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  1. I looked into this like a year ago, so forgive me if I am hazy on details, but basically it goes like this. Whoever bites you first (or does whatever the werewolf thing is), gets your soul to add to teh pyramid mechanics of their clan, in order to be on top of some high score chart somewhere. You can buy your soul back out of that pit if you want to play the game later, but it will cost you lindens. Other than that, you have like 5 pints of available blood, and vampires can feed from that. Vampires need to drink like one dose a day or they can die and lose accumulated souls, not sure what happens to said souls then, of course they can just buy blood from the store for lindens, heh. I dont recall, but you may 'regrow' your blood, it makes sense that you would, so vampires could certainly feed from you later. Or you might not, I vaguely recall something about humans eating apples (bought with lindens of course) to get blood back. So person type 1 could care less once you are bitten. type 2 might still bother you, but dont seem to get out of the newbie zones much. any real RP I have seen that involved vampires avoided the crap out of bloodlines.
  2. Krystara


    Just throwing out to both verify, and help other people looking at the thread that dont follow the link. This is based on the Aliens universe, and has nothing to do with star teck as I first thought when I looked at the title. Link now talks about star trek not colonial marines, so previous text doesnt really apply anymore.
  3. Bloodlines is a money game. There is no doubt after poking around their site and seeing the mechanics. Ponzi scheme is not an entirely inaccurate description even, but probably a bit strong. That said, lots of people play it for the fun and RP of it, and are good mature people. But then you can get that without bloodlines just as easy. The problem comes from the fact that the system more or less requires vampires to either pay lindens or constantly be fishing for bites. At its core, it is flawed, and this leads many people who would otherwise not spam into doing exactly that. But the garlic necklace exists to keep you out of that loop. it would be far far better if there was an item you could/should use that would put you into the game rather than having to find an item to take you out of it, but again, that would alter the mechanics of making money. As was mentioned earlier, if your friend is still seeing bite requests after using the necklace, they should retry it, they probably did something wrong. You may also want to review where you play. I also hit accept to one of those bite requests when I was new (and it was sent just as I was going to accept an animation for some furnature), and I never did bother to get the necklace (though I looked into it at the time), and I still havent seen a single im or request about bloodlines in over a year. Leave the hubs and newbie lands, and these things should stop showing up regardless.
  4. No, thats awesome, I am using it for my own purposes, and I dont mind running with rlv enabled, I usually do anyhow. Thanks a ton. Now to continue investigating the idea then.
  5. I am curious, does there exist any way, through LSL script, for a player to change the active group with a script? Assuming you know exactly what group you are in and going to, and are a member of the group.
  6. Alexia Kingmaker wrote: Look at Gorean Torvaldsland Look at the thread responses?
  7. A surl link, and if it exists a website like would be spiffy
  8. I'm not entirely sure that is the case, he just says 'looking for a home' that could just mean a place to begin his RP, or it could mean rental. Either way, it is often better to make people take a few minutes to take the vague ideas rolling around in their heads, and solidify them into a character, and often figure out exact power levels and the like so they fit the sim. This helps prevent a lot of overpowered players too. Most of these required backgrounds ask for a lot of information, but content themselves with relatively terse responses if you still want to flesh out your character through play.
  9. I think unity combat system works with generic firing weapons. And I am pretty sure its free to get, but it may cost something to setup/host, I dont know. But I went to a place with the engine, and used a random non-specifically scripted weapon and it worked fine. There is a leveling component, but if you turn off exp in the area, everyone will be level 1 or whatever, so it should work out. the website is http://www.unitycore.net/ Either way, I'm just a random person thats puttered with a bunch of huds, so I wouldnt call myself an expert.
  10. hmm... I could play with a wilder.. or maybe an Aiel...or really all kinds of options for fun and amusement, and really, and medieval sim could with if you could come up with a group of people willing to regularly RP there.
  11. sounds like a lot of fun, but I dont know of any in world sims for it, sorry
  12. http://www.goreanforums.net/ Or there is also Gor-SL Likely a lot more too, those are the ones I've poked around in some.
  13. Any system that brings a player into the mechanics without any permission or attempt to request permission is annoying. But the underlying fact that the system requires players to do it is more relevant. Any vampire system is, at its best an RP fantasy. Any 'biting' done should be done with people interested in RPing it out. Any silent use of other non-RPing players is a failure of the system. There is literally no difference between having a 'feed on unnamed human' button than a 'feed on that guy over there who isnt involved in my RP'. Why would the creator of the system use the latter instead of the former? All it does is annoy some people when they find out about it and create negative threads like this one. Even if the lack of spammy popups is an improvement over bloodlines, the basic premis is still flawed. And you know, to add to all the 'realistic vampire' amusement, the only 'realistic' aspect of SL is that nothing is real. Is it realistic that your 'realistic' vampire can suck blood from an AV that is playing a robot? or an elemental, or any of a myriad other things that make no sense? Any attempt to try to apply realism to any aspect of this just ends up sounding silly.
  14. The basic conundrum is without a meter, someone have to willingly lose. When a fight occurs between two people that arent willing to lose, it gets dumb fast. On the other hand, with a meter, the person typing out a good RP response will get destroyed by the silent guy moving and shooting. Its hard to find a balance. I kind of liked the approach mephisto's waltz takes. they have a dice roller hud (talesmith or somesuch), so you have a basic idea of who did better/worse, so its easier to tell who wins, but not a FPS style combat meter either. But that is the only sim I have seen to use a solution like that. Honestly, I dont mind a 'metered' combat system too much, at a basic level, sometimes it can be fun to feel a real time rush to the rp, but there are a few caveats for me. when you add levels to it as well, it becomes a tool to make sure older players on the sim never lose, and thats not as compelling of a mechanic in my opionion. I also despise the pay-to-win style metered weapons that some meter systems support, where spending 1-2k lindens or more nets a significant combat advantage. Finally, any metered combat needs to be started by some level of RP not just blindly shooting someone, and at its conclusion, there should be some RP of the aftermath.
  15. Yes, you would fit in quite well here. Its a fun place, stop on by But its down between christmas and new years because Issa is expanding the sim and rebuilding parts of it. Keep checking the posted location in the new year it should be open. If she doesnt post here about it, I'll try to remember to as well. She will probably post about it on the home page of the website listed in the first post as well.
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