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  1. Hello, back from a long trip doing what I love to do best: sitting quietly and reading. Love this new pouf with reading poses.
  2. Haven't been here or in SL much--popped in this morning and took a snapshot. Happy Sunday!
  3. Thanks so much--I will look into this! (And try and be more chill at the same time.... ;-))
  4. So--here's another question that revels my lack of technical knowledge regarding SL: why is my foot going through the edge of my chair here? Is there a way to fix this? It's a pose that came with the chair and it kind of bugs me. #thwartedperfectionist
  5. Mornings (middays and aftenoons) are for coffee and contemplation. :-)
  6. Slightly frustrating time in SL yesterday and today. Yesterday my mesh bod disappeared and I couldn't get it to come back. Today I unpacked it and got it to work again. then I had a terrible time getting this pantsuit to not have "gaps" even after clicking on the HUD to make parts of me disappear. (As one does). You can still see a tiny spot of skin and that was even after the HUD had been clicked. And then when I changed poses in my fave chair further skin bits appeared. Why is that? So I switched to my other chair, whose poses I don't like. If anyone has nice chair/pose suggestions I'd love to hear them. Finally settling with a nice cappuccino and getting *hygge* with it. ;-)
  7. I hope so! I first thought those were bloodied white kitties, but they're you're hands-right? ;-)
  8. Bobsie's baaaaack!! Finally on break and ready to flood the forums with OOTD and what am I doing pics. Happy happy. Now if only I could get hold of a delicious croissant in RL too.
  9. Seriously everyone (including you MM ;-)) seems really laid back and friendly on the forums (unlike sometimes in SL). A nice surprise!!
  10. How does one get points? I don't really understand the system. #cluelessBobsie
  11. Resting after a long day and week--Happy Weekends Folks!
  12. Too late to go out dancing, so I'll just sit here with my hot cocoa and be cozy.
  13. Wow surprised how nicely this rug ties the room together. #TheDudeAbdies
  14. I also love your style: I want that coat and the scarf!! Perhaps rounder glasses and a less severe hair style? But I think you look great.
  15. How does my avatar look today? Answer: blonde. ;-)
  16. Me in RL Me in SL work work work.....
  17. Mid-week chillax-dancing at Fogbounds.
  18. Omg it worked!!!! Yay I am free of the tyranny of the particles -- big hug from me Claireschen! :-)
  19. Normally I love all things purple and sparkly but these particles, that were attached to some other item have been in my apartment now for too long. I cannot just click and delete them so they are always there. Please tell me in a way that a technical dummy like Bobsie can understand how I can get rid of them? Many thanks!
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