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  1. Thats what Linden Labs do, they take something that works and replace it with something that does not, its what they do., and I have to say they are very good at it.
  2. That was not the case, it was removed by LL, the items I Flagged are still flagged it been like that for 3 months now, and I am not allowed to re-flag them. LL know what they are doing, they just do not care as long as they make a quick buck
  3. This is nothing new. I saw a scammer selling one of my freebies for 8000L$. I made a comment on the item saying it was not worth 8000L$ and was in fact one of my freebies, I can not DMCA as I gave it away full perms. It annoys me that people see my name as the creator and that 2 people who paid 8k for it item contacted me and called ME a scammer. I then Flagged all the items (as they were selling, as they were selling it Copy/No Tran/No Mod, Mod/Copy/No Tran and one Full Perms). There was also a review that said it was my item and told people not to buy it as it was not as described. I also ga
  4. I had just the one transaction in 2012, for the massive sum of 30 USD The critiera for sending out the Tax form is 200 transaction or more and or 20,000 USD, that is what LL say. This is not the case, as I have been sent one. Thus the Linden Lab statement is not correct, untrue, a lie. Thus, they should either remove it or stick with it and look at complaints. That seems fair to me.
  5. Required Tax Documentation http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Commerce/Required-Tax-Documentation/ba-p/2336109 The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires Linden Lab to collect and retain Form W-9 (for U.S. residents) and Form W-8BEN (for non-U.S. residents) at certain transaction volumes. If you reach the transaction threshold and we do not have your completed and signed W-9 or W-8BEN on file, we are required to withhold funds from your account (at the current rate of 28% of your gross amounts received). Additionally, for U.S. residents with 200 or more transactions with a total amount
  6. Official... LINDENS CAN NOT USE BRAIN SEE BELOW: Nov. 19, 2013, 2:56 p.m. Tommy Linden Dear Legend Hye, Due to the volume of transactions you have completed on the LindeX this year, Linden Lab is now required to collect certain tax-related documentation from you: If you are a U.S. citizen or U.S. person (as defined by the IRS), please complete a W-9 form here: https://secure.echosign.com/public/hostedForm?formid=7X8TPB4E4U4I5C If you are a U.S. business or other non-individual U.S. taxpayer, please complete a W-9 form here: https://secure.echosign.com/public/hostedForm?formid=7XBB3B5R
  7. Yes, they still have not got their act together yet. I also have a Cash Out on that date too, Friday the 1st Feb. I noticed that my Account History had changes to "Cashed Out" so normally when this changes I go to PayPal and the money is there. But I looked and it was not, so I gave it 6 hours and still nothing. I was worried so called LL Support on the phone and was told not to worry, it had not payed out yet, but it would soon. I was told they needed 5 business days so it would be there on Monday. Well, Monday, Tuesday and today Wednesday I called them again. I was told that there was a pro
  8. WOW...40,000L$ a day? Hmm... I rather have my doubts on that. I really can't see that many people falling for that. But maybe I should stop working on SL and go beggiing if it is true... lol .., maybe we all should.
  9. I am afraid being honest and truthful in todays world can put you out of a job (no matter how good you are at it). I was a polymer chemist for over 15 years, Comany policy was to give customers samples of the correct spec materials, but for the actual products we would use slightly lower spec material. When I became Manager, I ignored the policy and did business MY way. We actually did much better and had few problems, untill a VP from the USA division came over and repoert me to Head Office, I was then told to keep to company policy or else I would be fired. I had no choice in the matter aft
  10. I make my living on SL making Magic HUD's, they have animations and Particle FX, some magic spells push and lift or deform an avatar, but nothing serious. The HUD's are ment for RP and general fun, ofcourse some use them for griefing. I make spells temp rez to try to reduce the chance of griefing with the spells. But we are not talking about such scripts used in magic HUD's. We are talking about scripts made for the sole purpose of taking other users offline and possibly damaging a video card in their computer. For me creators of these scripts should be banned from SL, anyone with a Crash type
  11. Nope, other Paypal transactions are as normal, kinda what I expected. The LL policy is as with many... well who am I trying to kid... ALL companies policy is to put the blame else where until you HAVE to come clean.
  12. I wonder how many of us are seeing big delays on cashing out the USD out to Paypal. From what I hear LL are blaming Paypal for the delay and Paypal say its got nothing to do with them. At the end of the day (as ALWAYS) we just have to wait on LL. I was just wondering how many are seeing delays and how long we can expect to wait. I have been waiting since 2nd Jan, 2013. Anyone waiting longer? It would also be nice if Linden Labs actually informed customers of this problem, but that would fall under customer service which LL lack greatly on. Thank, Legend Hye
  13. Once again the MP has been messed with out regard for SL customers. What a total shambles.
  14. Thank you. Its good to see you have taken responsibility and done the right thing. This gesture will also help LL recover some respect its lost previously.
  15. Well, glad to see LL did the right thing and gave everyone their L$ sale back to them, so thanks. I have to admit, I was not expecting them too, I am sure they would have made quite a bit of money if they had not. From what I hear most people have already got all their sales money back already.
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