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  1. Pancakes with a little bit of butter and syrup is nice, but I find waffles more appealing. Especially the chocolate ones.
  2. I am a straight male, but honestly, I like using female avatars for their vast clothing options. I like bright and colorful clothing, but male clothing on here is usually so dull looking. 😄
  3. Used all natural dye for my brand new hat 😉
  4. When people put their products in boxes that are in boxes, that are in boxes.
  5. A guy tipped me 75 lindens for having an awesome avatar, so I guess that counts as a compliment.
  6. I find myself on SL quite often, doesn't matter if I am sick or not.
  7. So far from my experience of being on here for the past year and a half, SL has seem pretty lively.
  8. Well, I did post a bit on the forums on there and stuff. Anyways, back to the topic of the thread - Like Cheesecurd, I was also a player on SmallWorlds, who happened to be a helper/moderator/tester as well. My experience with scheduled meet and greets is that they weren't enjoyable at all. You had people constantly asking the same questions spamming, and just being right out obnoxious. I was a fan of the more spontaneous meetings where players and staff can actually have a proper conversation without the massive crowd. They also made for much better memories. @cheesecurd Yeah, running in
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