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  1. nice,lol tonight i will be at the world's ending party it will be explosive :smileyhappy:
  2. Hello,:smileyvery-happy: i'm here to have fun,i will be happy to contact you
  3. BleedingLotus wrote: Hi feel free to add me bleedinglotus : P Hi,thank you,you will be added
  4. valerie Inshan wrote: Welcome back to SL! If you want to meet good friends and lovely people, you can start by joigning this thread: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Make-Friends/Where-are-all-my-friends-Come-on-in-and-lets-get-comfy-by-the/td-p/710077 Lol, you dont have to go through the 626 pages, but be sure you will be warmly welcome here. Plus, most people posting to this thread are also friends inworld. Alors, encore une fois, bienvenue à la maison ! :smileyhappy: Thank you,it's look like a nice thread,i will try to join you :smileyhappy:
  5. Hello,and good morning everybody,hi Val,hipp,lia and all your friends... This is a nice thread,i hope you will accept me here,because i want to join.... And by the way,Happy world's ending ...
  6. Hello,i didn't play sl for a moment,then i'm back and there is no logged friends in my list,so if you need a friend or you want a new friend just contact me or send an add .
  7. I just want to try a third party viewer,what do you advice me ?
  8. Nuhai Ling wrote: Welcome back to SL! A few of us are still here but as you have perceived a lot has changed... I know that goes against the previous replies above but from my chair / couch / dance pole (in SL anyway), I completely understand your questions about traffic, old places, etc. Change occurs in SL all the time. People come and go, inovative places rise and fall, new viewer(s) and features create discord, etc. but I think most would agree a deeper shift than normal has occurred during the last year. The numbers tell a third of the story; visitation is down significantly, private
  9. Mylie Foxclaw wrote: You can add me if you wish. I don't have many friends either. Thank you,add sent
  10. Thank you. Very important information here ,i think this made me enlighten some of my ideas of S.L. now and answer my interrogation about.
  11. After just two years of absence,i'm back in sl,and saw that there is a huge change in many sims,sadly it's in the negative way because there is less people than before and less action and a decreasing of fun,it's just what i think after 5 days of playing,it's different,i don't know what you think but it's just what i see.
  12. Je crois que j'ai eux le mème problème avec un avatar en mesh,je pensais que le probleme vienait de l'avatar lui mème,apres des recherches,j'ai fini par contacter son concepteur qui ma confirmé le cas et je l'ai changé par un autre.
  13. I'm not korean,but i speak very well korean,maybe i can help you.
  14. Griffin Ceawlin wrote: Jerry00Devou wrote: ...now i'm a sim and i'm taking in local alone they :smileyfrustrated:ignore whyy, ... Maybe they can't see what you're saying because your font isn't large enough. edited..
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