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  1. Out of my last 172 sales 158 of them were marketplace sales. I sell mesh clothing.
  2. I would have agreed with that before, but now LL allows reward for review services. I no longer trust buying from anyone that has over 100 (sometimes over 1000) reviews for a product because I know those reviews were bought.
  3. Just from the pictures it looks like its well worth the 250L and I have seen much less quality sell for much more. I get reviews that upset me at times too, I deal with mesh clothing and people either don't heed my 3 "try the demo" warnings and buy it without trying the free demo, or they leave a 1-2 star review because they're offended that it didn't fit them personally. Sadly we can't please everyone. I usually try to contact the reviewer in game and see why they were so upset and then ask them to change their review after they're satisfied. Just a warning though, alot of them never follow through.
  4. Thank you for te responses. Can we maybe have a linden drop in and let us know whats going on, or is that too much to hope for? Its a healthy mixture of 0L demo products and merchandise totaling an estimated 15,000L going back to last April (which is as far back as they date) If it's not just me than it looks like it might be another problem to add to our already sad list of them. I did check the recent ones against my sl transaction history page and there were no payments from the aborted orders, I'll IM them later just to see if they received it or not. (But I wont ask for payment)
  5. I've never seen this order ststus before and when clicking on it i see that i have 6 pages of these and almost 20 are from just since the beginning of the year. How is "aborted" different than "failed"?
  6. My order was put in on the 2nd and I just got it about a half hour ago, so looks like they're catching up.
  7. Since Jan 2 here too. I'm sure they realize that alot of their merchants rely on SL for a paycheck because it's their actual job and they can't pay their bills without it, and I'm sure they don't intend to harm people in such a way. Today is techincally the 5th "business day" for me so I expect that it will be sent today at some point. LL has typically been good about processing in 3 days in the past. With all the technology though I don't see why someone thats been cashing out with them for 3-4 years and never had a fraud complaint or otherwise can't be put on some kind of "instantanious" list where the computer handles it instead of a real person. I don't believe they're checking for fraud and here's why. About a year ago I made a booboo. I typed my email address wrong (typed an L instead of a K). After about 6 days I got to wondering where my money was so I checked my history and realized the mistake. Long story short, LL had already sent it to the mistake address I had typed (even though I have been sending it to the same paypal account, with the same address for years) and I had to wait almost 6 weeks for paypal to reject the claim because that paypal account didn't exist, and return the money to LL. THEN I had to wait for them to reapply it to my LL account and wait for the cashout again. I would think that if people were there to check for fraud, then they would have seen that the email was 1 character different than the address its always been sent to and question if someone had stolen my password and was trying to send it to their own account.
  8. >>Beacuse it tells a lot about the activity of an item. There are certain items that seem to sell more frequently than is natural. I am not going into details but there is a bunch of really shady crap going on and this would show which items obviously have large numbers of phoney sales.<< Yeah... I wouldn't be happy with that and here's why. My top selling item would look "shady" to someone then when in fact it's not and it would give people just one more reason to doubt honest people. I have in fact sold that many. Total Sales 2,536 Total Revenue L$XYouDontNeedToKnowX CasperVend Sales / Revenue 40 / L$XYouDontNeedToKnowX SL Marketplace Sales / Revenue 2,496 / L$XYouDontNeedToKnowX 3rd Party Vendor Sales / Revenue 0 / L$0
  9. click... TY for the reply wait... That really sucks. I timed it and it takes aprox. 35 seconds and 2 clicks to delete each item... While that's not a whole lot in and of itself it's tedious and when you have 60 items thats a half hour of your life you'll never get back. <3 Fix this LL please or I'm sending you my bill for the loonie bin vacation I'll be taking soon.
  10. Ok so I am removing about 60 products that all have demos which means I have deactivated about 120 listings. And now I'm sitting here deleting them... one... by... one... When you tick all the boxes the only options you get are "list" "unlist" and "edit" Is there a faster way to do this because im going bonkers and I cant find a "mass delete" option or any instructions anywhere. Click unlisted wait... click delete wait... click unlisted wait... etc etc etc... I will be in the loonie bin after 20 more minutes of this.
  11. yah I just end up eating the cost because I wont ask my "partners" for refunds since it wasnt their doing. If there's a problem though it does need to be fixed. if its not only me then 40L here and 40L there from alot of people is alot of linden lost to merchants overall.
  12. Ok so I have had a LOT of instances in the past week or so where I receive an IM from a customer and they tell me that they accidentally purchased an item twice on the marketplace in the same order (Quantity 2) So after quite a few of these I finally ask how on earth they managed to put the item into their cart twice. The responses are all pretty much the same, to quote the last girl "I have no clue, honestly, I clicked buy now on the marketplace and wasn't paying attention when I clicked to make the purchase and they had put two in my cart" Usually when double purchases happen its because someones trying to purchase the item once for their friend as a gift and once for themselves in the same order (Which LL really needs to fix, because it sends them BOTH to the buyer) Can we check to see if this is a problem with the marketplace please? Every time it happens and we refund the purchase price to the customer we loose not only the marketplace fees that we paid at the time of sale but we also lose any fees paid out in distributions. On this last order I lost 40L, Which isn't much in itself but its happened enough times now that im beginning to question if anyone else is seeing this too.
  13. Try logging out and viewing the page without being logged in. I can say I have seen my listing enhancements quite a few times but they are geared to not waste the time showing to YOU. There are alot of enhancements to show so you arent going to see yours every time but I would say I have seen mine 1/20 page reloads pretty much consistantly as long as I was not logged in. I can also safely say that when I run enhancements my sales increase by about 15-25% as long as those items are on sale and not listed at regular price. Enhancements work, maybe not as well a rthey should but they do work better than not having them.
  14. So I am guessing that as long as it says EXPIRING with a billing date of october 19th then it will NOT be rebilled? Just trying to clarify since alot of people were rebilled even when it said expiring.
  15. I just received 26 refunds totaling just under 24,000L. TY for finally taking care of that. I've heard reports that people have been given refunds and then had it all withdrawn again and more so I'm a bit scared thats gonna happen. has that problem been fixed as well? Also I still have 4 pages of things that were all expired months ago still there and saying "expiring" with next billing dates of october 19th and 20th... Im guessing these were reset to bill then so they would expire instead and go away?
  16. All very good points. LL does in fact make money on the sales from the marketplace because they take a small cut of every sale made. I would think that that fact alone would make them "accomplices" to the theft and be almost as liable as the seller. It's just overall frustrating and I needed to vent originally. I think that if LL would simply request a license verification from the merchant, and give them say a month to comply before they shut them down it could be done. record it in their records and maybe even a small spot on the marketplace that states they are an authorized reseller of ______. As far as resources go that would take very minimal resources. Fan art and making a living off something that doesnt belong to you are vastly different things. I write fanfiction for a certain book series and the authors very cool with people doing that unless they are selling what they write, then it gets into a sticky spot. And marvel owns spiderman Just sayin <3
  17. Yah I see alot of stuff from left for dead 2 and other games as well. I think it just irks me most because I see alot of honest business owners struggle, but the ones that rip directly from another game or sell hello kitty and minnie mouse things make a descent living off it.
  18. And the chances of that happening are pretty much zero. Then they have to monitor to make sure nobody else comes out with spiderman stuff. Meanwhile the honest merchants that dont do things like that are losing money to the ones that do. Its just overall frustrating and I'm happy to know that there are a few others out there that are frustrated by it as well. It would be nice if LL would do something about it though.
  19. Am I the only merchant out there that is frustrated when they see someone making money off things like "spiderman tank-tops" when we know they don't own Spiderman? I am seeing this practice increase dramatically, I mean its always been there but now even some reputable stores that never did that kind of thing are using trademarked things in their creations.
  20. [Etchaflesh] Basic Black Leather Underbust Corset MESH Feature this item on the home page (L$899 every 7 days) August 03, 2012 August 10, 2012 expiring Edit Is there any reason that I saw this on the homepage just yesterday? It hasn't billed and I havn't set that one to have a listing enhancement. As you can see it says it will next be billed on August 10, 2012. Im sure others are facing this as well but the bottom line is that we have NO idea whats going on because our subscription page is a giant mess to look at. I have 4 pages of things that havn't been billed in months showing and that means I dont know whats running, what im paying for or when they actually end. I'm so scared to use the enhancements on my new listings that not only am *I* losing money because I can't feature my products, you've lost about 4,495L or more because Im too scared to add enhancements. From me that might not be a whole lot, but i'm sure im not the only one afraid to click that button because I don't want to get charged 3 times for the same thing.
  21. I am trying to list my items for sale on the marketplace. They contain mesh but when I try to select the radio button for mesh, its greyed out and won't let me. I did some research, found out it was because I didn't have payment info on file for this avatar. I added it but its still reflecting no payment info, and its still not letting me click the magic little button. Am I missing something? Any helps appreciated <3 Sha
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