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  1. Well deGebelin, good to see you back. It is so hard to stay away isn't:matte-motes-nerdy:
  2. Can't get rid of the brackets habit...how original, lol BothamFidor wrote: Only Second.Life is allowed to troll. Fidor (Damn this English language, I keep mixoing up the meainings of troll and spam.)
  3. Okay now it's me with as slight comprehension problem, maybe? LeeHere Absent wrote: I am a "Feeder," but since I'm enjoying the Forumite abuse of Feeders, I thought I'd better come for mine here in the Adult section. Rawr.
  4. Janelle I've missed these, glad you're back at it:)
  5. I thought all the alts were already ID'd. Did they lie to us. Depends on who one listens to (reads) I guess.....:matte-motes-sunglasses-1:
  6. I can't look......... Kenbro Utu wrote: ... or did we just get trolled?
  7. Good Luck with that one...scrolls on......
  8. Seems everyone disagrees so in turn do they actually agree...
  9. The pattern is persistent and I agree....
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