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  1. Need someone with OPEN SIM scripting experiance and HALCYON scripting experience thanks!
  2. These are not Marketplace scripts, I do not use a database, everything was working fine until EVERYTHING went into the cloud and I need help sorting out what's happened. Please contact me and let me know if you can help. Funny Ferrets / Bluegrass Chickens / Bun-E Streex Foxtrot Sebastien le Livre
  3. I never use Coverflow...EVER.....I don't know if it can be DISABLED I'll do some research on it to see if it can be perma-disabled. BULK uploads are also effected. I've established a temporary fix to log into a 3rd party viewer (singularity) but I don't like it's UI. I want to use the SL viewer that doesn't look like the OLD style viewer. this is the crash log in the hopes we can figure out what is going on: Process: Second Life [20781] Path: /Applications/Second Life Viewer.app/Contents/MacOS/Second Life Identifier: com.secondlife.indra.viewer Version: Second Life version
  4. I have the latest viewer downloaded from the SL website...and uploading a JPG should have no bearing on my graphics card... Second Life 3.6.12 (284506) Dec 3 2013 21:37:58 (Second Life Release)
  5. I belive you have mis-read....this is Viewer 2 not Version 2. I have the most up to date viewer.
  6. I can go to my invantory select upload and select my image, but before the preview is even brought up...my mac pinwheels, and opens a crash logger closing out SL. My SL is up to date as of yesterday, I don't know why this is happening, I use the LL viewer, I do not use a 3rd party viewer. After the crash it takes forever to log back in! JUST AGES! I should state this is with JPGs, PNGs, and TARGAS.....everything I've tried. I'm not uploading mesh, nor am I uploading large files. I'm desperate for this to stop, it's been going on for months and I can't use SL without being able to upload. Th
  7. Hey there! If this is the OLD zooby pool script that has Both Transfer and Copy privilages (its no modify so you can't change how it works) you can use it in your builds. So long as your builds are EXACTLY 3 prims, you can make them bigger but cannot link them the pool script only recognises 3 prims to work. Make sure your 3rd prim is at the bottom Like the shadow of the pool or something. THIS is what you put the script in that SINGLE prim. So link your three prims. EDIT - EDIT LINKED (your flat bottom prim) - Contents (drop your pool script in here) This should work without it vanis
  8. I fail to see how that's the case when I've changed the video card to a NEW one
  9. perhaps I do not understand the question? If I log onto a different computer the textures are all fine... it's just THAT PC which is the only one I own... I do not see the issue logging in elsewheres ... I just want to know if it's something I screwed up in the settings possibly.
  10. I have yet to find this issue throughout the forums. I have set my LOD to 4 I have cleared my cache numerous times. I even installed a new video card and this is still happening. Most MESH items are fully rendering ... Some of the sculpts, not all ...do not render or (Z-Fight) a video game term or (texture fight for dominace) Things that are sculpts look like scattered Squares, it's hard to explain but I'll be attaching some photos. Mostly it's the textures, but sometimes even the sculpts are not rezzing correctly. I endevour to explain this as clearly and concicely as possible if more info
  11. I placed this in the LSL group hoping someone could help ME write the script and check my syntax, however I suppose now I have to hire someone as this is where they placed it. Not sure how much to pay someone to help script for me ...guess we could discuss it. I need two scripts. One inside the main collection of items. Prims/Mesh. impact 4 and another inside the box I want to house a notecard with the UIUDs of the textures I want on the bed. I want to sell the bed. Customers can buy a box that will TEXTURE the bed. does that make sense? So they do not have to edit all the prims. One cli
  12. I am in the same boat ...10.6.8 and nothing works at all firestorm doesn't work Viewers don't work period doesn't matter what one I'm using so ... yeah... it's just really difficult and frustrating.. I hope there's a solution soon.
  13. I am having the same situation 10.6.8 and I cannot log on to viewer two. It was fine for months and now I can't log in. I downloaded Firestorm and it locks at the SAME location and says it cannot log me in. it always says "Despite our best efforts something unexpected has gone wrong." It directs me to the SL gird stuff which says the grid is fine. I'm at a loss. Amelia
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