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  1. Having the same problem here. Anyone else who actually CAN log into Aditi at the moment?
  2. Hey all! I'm having some strange problem with a mesh (or well, I had this problem happen more often lately but this time I can't work around it). I want to assign different textures to the different faces of a model. I use five different materials in total. In Blender and the mesh uploader on SL everything looks perfectly as intended:  It's after uploading, when I rezz the model inworld that I get this:  As you can see the yellow and white faces have turned green. These faces (the yellow and white) are separately selectable and I can put a different texture/colour onto it. But after I take the model back into my inventory the texture/colour is reset to the green material as seen above. Why doesn't SL remember what colour/texture I assign to these faces and reset it after taking it back in my inventory? Has anyone run into this problem before or have an idea of what might be going wrong? Thanks!
  3. Hey all! I'm presently looking for a scripter who can help me script my most recent mesh car model. At first the doors and engines and such need to be scripted, maybe after that there is possibility to add other cool features. There are various possibilities for compensation and this is of course no problem (think of regular payment, commission, making meshes for you, etc.). In case you are interested please send me an IM/NC inworld. Thanks! Hieronimos Audeburgh
  4. Thanks for the reply and the steps on how to solve it, ChinRey, you were completely right!
  5. Hey all! I'm running into a rather strange problem with a piece of furniture upon upload in SL. For some reason when I add the texture, the model turns almost completely black (with exception of a part of the handles on the drawers): And this is how it looks like in Blender and should look like in SL: By now I've done quite a number of far more complex models for SL, but I never ran into this problem before. Anyone have any idea in what direction the solution may be? Thanks!
  6. Jake: I haven't got any experience with avastar yet and I didn't know it was actually possible to export my shape... So that is some very good information to follow up on... After all, it was 'influence' enough to keep me busy for hours : ) Thanks! : ) DerpWolf: I still get the same issue so I guess it must have something to do with the issues Jake and Gaia brought up. Thanks for your help though!
  7. "Its when I see people buy something from turbosquid and upload it here and sell it high priced because no one can identify it and know better except the users who are on turbo a lot." As a creator I think I can say I'd very much appreciate it if someone notified me when they have a strong suspicion my creations are being abused (not to mention feeling annoyed about it happening in the first place). But I think that's really pretty much the only thing one can do in such a case. And then it's up to the creator to do something with that information. Such course of action would be justified.
  8. Thanks for all your replies... I'll keep you posted, lol : P : ) DerpWolf: when you were setting the parent for your cylinder (control+P), what type of parenting did you use?
  9. Gaia: Ofcourse! I hadn't thought of that solution yet! That little trick will get it within the limits of the acceptable at least! Thanks a lot! : )) DerpWolf: In Blender it looks just perfect: no distortion. The oval deformation only occurs after upload in SL
  10. Hey Sassy! Thanks for your reply : ) "I'd still question whether there are any other weights there too." That was my idea also, at first anyhow... But after checking every bone in the blend file multiple times I can say with pretty great certainty (I'm a rigging noob I must admit though) that the only bone influencing the movement is the shoulder bone. I had hoped I could get it to work with the arm rather than the chest since the part would move better with the rest of the pauldron... But maybe I'm trying to do something that's just about impossible. I presume that if I do get it to work with the arm then I'll have to weight it to the chest also a little to get the right movement, which without a doubt is going to cause distortions again. Which brings me to the question: isn't it possible to have a piece of a rigged mesh move with multiple bones without distorting the shape? Thanks again for your reply anyhow!
  11. No, there are generally no laws against helping someone. On the contrary, judgment based on presumption is a different matter entirely. If you have a strong suspicion your creative projects are stolen, of course it's strongly recommend you take action against it.
  12. Hey DerpWolf! Thanks for your reply! You mean the value here in the object tab right? All the other vertex groups/bones are set to 0.0. I checked all bones in weight painting mode and everything is full dark blue except for the shoulder bone (full red)... Still no luck though... The round shape keeps distorting into an oval shape 'Preserve Volume' seems to be supported by SL; I used it a couple of times - although that doesn't help anything in the case of this specific problem though.
  13. Hey all! for some reason the besagew on my rigged mesh armour set keeps showing unwanted deformations (I'm using Blender 2.64). I tried various things: only weightpainting the shoulder (as it should move at least a little with the shoulder/upperarm's movement), weightpainting it to the shoulder and collar, weightpainting it to the shoulder, collar and chest, toggling 'preserve volume', toggling 'Bind To: Vertex Groups', toggling 'Bind to: Envelope Bones' (and all the combinations between these). Still I keep getting the same result shown below: The Besagew is supposed to be perfectly round, but it keeps deforming into an oval shape no matter what I do. How can I make sure that the round shape is preserved? It's alright if it sticks into other parts of the mesh, even that it becomes a little bigger or smaller, but an oval shape just won't do... Any suggestions? Thanks! P.S.: this problem only occurs around the shoulder area: all other pieces of the mesh (whether round or not) are working perfectly.
  14. It took some experimenting but it worked : ) Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!
  15. Hey all! I'm trying to make a rigged mesh armor set and I run into a question I can't seem to solve. Basically I want some elements of the armor (pauldron in this case) to solemnly move with the bone without any deformations. When I set Parent to "Bone" in Blender, this works just perfect, but when I upload this to SL, the pauldron is no longer part of the rig and gets attached to my hand, as if SL doesn't recognize where the part belongs. Is there any way to get this piece moving along with the bone without it deforming? Thanks!
  16. Hey Drongle : ) I'm working on it, but I don't really know how to yet. I opened the collada file in wordpad... So then I made a new collada of just one troublesome piece; that reduced a great amount of numbers in the file, but I still have no idea how these numbers represent the different elements that make up the piece. I'll keep trying though and let you know about the results : )
  17. Hey : ) (For Blender) Someone prolly already pointed you in this direction, but if not: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Blender_3D:_Noob_to_Pro/Improving_Your_House I pretty much started with this page 2 years ago and continued from that : ) Doing some googling when running into questions usually gave me the answers I was looking for, otherwise I suggest you simply post your questions here on the Mesh forum: most info I needed about mesh in SL I learned here and people are very helpful in sharing their insight : ) Hope you get to enjoy building meshes as much as I do : ) Greets, Jay
  18. Jenni: I started this thread looking for input, so thank you : ) Drongle: I've been experimenting a bit based on your info. It seems - at least it worked out pretty well for the model I was working on - that adding an extra face between the two separate planes fixes the insane land impact. Of course this isn't much of a solution as it kinda adds a triangle while it shouldn't have to, but I thought I post it anyway. Example: In this case I put the extra plane at the top of the door; then it's at least not utterly useless as in that it will keep the camera from going in between the two planes when one moves through the door (although I never really noticed this to happen). Otherwise I guess the best place for an extra plane would be on top: given that bigger planes use less physics weight. Well, again, not a perfect solution but it seems to work without having to do too much extra editing... Maybe it's of use : )
  19. Hey all! Thanks for your replies : ) The part shown in the previous post is indeed part of a bigger whole: i picked out this specific part for this post as it is an extremely simple shape and as such to illustrate my confusion on the matter. I must say I don't have very much experience with triangle-based physics shapes or, for that matter, hull-based. But from the few experiments I have been doing so far it appears that - at least in case of this build - a triangle-based physics would give the lowest physics count. That of course was before I was confronted with this problem. In case of this specific piece (a simple flat wall) I guess I will just keep the physics on convex hull instead of putting it on prim. The more complex pieces I don't really know yet; I guess I will fix a hull-based physics for those. Thanks for the info on that matter, Drongle, I'm pretty sure the problem is the bug you mentioned and I will surely be reading more into the triangle-based physics as it really appears to be worth it. That will take some time though and in the meanwhile I'd like to ask one more question: When I was checking the model and its parts on Aditi, I believe I noticed one part in particular that had the proper physics weight (1 LI), but when I clicked the same part only moments later (without changing anything about it) this part was all of a sudden showing the same problem of an 8000 physics weight... In other words: the model is unstable in its physics count. Have you perhaps heard of this happening before, or am I just mistaken?
  20. Hey all! Here is a single mesh object (wall): Here is the physics model for the piece, build up out of two faces: This piece (and some others in the model) get a physics count up in the thousands (using the plains/non-analyzed physics), while other pieces that are pretty much exactly the same (and even more complex pieces) have a physics count under 1.0 Especially since sometimes the count seems nice and low, and at others times it goes skyhigh, I can't really find what's going wrong here. Anyone any suggestions?
  21. Got it! : D The problem was indeed a combination of stretching to bounding boxes, rotations and errors in object naming/object order : ) After I got the box/hull method to work I tried some experiments with plains physics... And now with all the necessary details like open arrow slits, it's 5.0 physics and 5 LI total (5.5 download weight wouldn't allow me to go lower anyway : ) So, perfect : )) Thanks both of you lots for helping me wrapping my mind around this issue! : )
  22. Hey again! apparently I'm still doing something wrong... The visual model: The physics shape as it should be (in Blender): The physics shape how it turns out in SL after after attaching it to the visual model as a physics shape and analyzing (the box/hull mehthod), shape set to "prim": I made sure I left space in between the different boxes... Anyone have ideas why is the physics shape still not showing up properly? Thanks in advance!
  23. "I did not know that some physics would reduce LI more than no physics. I just assumed it always potentially added, never subtracted." Well, no physics at all would of course bring down the physics weight, but I doubt it'd reduce the land impact as server and download weight are bound to be the dominant factor when determining the LI of such a build. "I dont understand what you mean about the camera sensing physics, tho." I don't know whether physics is the only thing of influence on this, but let's say your avatar is standing in a small room; when there's no physics the camera will go through the walls, roof, etc. just like your avatar can walk through them. Because the camera doesn't sense the obstacle as being an obstacle, you'd have to constantly change the camera view manually in order to see what's going on inside the room.
  24. Well, I'm only just learning, but it seems a good physics model actually helps to reduce land impact. Besides this, the more realistic the physics, the more realistic the experience - of course, for as far as it's within possibility. With a normal house one generally doesn't end up on the roof, but as in case of a castle (or at least this one), the top of the walls/roof are meant to be an active part of the experience. At least some form of physics for the towers/roofs can be handy in that the camera will sense when there's an obstacle in between the camera and the avatar - especially when there's multiple obstacles this can be quite annoying.
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