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  1. The last week when i log in into Secondlife Viewer it shows me this message There is a likely newer driver for your graphics chip. Updating graphics drivers can substantialy improve performance.Visit http://support.amd.com/us/Pages/AMDSupportHub.aspx to check for drivers updates. I went to AMD, I found my driver,I saw the update and i download it. It shows me that i need the catalyst mobility x64.exe I download it and when i go to install it, it shows me this error : AMD Catalyst Mobility cannot be downloaded due to incompatible hardware/software on your computer.The version of your graphics adapter is not supported. Before this week i was playing secondlife and other games without this message. It shows me this message to any site / game that needs graphics/videos you know.I had already update all my drivers to the latest drivers from Acer offiicial websiteI had already made the last updates to my windows 7 and my systemSo..... Round 1: I contact with Acer and even if i told them that i have already made all the updates to drivers and system, they told me to make updates to the latest drivers and system... ok........I make Format I make updates to driversI make updates to my systemI tried to log in to my games and i get tis message for graphic card again... I download this update for graphic cardI get the same error..Round 2: I contact....again... with Acer and they told me AGAIN?!? to make the latest updates...ok..... Round 3: I contact with AMD and they told me to contact with Acer. I contact with Acer ...again... and this time.... they told me to contact with AMD...<--?!?!?!?!?!?!? (i had messaged them that i had contact with AMD already before contact them) Round 4: After all this game.......AMD post me this http://forums.amd.com/game/messageview.cfm?catid=448&threadid=161340&enterthread=y +They told me to download this AMD Mobility Radeon Driver Verification tool but when i trying to download it, its only download me the Catalyst mobility x64 and i get again the error that i write already above. +They told me that some upgrades cannot installed on laptops with 'switchable/hybrid' graphics +They told me to download it manualy from here http://benchmark3d.com/drivers-search WTH? Its a hasle inside there.. I cannot find the driver and if i try to find it....i get 25 drivers with the same name lol.... +They told me again to contact with Acer Round 5: I contact again..... with Acer and they told me to contact with secondlife or any other administrator of all the games and websites that i have this problem.....LOL???? So....My question is... WTH I MUST DO WITH THIS? This spam message for update will make me crazy...... They makes me feel like ....WHO DA FUQ IS YOU? IS YOU FUQ WHO? FUQ IS YOU HOE? WHAT THE FUQ IS HAPPENIN' RIGHT NOW? WHAT THE FUQ? IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW? WEEEEO WEEEEO WEEEEEEEO PEEEEO PEEEEEO WEEEEEEEEEE Graphic Card : Ati Radeon 6650 M - Acer Laptop
  2. Yes its hippo groups. I make account too to see in which subscriber list im without my permission its very sad really and even if we have already report the most of them linden lab have not do anything to remove them or something
  3. i will contact you. are y inworld online?
  4. yes that will be a solution. isnt necessary from receiver to reply to us fast. we need just to take the informations that we want. to know that we will be here if he need anything... but i cannot find any script like that and i have really search a lot... do you know where i can find something like that?:PPPP
  5. I do not want a greater that the most of stores / businesses have. (the greater that give notecards,invites,infos and local chats) For example. our job is to send ims to visitors that comes to our photostudio to inform them about prices and anything else and for our services.sometimes the visitors that comes to our studio are up to 10 at the same time. sometimes from our staff will be online the 2 of 10 for example and those 2 people must handle the 10 people that comes to studio at the same time. it will be hard cause while we are trying to search them in search tab the 2 are leaving the other 3 do not press accept to visitor greeter that gives them information notecards so after all this hassle they are disturb the owner or they leave and we do not inform them all about our services or to help them. I know multiple methods to inform someone but even if we have place infos, boxes , greeters, online boards e.t.c. they are not see them or read them for their reasons and they are looking for us lol. thats the reason why im looking for a hud or script that each one of us can wear it or droped it at the entrance and when someone come to our studio to takes an automatically IM message from each staff is online and has this hud or script actvate.
  6. i have a tones of greaters and people do not like them . we are 10 people that we have to send IM to the visitor that comes to our place. Sometimes comes 10 people at the same time so we must send them im manualy. sometimes we cannot handle them all to inform them that we are on their services and they can contact us anytime. Some others do not see our online boards and they are asking for help to the owner. So we need a script or hud that we can have it(or wear it) and be assosiated with the place and for example if 1 person or 2-3 and up come to our place, to be able to take automatically an im from the staff that are online. (i know it will be hassle if the visitor takes 4 im messages from 4 staffs that maybe will be online at the same time but he will take them manually so it will be this more helpfull for us and for visitors. I have find this system in visitors systems greaters but the ims comes from visitor system and not from us :/// i hope you understand what i want to say cause my english are very bad haha!
  7. I have find a visitor system that can send ims to people (without bots) but i was wondering if this exist in single scripts or huds thats the reason why i ask for.
  8. Hello! I was wondering if this script exists./ script or hud that sends automatically Instant messages! (not local chat greeter.)/ For example someone comes to my place. when he arrives he will take an automatic IM from me that says (in private) welcome to my place if you need help just reply me or blah blah.nothing else. I have see this automatic im only in group inviters but i was worndering if this script or hud exist and if yes where i can find one like this?:P
  9. Maybe you have right! as i think it now better is not a good idea ... But i had starting searching it cause many people have this system and i have been automatically added in those systems so i thought that its new system that many stores have starting work with Thanks
  10. Innula Zenovka wrote: I am sure there are other solutions but I know if you buy HIppoVend and HippoGroups they work together -- that is, you can set the HippoVendor automatically to add people to your Subscribe List. See here for futher details. You should be aware, though, that a lot of people object very much to being added to an update group in this way, and are likely to AR you for spamming if you send them unexpected notifications. I don't know if LL do anything about such ARs, but I wouldn't use that facilty. It's easy enough to rez something by the vendor for people to touch if they want to receive product news, and I would imagine you probably lose as many sales as you gain by spamming people, as they tend to see it. I have already Subscriber Kiosk. In hippo and pxl i do not find the specific script that im looking for. I have see those 2 examples Example 1) a pop up window with subscribe / unsubscribe comes to me when i purcase something from marketplace. the 1st example i have see it only one time in Sl. Example 2) I have automatically been subscribe when i purcase an item from marketplace. The second example i have see it in some Big and popular stores and i never press any subscrbe board to join in their lists. I join automatically after my purcase. 1) I dont want to spam the people! I want just to send them 1-2 messages everyttime i have a new release. 2) I have see it in some other stores that are Big and popular "and are likely to AR you for spamming if you send them unexpected notifications." They can unsubscribe any time from the subscribe board at the Inworld Store and they will be informed that they are automatically subscribed if i find this script (
  11. Some times when i purcase something from marketplace or from inworld Stores they are automatically subscribe me in their Subscribe lists without Pressing any subscribe board or something. Example: I purcase an item from marketplace and i automatically been subscriber to Stores Group. I want to find this script to place it to my Store and marketplace too but i dont know what script is this. I search at PXL and hippo and i dont find any script like this. Do you know what script is this or where i can find a script like that?
  12. Im professional Graphic Designer/illustrator and photographer Im interested in your message Im me in world xdramaqueenx or drop me a notecard
  13. if this section is not closed yet IM xdramaqueenx resident in world *Professional Graphic Designer/illustrator/photographer
  14. It looks like very close to curio skins...
  15. Contact to Tithis String, She make High quality items meshes for mermaids:)
  16. search at TRUTH store. i have seen hairs like this.
  17. Looking for a guy who make costume works mesh or sculpts! im me inworld. thanks!
  18. i have seen many meshes that are copybotted. i had contact and to 1-2 creators and i had ask and they told me that they know it already and unfortunatelly they cannot do nothing to those websites
  19. as i have already said dmca is not a law and you dont need to use lawyer to file to dmca. i have post and the original message from dmca already! they just use lawyers for better solutions (+plus if you file a fax you need a lawyers sign or something to prove that its legal paper). as i said if you want to go the story far far away you need lawyer,if you want to do it by yourself and not with dmca. i have already read all the informations that you provide me and i have already ask lawyer and as i already write in previous reply about the websites and copybots those websites are still up with hundrent items by creators... . i have already speak with creators that have the same problem like me with those sites and residents that transfer our items to those websites from secondlife and marketplace (and are popular brand names) + they have make files on dmca and they cannot do nothing either dmca and ll either thanks for details i know that you want to help but have already informed before post something
  20. Many residents use websites with copybotts to share creator's items according to all the things you say,many copybotted sites(for example) should be down long ago,i think that this is more difficult than to do something against them with a simple fax than we think it is...
  21. http://www.dmca.com/Lawyers.aspx "This is in no way a slight against lawyers or law firms. On the contrary, the legal community are valuable partners in the fight against copyright infringement, content protection and the pursuit of thievs. DMCA .com often works with lawyers to help them pursue content criminals across the planet. Their business is the law and ours is the internet and that is why we can do what we do quicker!" To report or make a takedown you dont need lawyer if you use the dmca file with the informations that listed in previous reply.If you need to do it by yourself and to go far far away the all story you use laywer by yourself.... the dmca is not a lawyers company but it collaborate with lawyers to make the takedown. dont stay only in the previous informations that listed in secondlife guidlines.. search and what dmca is....... if i had a "company" that use copybots,or a website,or im resident that i use copybots and you want to remove me... how you can do it? you make a file on dmca. dmca and you must prove that the products is yours . so then they make the takedown. how you come to make a take down without a legal paper? you need a lawyer to make a legal paper. its logic
  22. ok guys.. i will pull my hair off now........ they report this item for copyright and they havent report other big stores that they "walk in same way"??????? im not pretty sure that the brand guidlines that we see in previous reply,exists 100% in secondlife....(even if are listed) and i tell this because, i have seen many skins + shapes that are replicate in appearance of celebrities,stores that have logotypes from big brands on clothes (some brands have give their logo in public for use so i dont know if the logotypes are from those brands), and characters from movies and television and games too.... and trust me are very very closely imitates,more than those ears......... and linden lab havent remove them for years now... and the stores are very popular and are "big brands" in here!! and dont tell me that you havent see them in secondlife.............. why noone reports them??????? god blessed them that we cannot mention names in public <--xixi!!!
  23. Medhue Simoni wrote: I just want to point out that, currently, mesh can not be copybotted. At least, as far as I know. unfortunatelly they can copybot the meshes too.. but its a little bit difficult than the sculpts. i have seen a website in which you can see many meshes that have been copybotted but i cannot post it here cause its illegal to publish names.its very popular website and they have do nothing to close it for years now
  24. Shelby Silverspar wrote: xDramaQueeNx wrote: 1st ) LL cannot do nothing about this. You must submit via inworld only a report abuse and not via ticket,but you will not take answer back only just to inform you about the message confirm 2nd ) if you want to mark it as very important message,submit the same abuse report 4-5 times 3rd ) ╬črganizations that are active in the "race" of all those sites and other (like residents) who violates cannot do nothing. You can make an report file once a year if you have the free membership. I you need more support then They can do only little things like take them away for a very short period and you must pay for this services (you will see them up after 1 month) because if they have the following law in the country that the thief and is then he is not illegal 4rd ) Should be warned the laws of every country (from which the website or the resident is that makes the violation) because each country has different law.There is a law that says if a product,business,e.t.c. published on the internet which the owner has the full rights and the product,business,e.t.c. is copyrighted (no matter in what website,grid.e.t.c. has posted or placed),this is like trampling himself his royalties when he publish it in public. This law states in if those organizations,sites,residents just share your items,theydo not trample any right if they do not make money under your brand and e.t.c. They just share the products,photos and everything else as you share it in public. BUT, if they make money under your brand,products,name and you can prove it, you can promote all evidence to the court and you will got all the right in your side. Its very difficult because you need lawers and its will cost you a lot and you will spend many days,months,years it is no coincidence that copybot websites you will find up to 200 brands and stores that are full copyrighted and they have been violating and they havent do nothing You really need to stop posting this complete and utter nonsense. for 1 and 2 scale, ask linden lab! for 3 scale check on those organizations... (you can check and dmca's website which cooperate with Secondlife for 4 scale,ask your laywer and 5.....for the previous scales,i have already ask before write something and i have been informed because i had the same problem in secondlife as creator so be sure before reply
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