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  1. Yes and that Hay Buneau Varilla treaty of 1903 was not only illegal, signed by a French man that in no ways represented the interests of the newly formed Panamanian government. That treaty should have been declared illegal from the start. When the REAL Panamanian committee (government officials) arrived to the US they were told the treaty was signed and that there was no need for them. Because of that the US forced its occupation of the Panama Canal Zone until 1999, by means of an illegal treaty.
  2. Interesting, any SL URL that might give a better idea about this? where to read the magazine, etc.?
  3. Is there any SL location that are suitable for learning some Italian? you know like a group of people interested in learning the language and a knowledgeable person kind of guiding you in the process?
  4. Wow, this SL Viewer is pretty intense!!! I have an NVidia GTX285 (1GB VRAM) and when I put the SL Viewer graphical settings at maximum (the slider) the card litterally burns! the load indicator goes into RED (overload) and stays like that. As soon as I move the slider one notch down (I believe 3 in a scale of 4) then it goes into Purple or Blue which is heavy but ok. My mobo/CPU also has a built in HD4000 which in combination with the Virtu MVP should take advantage of both video ards (integrated & discrete) but the load is still heavy.
  5. When I edit my profile in the viewer and go towards the Social section I am able to add a Twitter, Facebook and other social identities. I noticed that when I clicked on the Facebook icon to add a Facebook URL it goes to ask for my Facebook Login. My question is, is it possible to have your in-world Facebook URL set to a Facebook PAGE rather than a Facebook user account/URL? It is SL after all and I would rather give my Facebook avatar page (Personal Blog) rather than my actual profile URL. When the time comes, I can opt to let the other person into my personal (RL) Facebook profile. I think that is reasonable, why is it not possible to do that?
  6. Will try that camera constraints thing. I was using the mouse wheel to zoom in/out (zoom/pan) but even thought that goes very close it wasn't going close enough for a real face shot (passport photo style). The CTRL+0 shortcut actually does goes further enough to get the face shot I needed. Thank you! Don't know about the fly cam thing though.
  7. @Luc how do I make those maintenance scripts run? what about the file permissions? nobody said anything about that. @Theresa I am afraid you are assuming just too much. To begin with I have over 20 years of experience in IT (including computer programming) so it is not I don't know what is happening with my computer. My computer is BTW not a low end system, much less outdated and works with s/w that is heavier than SL. My computer always has a payware antivirus (KIS) and up to date, periodically checked for virus and malware believe me my computer is NOT infected.
  8. Tonight has been aweful, nearly all connection attempts to SL has resulted in "Region is not currently available" and if not my avatar never gets materialized and remains in a greenish cloud without any human shape. Anybody having that problem tonight?
  9. I am trying to zoom into the face of my avatar for a face shot but I can't get it close enough. Is there a way to inhibit the maximum zoom on face shots? When I zoom in there is a point where I kind of get the face but not as close as I need.
  10. I did change the DNS to the Google DNS servers last week but did not see an improvement, the problems keep on. Today however Exodus stopped working due to an accidental reboot and works marginally better after a complete reinstall. That is is "common to MAC" is not an indication that it is also a connection problem. MAC is a different operating system based on Unix and from OS X 10.5 it is 64-bits. My Windows OS is the 64-bit variant. Most people have the 32-bit variant of Windows and that may be the reason why they are not encountering the problems. To the casual user or browser of issues it may seem like a simple conclusion. All of these browsers are written in C++ a language known for its freedom of expression where pointer operations are way too common and in particular pointers going astray pointing to data that they are not supposed to point to. Believe me, I have done programming for over 20 years. I am almost sure all these problems are related to the software being operated on 64 bit operating systems.
  11. Here a summary of all the problems that consume a lot of my SL time, I get the impression the viewer software is not very stable on Windows 64-bits platforms. First (and second) attempt to login usually fails with the correct password. A login error is given and the password field shows a password that is more than twice the length (n*2+2) of the given password.When Login finally goes further it makes 3 attempts to connect to the region. If it doesn't crash at that moment...The location is usually not available and I get ejected to some limbo island or info hub and is way difficult to teleport elsewhere.Teleport results in failures (or crash) most of the times. I figure the SL code suffers from some sort of CORBA or Object Remoting serialization/deserialization issues that may need to be addressed.If Teleporting works it takes quite some time, not like a few weeks ago when it was very fast.Cannot initiate IM conversations most of the times, have to wait until someone IM's meCAnnot view the profile of an avatar very oftenFriend/Nearby People list is shown but no names are given, it remains forever in "loading..." and yet all other graphics load and the avatar can move smoothly, zoom/pan smoothly. Definitely not a connection issue.Offer Teleport is usually not received by the other end, Likewise many times Teleport Requests are almost never received, they are sent by the other party but never arrives.Constant crashing, in a day I probably reload in excess of 15 timesMany times it crashes by itself just leaving the avatar static without doing any action on the application. Makes me believe there are some serious issues with memory leaks, unreleased resources, etc.Tried with both SL Viewer and Exodus but both seem to have the same application engine as their interfaces look very very similar.
  12. This happens with SLV & Exodus so there was no need to ask in the Exodus group.
  13. I am also experiencing constant crashing to the point I am considering abandoning SL. I have tried several viewers but I am convinced perhaps the greatest problem of the instability is memory leaks. All these viewers seem to be based on the same ending and all of them made with C++ which is not only prone but known to suffer from memory leaks (not the language but the applications built with the language). Or maybe none of these browsers are stable on Windows 64-bits platforms but are more stable on 32-bit platforms. Perhaps if the viewer(s) were made with some managed framework like .NET they would be more stable. Perhaps for a future generation...
  14. I am not a spy for FB but if you choose to be paranoid that is not my problem... Why on earth would FB put "Fictional Character" in their (sub)categories if they want to delete them? do you know all the work that it entails to allow something to pollute your database on purpose just to spend real life $$$ tracking them down to delete them? Anyway. obviously ppl don't want to remain in topic and prefer to succumb to paranoidism. Nobody is forcing you to do it, if you don't want then don't do it. As simple as that.
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