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  1. It was not a demo. I bought the actual product, like I said in the OP. Because my review in the actual product was removed that's why I resorted to leaving the same reviews in the demos. Then my reviews in the demos got removed as well. Seems like Inverse has some close ties with Linden employees telling them to remove any negative reviews on their products. If you look at their store, how many negative reviews do you see? Pretty much none. The worst reviews are 3 or 4 stars. That pretty much explains everything. This is what I wrote in the "modified" review in the demos: "Product is defective. One shoe is at least 10% larger than the other one, and no way to correct it since it's no mod. Contacted creator but creator failed to address the issue and think the customer is lying." Feel free to tell me anything that is wrong with this review and deserve to get flagged... Like I said: 1. Common sense indicates that I'm not lying, and the creator is simply too lazy or stuck-up to even bother checking his product as it's "on promotional price" 2. The 28 5-star reviews on the creator's shoes on either all shills or completely blind. How the heck can you leave a 5-star review if one shoe is 10% larger than the other? 3. Apparently Lindens have a new rule - not allowed to leave truthful negative reviews on demos. Lol? Anyway I'm never buying anything from this store again and that's all I can do and tell my friends to do I guess. Interestingly my friend also bought a pair of that defective heels at the same time as me, and backed me up when I bickered with the creator, he still claimed I was lying.
  2. I bought a pair of Inverse heels and it was clearly defective, as one shoe was 10% larger than the other, and it was no mod. I sent multiple screenshots to the creator as proof, asking for a fix or simply send me a mod version so I can fix it myself. After a whole hour of endless bickering, with the creator telling me that "I'm lying", and "my screenshots were fake", and "there's nothing wrong with my product", I ended up with no fix and no refund, and even worse, he had the audacity to simply mute me. Why the hell would I lie about a defective product? I've got nothing to do with my time so I spend 2 hours photoshopping a photo to make a shoe appear defective? Do creators like this guy even think before they speak? So as any would do in this situation, I left a negative review on his product on marketplace warning people to steer clear of this product due to it being obviously defective. A day later while shopping for more shoes on marketplace I noticed my review was deleted by the creator. Lol. So what exactly is the purpose of marketplace reviews, other than the breeding place for shills, if negative reviews can be removed at will? A completely accurate review like "this product is defective, creator fails to provide any customer service, steer clear" is not allowed? So we're all supposed to say "omg this product rulez every1 u gotta buy eeet!!!11!" in reviews like iTunes?
  3. I think Essences has the best western-style skins in SL. Check DRLife, Tokyo Girl, and Jomo for the best Asian skins. Check Mother Goose and My Ugly Dorothy for super cute blushing skins.
  4. There's a difference between unrigged and rigged mesh. Just because you can rez mesh and see it on the ground, doesn't mean you can see it on people. Rezzed rigged mesh = technically unrigged as it's not attached to SL skeleton. To see rigged mesh (mesh that's clothing and moves with avatar, like jeans or tops), you need: - Viewer 3 or equivalent (Firestorm) - LOD set to a fair value, otherwise mesh appears jagged until you zoom right in - If you use Phoenix you must have basic shaders in graphics settings enabled, which is highly taxing if you don't have a good graphics card
  5. No prim breast applier is perfect. It will always clip somewhere when worn with mesh, or even clothing layer stuff. Yet that doesn't stop SL from being filled with appliers everywhere.
  6. Oracul has the best cute/energetic AOs in SL, extremely cheap too. It's so popular half the people I see in SL uses Oracul (I can tell cause I have every single Oracul AO...) lol, complete monopoly. I like them wayyyyy better than the overpriced shack known as Vista.
  7. Alicia Sautereau wrote: Nope People got lazy and use those template in masses Most of the stores i got to sell the same crap, just different texture (mesh-non mesh) and ofcourse alot of old items +1. Pretty much took the words out of my mouth. Fact: 99%+ of the mesh stuff you see on marketplace are made from kits. Some of these "creators" are trying to be funny by selling their no mod/no trans retextures for higher prices than the original full perm kit. Lol. I vouch for a new rule on marketplace, all creator kit (mesh or not) sellers must force their resellers to explicit state in product description that "this item was made from a creators kit", otherwise they can apply to get their product removed.
  8. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: Aviators on a femboy thug wannabe. If you think those dudes look "femme" I hate to imagine what you consider non-femme. The Rock on steroids as starters?
  9. I'm looking for a mesh monokini that has appliers, or (even better, but I highly doubt this exists) by default the model supports prim breasts (lolas tango). Example of what I'm looking for: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/MESH-9t-designs-Bikini-1-11-in-1/3859059 That one is perfect in style, however it does not support lolas (I have it and tried it) in any way, even at the largest size. Anyone willing to make a custom model that would be fine too, drop me an IM in-world or leave IM on forum for custom orders.
  10. Come to think of it it does make sense they couldn't care less about game rips. If they don't give a damn about it then: - More $ made from suckers who actually buy these game rips - Avoid negative publicity If they actually care about it then: - Tons of negative publicity with headlines like "SL is a haven for pirated material" - Spend the human and time resources to hunt down the bums and contact the game companies etc Guess if I wanted a quick buck I could always go and rip some models of some games I don't give a crap about lol.
  11. I'm a Silent Hill fan, and while it has nothing to do with me that their models are getting ripped and sold on SL, it still really pisses me off that these bums are trying to make money off of ripped models. If you're gonna rip a model and import it to SL, at least do it discretely and wear it around your little homes? So does LL even care about these things, if it's so obviously a rip from one of the SH games? I heard from someone that you gotta actually contact Konami then get Konami to contact LL? If that's the case then screw it I'll just pretend I didn't see anything.
  12. I know it's from coco... it says coco right in the picture itself. I also said I'm not looking for the jacket in the picture.
  13. I'm looking for a high quality mesh jacket that looks like this: http://lelooksl.files.wordpress.com/2009/09/flightjacket-image.jpg The above jacket is prim/sculpted, and while is the right style looks extremely outdated and clips heavily with movement. The jacket needs to be the same style, with a fur trim collar and cropped vest but long sleeves. Cannot be uncropped vest and/or short sleeve. Texture could be dark brown or black, and leather (matte or glossy either is fine). Not looking for custom job. Price is not problem as long as it's not outrageous.
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