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  1. I have a gacha re-sell store and I could point out at least three store that are selling copybotted gacha items. Yes, it's POSSIBLE that I'm wrong, but I'd be willing to bet my store on it. Anyone that pays any attention to the gacha market could pick them out after a while. (Spotting copybotted gacha items is far easier.) I have contacted a few of the creators and they seem universally uninterested in the copybotting. All of them told me some variation of, "It's too big a hassle to have it taken down and, even if I did, they would just open a new store and do it again." This is an issue that will never be resolved because the only people that could resolve it, the content creators, don't seem too interested in it. About the only thing that most of us could do would be to buy one of the items and then leave a review saying that it's ripped, copybotted, whatever.
  2. I could point out at least three Marketplace stores that are OBVIOUSLY selling copybotted items. No one cares. Even though the offenders are blatant, Linden Labs doesn't care - unless the content creators complain. (In any event, LL is getting commission on the sales - regardless of whether the content is stolen or not.) I have brought these examples to the attention of a few of the content creators and they don't seem to care either. Most of them just said it was too big of a hassle to have it removed and the people doing it would just open a new store and do it all over again. If THEY will not prevent people from stealing from them then what good do you think you can do? Best advice - don't waste your time.
  3. Danika has some great schoolgirl uniforms, as well other other stuff. It's where I got mine. Great textures and details.
  4. totally agree. right now mesh is still new. it makes up a small minority of clothing options, it can be complicated (especially due to the lack of a deformer), customer support in some stores is limited to "try the demo first", and, as she said, the movement is limited. there's also the problem that you often times can't layer mesh. i think there's still a lot of room left for the older methods. as for how it looks, i buy dresses from what is widely considered one of the best stores in sl and NO ONE has ever said, "Wow. That looks outdated. Get a new computer."
  5. Another problem with mesh is that some designers won't give you a list of the sizes they used. I've tried demos from three designers where I was using "standard sizes" (a term that should NOT have to be in quotes) and my body still poked through when moving. I liked the clothes so I contacted the designers to get help. Never received answers. Never bought the clothes either. I think a lot of the mesh designers do not realize how much customer support will be needed if there is going to be a widescale transition to mesh.
  6. The Female Goth default avatar starts in the red at 54,804.
  7. I did it. 54,804 for the default Female Goth avatar. The minute you start SL you're in the red.
  8. I avoid mesh clothes also. I want clothes for my avatar, not an avatar for my clothes. People should not have to adjust their shape everytime to fit into their clothes.
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