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  1. Well deGebelin, good to see you back. It is so hard to stay away isn't:matte-motes-nerdy:
  2. Can't get rid of the brackets habit...how original, lol BothamFidor wrote: Only Second.Life is allowed to troll. Fidor (Damn this English language, I keep mixoing up the meainings of troll and spam.)
  3. Okay now it's me with as slight comprehension problem, maybe? LeeHere Absent wrote: I am a "Feeder," but since I'm enjoying the Forumite abuse of Feeders, I thought I'd better come for mine here in the Adult section. Rawr.
  4. Janelle I've missed these, glad you're back at it:)
  5. I thought all the alts were already ID'd. Did they lie to us. Depends on who one listens to (reads) I guess.....:matte-motes-sunglasses-1:
  6. I can't look......... Kenbro Utu wrote: ... or did we just get trolled?
  7. Good Luck with that one...scrolls on......
  8. Seems everyone disagrees so in turn do they actually agree...
  9. The pattern is persistent and I agree....
  10. All the "wut" answers from the "helpers" seems to prove a pretty big point with respect to the topic. I would have thought they would set an example for others. Maybe they are. Starting to look like a "Helper" gang bang ol. This thread doesn't look like it will last long, which might be the plan.
  11. Not using the feeds myself but knowing them, it seems all you are interested in is having them as a SL resource for social interaction without grief. This is a rather straight forward point that I think would benefit all concerned. I find it rather secondary to waste time try to play a guess me game of who has posted, the logic speaks for itself.
  12. The pools filling up it seems. I really don't understand why this post can cause so much uneasiness among some. I like the topic and the direction, for those that use the tool it is not odd that they would like to enjoy it without interference, just because. Don't you think?
  13. It's a good idea to back away from this thread and let it cool off. I would hate to see it deleted there are to many good points posted. Wonders if c/p from feeds is cross posting..Oh well
  14. Just in passing this why feeds are locked https://my.secondlife.com/madelaine.mcmasters/posts/5125e94a21be8b0002001ace just saying mind you. It keeps the street clean.
  15. Some warrant an answer Tish and some it's wasted on.
  16. Since the statement was not clarified by the poster I will take based on action as being "private business" once disclosed is open for everything from everyone. Harassment, slander, belittling, and whatever else suits the general public. Well since they what to own everything, does that include "everything? I'm asking so I can't really answer you.
  17. I don't know Storm Clarence hasn't explained his statement in the other thread. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Lifestyles-and-Relationships/good-wedding-ideas-and-prices/m-p/1899159#M14819
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