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  1. Primary and secondary, preferably in english/french style
  2. Hello everyone I was just wondering if anyone knows about a good RP school? There used to be so many of them and after Northcrest High was cancelled I can't find anything like it. Or is there anyone who's planning to make one? Thank you and have a great day!
  3. Thank you so much, I'll check them out
  4. Hello everyone ♥ I have a fifteen year old role play avatar and I'm looking for a good AO for her. I've been looking for one a pretty long time but every AO I try seems to be too...sexy and mature. The thing is, Ellie is a sweet and innocent young lady and I'm looking for something neat, elegant yet young and playful. Does anybody have an idea, or know about a product with bento hands animations I could try? I'm clueless. Thank you and have a very nice day! A.N.: Here's Ellie's profile picture just for you to know how she looks like and what I mean.
  5. Hello, I've got a problem. Im under 18, i know it, but i can go only on general sims. I've got a toddleedoo avatar and lot of families have got a home on moderate sims.. Can you do something, with my profile? I really wanna go in my friends house and find a familly.. :( Thanks..
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