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  1. I did look at the Xcite! line. What they did was very ambitious. Also, they have already proved that the concept is workable. I have not done a very in depth Patent search, but I am sure there is room for devices to be developed for this purpose. Like Apple has proven, it's not the technology so much as the user interface and experience that makes a product successful. I would like to eliminate the Kludginess(?) of the Xcite! Approach and make the whole user experience simpler and more*cough cough* enjoyable for the user. I am talking with someone right now with some experience in Arduino and programming. It will be very interesting to see what we can come up with. Thanks again everyone for all the help!
  2. You make a good point. It would not take much for someone to see if you are using the device under the right circumstance. Privacy would be an issue. Unless, you wanted hook it up with some of the RLV features. That could open a whole other dimension of interaction with other AVs. Maybe one day I'll be able to post about this concept and not blush : )
  3. Hi Ela, In fact, the Xcite! Touch people already did it. There is a separate application that runs to control the real world device, and it recieves it's commands via HTTP protocols of some kind that are translated from inworld actions. I know that the scripting can't do it directly, but there are ways to do it. I may still pusue the design of the devices, as the layout of the Xcite! line seems kind of kludgy. Which is not to impune their work. It would be even better to get my devices to work with their software and existing USB control. Lots of work ahead none the less : ) It would be an interesting twist to use some of the restrictive aspects of RLV in the concept as well. edit: That was your 666th post Ela! The superstitious side of me wants you to posst again to change it!
  4. Bummer. It looks like it has already been done. I'll have a closer look at their stuff tonight and see if there is wiggle room for my own designs (he he). I was planning on a targeted marketing pitch to a prominent manufacturer of adult-oriented products, so they may still want to pursue based on their opinion. Thanks to all who have posted. You have been very helpful!
  5. Thank you Freya. Your layout makes a lot of sense. It would also allow for better customization of functions based on how the device(s) would talk to the client-side application. I wonder how much lag would be in the query update from the web page, to the device, to the SL server. I guess client bandwidth would be a factor in that as well. In regards to the Xcite vibe, I could only find an SL version that is used by the AV. They don't seem to have a physical, RL version that coincides with it's use by the first world participant. It would be great to get seomthing like their user interface to be able to provide inworld operation and functionality.
  6. Thanks Gail! I figured that there would have to be some kind of additional communication to get the SL code to talk to a physical port on the computer. Given the nature of the concept, it make it hard to discuss details with my RL colleagues : ) Since my background is in the actual design of products it makes the electronics/programming side of it daunting. I also need to get a feel for the marketability of this idea. I may have to pop over to the Adult forum to gauge responses. With all of the students on here asking to have surveys filled out, it makes me not want to ask too many questions!
  7. I have a question regarding controlling a USB powered device with inworld scripting. In RL I am an Industrial Designer with a specific background medical device design. Without getting to in depth in a G rated part of the forum, I am looking to develop a line of male and female "stimulative devices" that can be operated by commands or interactions inworld. I have a limited knowledge of coding, but I think if such an indertaking were possible I could prototype the concept with an Arduino board. Given my very limited knowledge of scripting, I thought I would aks the community before I got further down the road on this idea. I am not even sure I am the first on to think of this either. If I have posted this in the wrong area, please move as needed. Thanks in advance for any insight.
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