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  1. thanks all not changing my name to a corporation. thank you secondlife for making me consider it though
  2. that's all I want for Christmas. "resident" removed from my name. anybody have a helpful hint? thanks.
  3. me, too. And k, I'm thanking you again. You know I'm having the same issues you did. While you were apparently okay with it, I'm fighting it tooth and nail. And i certainly didn't need help like this to screw my head up.
  4. wow. Usually your answers upset me. But that was really good. And i agree. Btw. Scantily dressed at k.o.p. Just means more running and chasing (which is the point) i bet a lot of sims encourage scant clothing in a very similar way.
  5. which is why im not there today. It wasnt going to bethe cute little girl gladiator/hunt rp thing i was originally told it would be. Thanks for your ... Time
  6. 1) did you include sims like kop, where its virtually written into the rules that women can't dress normally, whereas men can dress however? 2) in virtual world we don't have to worry about skin problems... It's all perfect so we FINALLY get to live up to your standards. 3) some of us come here to dress like that because though we'd like to in rl, omg never! So it's freedom to dress like those ***** on the magazines, rail thin, xcept boobs n butts, perfect skin and more admiration than judgement. And to think, i usually overthink stuff. 8D
  7. i was being stupid, kk. That's all. A friend is doing it and said something about "combat b*****es" and you had to do this auction... Blah bllah blah. There was no idea on my part about getting an ego boost. Now i'm finding out that part of the auction $ may got to me. Last time i checked $ for sex= wh*re. So i'm thinking i'm going to pass. Ok. There it is. Additionally, the idea that someone would pay 100k linden for me (or anywhere close to that) implies expectations that i'm in no way comfortable with, so don't worry bout me kait. Mom still hasn't raised a dummy.
  8. omg. 100k? There wont be lyou dont have that kind of money, kk. And im having serious reservations seeing these answers. But thanks.
  9. OMG! OMG! THANK YOU THANK YOU happy screaming like a moron now!
  10. you tell me. In rl, my one present (a laptop) got shipped to a suburb of seattle in stead of to me. Also my bf (same as in hs) dumped me christmas day for the same ***** he dumped me for when we were in high school. in sl, i bought presents for 7 friends. Yup that was my sl christmas. Happpy new year...
  11. to stop being indecisive and melodramatic. Or maybe just one of those. Omg idk! EEEEEE! my... World... Is... Falling... Apart!!! 8)
  12. it was a stupid mistake, and now he's invisible. Help please? How do i make him re appear?
  13. but my question is about it. Here goes: i think it's a gorean thing. Only girls fight. You have to be "owned" to participate. I think it happens in an arena or perhaps an entire island called domination island? Or maybe desperation island? If you're a participant you are a "combat XXXXX" best i could do. Sorry. I realllllly would like some information on this if anyone knows anything about it. Thanks.
  14. is it anything signifigant? Is it a difference worth paying for? (this question occured to me as i was writing my last question. Didnt know how to work it in without making the other question too complicated.
  15. i recently bought an outfit, (not cheap either) but when i unpacked it and put it on, my (sorry dontwanna get my question booted off) two secondary female sexual characteristics show through the top. So to stop this i had to resize it ridiculously large. Now you can see everything down the top. I have FREE tops that work better than this. Is there something aside from "stretch" that can be done for an article of clothing to make it conform better to your shape if it doesnt automatically do so? (by the way it isnt that my avi has huge.. Parts. Theyre in the low 60's) in case that was
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