regurgitating what parents say), but it's clear they are learning and they want to 'grow up'. Then you've got the 'orphan brats' who claim they because they don't have parents they have to be bratty. No, if you don't have parents you'll be in a foster home or orphanage and if you're bratty there you're gonna get tossed around to different homes. I guess the bratty kids want to be able to get away with being a jerk but they don't want the consequences an adult would face. I think it's interesting tho, that other people treat kid avis like children. Even if they don't mean to. They talk to you differently even if you're just out shopping (which I do often - I'm self sufficient /shopaholic!!).
  5. Oh gosh thank you all so much for the tips! I'm going to slowly use all of them soon! @Tamara - I'm going to have to try that next time. Usually my issue seems to be I'll take a pic and not know the bg I want till way later But I'm going to give that a try and see if that helps~ @Coby - I'm totally DLing that plugin asap. It looks awesome. TY! @Madelaine - I actually use that tool at my job! I do a lot of cutting out of folks for things and usually transplant them onto a premade bg and it helps to have their hair more natural looking. I tried doing that in the pic above, but the wisps would not cooperate! - I went on location this time to save from hair cut outs. Also because I wanted to play around with shadows and things and see what sl could do if I just stood still and didn't move, haha. (and also because I was dressed for the occasion~) this is a combo of sl deciding shadows and me drawing in shadows - I grabbed multiple shadings (and no shading) in the same spot and just layered everything over and masked what I wanted and what I didn't want. Now that I look at it, it's a little dark :B also the blur is my own add in because I tried to do the built in bg blur but it was crazy o-o
  6. When I signed up I wasn't directed to any welcome area. I was just plopped somewhere scary with a lot of people and I went someplace else. Luckily I had a friend helping me or I'd be lost.
  7. Meanwhile Google is looking like this today~
  8. I think you're confusing form vs function. Let's take a simple chair, for example! This chair was created more for comfort than anything and has a simple yet pleasing shape. This chair is functional for its created purpose. However, it was still designed by someone, and design is an art. This chair, while still called such a thing, had moved on from its original purpose and is now more of a sculpture. This chair has turned into purely form design. You can't really sit on it. This was also designed, and is also art. Then we have this bench, which still very easily performs its intended purpose (you can sit on it), however it has still been elevated to something more of an art form than a simple bench design. It is both a functioning piece of furniture and also a sculpture. It is art. Your teapot, while unfortunate, was not designed as something with no function in mind. It may have been poorly designed, and therefore both useless and annoying, but it was still made with the idea that you can use it. A teapot made out of wicker, for instance, would be form and not functional design. However, both are still art. And who do you think makes the sketches for the good, yet ugly, cars? Just because they aren't up to current standards aesthetic wise (even tho all cars look the same nowadays) doesn't mean it was just poofed into existence. There was still design and thought put into it. And thus, the car is still a work of art.
  9. Oh gosh thank you soooo much!! I was getting sick of the jagged lines aack That expression thing is my fav and I'm so happy you linked that c: Okay so I tried to do this with a greenscreen bg since well it seemed to make sense for cutting out avis (I didn't feel like using the pen tool /lazy) and um the whispy parts of my hair still showed up green no matter what I did after I got rid of the bg >-< SO since that was a pain I just ignored it and kinda, fooled around with shading and tossed some silly bg in for kicks. Then I had to come back to that hair. I got the green a little less noticible and eventually just tossed the whole pic into SAI so I could draw in the hair over it omg Is there a way to like, not have that issue (whitescreen instead??) so I don't have to tear up my pic and eventually just draw over it anyway? also cropped raw & 'finished' pic for ref~~
  10. Seriously! I mean challenge to all of you reading this. Look literally anywhere. ANYWHERE. Just look in a direction, even if it's a wall. Seriously. Now tell me, who designed it? How was it decided to be made? Who did the sketches for it to be made? How did the colors get chosen? How did literally anything you own get made? BECAUSE ART If you think your cars and houses and furniture and cool gadgets just appear out of thin air I have something to tell you. haha
  11. I have very bad depth perception and a condition called 'afraid of the ball' so I was never fond of PE (tho I did like running on the track, but not doing the mile that was gross omg). So usually I'd get away with not doing much by befriending the teacher and just...talking to the teacher during PE time, haha. Also I think I said earlier but art programs in schools are always underfunded to begin with. I can't remember an art teacher I had who was not forced to buy supplies via their own money. One of my teachers in HS just said 'to hell with this' and built a shelving unit in his room and decked out the place with drying racks and bought gallons of paint and let us have at it. He'd bring in these huge boards from home depot for us to use as canvas. Good times.
  12. Okay I've heard of Willowdale. Is it very active? edit: I went and looked around it was pretty cute and the classes seem fun.
  13. My sister and I are 10. ^^
  14. Monica Querrien wrote: How do people sign documents without writing in cursive? I even heard that some schools cut out phys ed. By writing their name in a super messy false script. Pretty much my signature is First letter -scribble- First Letter -scribble-. Works well enough! Ehhhh idk about that. Schools (at least upper level ones) are always super big on their sports teams (At least in US) and cutting PE would ruin the kid's chances at getting better and beating other schools. Schools usually grab money from the art and music programs before anything else.
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